10 Best Indian Tea Brands To Try

Indian tea brands are well-known for producing high-quality tea and sharing it with tea lovers worldwide. Here’s a list of the best Indian tea brands to try.

Best Indian Tea Brands
India is well-known in producing high-quality tea

India is one of the world’s more prominent tea producers. The beverage has a place in every home and social setting, whether it be a steaming cup of kadak masala chai enjoyed on a lovely afternoon by the roadside or fine green teas and tisanes savored in the comfort of your home. 

So, it’s really no wonder India is home to quality tea. To give you a closer look at the best tea brands in India, here are the best Indian tea brands that you can try.

1. Tata Tea Gold

Tata Tea Gold combines the depth of valley-grown tea with an outstanding balance of flavor and aroma. Your mind and body are calmed and relaxed by the masala flavor. Tata Global Beverages Limited, a division of the Tata Group, established one of the most well-known tea brands in India in 1964.

Tata Tea currently holds the most significant percentage of the nation’s tea production and distribution. As a result, it is India’s largest tea company. It is, arguably, the reason why it is one of India’s top-listed tea companies.

This is one of the most reputable and popular tea brands in India, and they have created a variety of tea kinds. Furthermore, Tata Tea is ideal for a casual tea drinker because of its exceptional flavor and aroma and reasonable price. The world-renowned tea estates in Assam are where they handpick the tea leaves.

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2. Brooke Bond 

Since its introduction in 1903, Brooke Bond Red Label Tea has become one of India’s most famous tea brands. This tasty tea is ideal with breakfast. Due to its widespread availability in Indian stores, it is already a household name.

By bringing people together over a hot cup of tea, this tea hopes to make the world a friendlier place. Moreover, Red Label Naturals, one of the other tea varieties offered by this top-rated tea company in India, features a variety of healthful herbs as its main components.

Professional tea tasters examine this brand and its other varieties at the Brooke Bond Excellence Center, where the company’s tea manufacturing facility is. It is renowned for having ideal quality, flavor, and aroma.

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3. Organic India 

One of the newest tea brands that have gained popularity among the health-conscious generation is Organic India. The “queen of herbs,” tulsi, was initially made into a delightful tea by Organic India, which takes pride in its assortment of teas that use the herb. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea offers a distinctive selection of tulsi infusions that guarantee a wide range of exceptional health advantages, including an abundance of antioxidants.

Tea bags and loose leafs
Tea bags and loose leaves are also available in this tea

Moreover, the teas’ high antioxidant content reduces stress while boosting immunity and energy levels. The brand offers a wide selection of colorful tastes, from pomegranate to ginger turmeric. Tea bags and loose leaves are also available in the form of this tea.

Furthermore, this company is dedicated to healthy, mindful living and producing tea. They collaborate with farmers to create sustainable hundreds of acres of organic farmland. They supply authentic organic products and help farmers in rural India support their way of life.

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4. Vedaka 

With a potent flavor boost that awakens your inner spirit, Vedaka Premium Tea is crafted from expertly blended premium leaves. Enjoy every sip of freshness with this premium tea, which also provides a delightful tea-drinking experience.

5. Jokai Fearless 

Straight from their Jokai Tea Estates in Assam, India is where Jokai Fearless Green Tea is proudly cultivated. Their whole-leaf green tea has simple silver tips, which add a naturally sweet flavor and potent antioxidants.

This tea, hand-plucked in the Hattialli Tea Estate, is floral, flavorful, smooth, and has undertones of jasmine. Furthermore, the 150-year-old Jokai Tea Company also produces Fearless’s socially oriented Indian Tea brand. They help the Fearless Women of India and significantly improve their quality of life.

To support the tea pickers of Assam and West Bengal’s fundamental right to hygiene, Fearless donates one pack of sanitary pads for every product they buy. You may also be interested in reading our round-up of the 10 best green tea brands.

6. Blue Tea Organic

Blue Tea Organic provides a variety of herbal teas that are all sun-dried to preserve their natural deliciousness to bring the Indian tea culture to the rest of the world. They offer a wide range of herbal teas from butterfly pea, interesting ginger blends, and green tea blends, hibiscus, rose flower and more. Check out our red rose tea explainer to learn more.

7. Teamonk 

The first tea company in India, Teamonk High Mountain White Tea, provides premium pure and natural specialty teas derived from the best tea farms in Darjeeling, the Nilgiris, Arunachal, and Assam. This company has a reputation for exquisite quality and irresistible flavor.

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8. Wagh Bakri 

Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Limited produces one of the top tea brands in India, Wagh Bakri Indian Tea. The National Tea brand of India is another name for the company’s Ahmedabad headquarters. A goal of this tea company was to promote equality in society, which they did through their logo.

The higher and lower classes’ symbols, Wagh (tiger) and Bakri (lamb) depict drinking from the same cup.

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9. Marigold Green Tea

Tea herbal of marigolds in a cup on an old board
Drink this tea after meals

Marigold Green Tea, is a delicious green tea. Drinking this tea after meals is preferable because it contains natural healing qualities ideal for enhancing digestion and completing your detox program.

It also has flowery, pleasant, and reviving flavor qualities. Marigold petals illuminate your cup, giving off a light citrus aroma. Each tea flavor also comes in lovely packaging designed with elephants and offers a variety of health benefits.