5 Best Luxury Tea Brands For Special Occasions

It is perfectly fine to treat yourself to a posh cup of tea every once in a while. Read on to find out what are the best luxury tea brands to spoil yourself!

Best luxury tea brands
Serving a premium cup of tea for yourself or your friends has its joys

Life can be weird sometimes. One moment you are binge-drinking at a party until the wee hours, then in a flash, you find yourself enjoying a tea party on a lazy afternoon while reminiscing those fond wild memories. Thankfully, as you get older, you prefer these occasional get-togethers.

While it is acceptable to whip out the usual Lipton tea bags, serving a premium cup of tea for yourself or your friends has its joys. If you aren’t planning on buying that expensive teapot, consider having one of these luxury tea brands in your cupboard instead!

What To Look For In A Luxury Tea Brand

I won’t be particular if it is loose-leaf tea or in a tea bag. While it is true that the former holds a number of advantages in terms of quality, the latter has its strengths. 

Product Quality

It is a great indicator if the tea leaves are uniformly shaped, smooth-looking, and without traces of wood fragments or stalks. Whether large or broken up, it shouldn’t break or crumble with gentle handling.

If in tea bags, the leaves should have enough room to unfurl and release more flavor. If in powder form, check for clumping or wood residues.

For all types of tea, the packaging should have no tearing or any indication of rough handling.

Aroma And Taste

The stronger the aroma, the better. You should be able to detect the notes of the tea with a whiff. Once brewed, the taste should match the notes with little to no rough, bitter, or artificial flavor.

How To Pick The Best Luxury Tea Brand

Though we are looking for luxury tea brands, we won’t be particular with its price, but the product should still have a great value for money if the conditions stated above are met. You should also know which type of tea you prefer since not all black tea lovers are fond of white tea or matcha tea.

The Best Luxury Tea Brand For Black Tea

If you want to enjoy tea in its purest form, black tea is what you should opt for, and Americans will agree. It remains the most common tea consumed in the United States, with its consumption percentage reaching as high as 84% in 2019. When it comes to black tea, I would highly recommend Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea.

The product exudes luxury despite being somewhat affordable, from its lavish-looking bronze packaging down to its tantalizing aroma and amazing flavor. What is great about this cuppa is the masterful blend of the robust black tea base complementing its notes of cinnamon, sweet clove, and orange peel.


  • Available in loose leaf or tea bags
  • Ideal for coffee lovers who want to transition to tea
  • Affordable for a luxury tea brand


  • Might be too sweet or citrusy for some
  • Cinnamon flavor can be overpowering for first-timers
  • Lingering aftertaste
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03/06/2024 02:10 pm GMT

The Best Luxury Tea Brand For Matcha Tea

Tea lovers sometimes look for a more exotic tasting brew such as matcha, and I can’t recommend Pique Organic Sun Goddess enough for this type of tea. The product is powder but is astonishingly fine and aromatic once opened.

Cup of green tea matcha latte - Is green tea matcha
A cup of Pique Organic Sun Goddess has smooth and creamy texture

The product is made from the finest young green tea leaves to retain most of the health benefits that matcha is known for. A cup offers a bolder earthy flavor balanced by its natural sweetness and its smooth and creamy texture.


  • The butter-like aftertaste that allows you to savor every sip
  • Ceremonial grade matcha
  • High quality


  • Might be overpowering for new matcha drinkers
  • Packaging can be hard to open
  • Pricey
Pique Organic Sun Goddess Matcha
$68.00 ($34.69 / Ounce)

Packed with antioxidants, like EGCG, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, to help firm and brighten skin while supporting skin clarity

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If you aren’t familiar with matcha tea, you can check out our list of the best matcha tea brands for first-timers!

The Best Luxury Tea Brand For White Tea

On the other side of things, some tea drinkers prefer something lighter, and Vahdam Teas’ Blue Imperial Himalayan White Tea provides the most pleasant option. Gathered from the Himalayan slopes and foothills, the product comes in long loose leaves that elegantly stretch when steeped.

Its immaculate aroma translates well into flavor, offering notes of primrose and peonies that provide its sweet floral taste complemented with hints of stone fruit for that extra citrus sweetness.


  • Contains the highest quantity of flavonoids and antioxidants out of Vahdam’s teas
  • Packaged and enveloped individually
  • Plant-based and biodegradable tea bags
  • Works extremely well with milk or honey


  • Low in caffeine, which you might expect from a white tea
  • Hard to come by as it is grown in small quantities and often out of stock
  • Not everyone has equipment to brew loose-leaf tea
VAHDAM, Exotic White Tea Leaves from the Blue Mountains
$17.99 ($10.22 / Ounce)

GLENDALE SNOW WHITE, SINGLE ESTATE, NILGIRI WHITE TEA LEAVES - Loose Leaf White Tea Harvested by Passionate Tea Workers just before Sunrise at the Mystical Blue Mountains of the Nilgiris in Southern India. Unlike organic white tea, this tea is a limited edition exquisite Indian white tea, manufactured on order for Vahdam Teas. The Finest of the Fine White Loose Leaf Tea,vadham

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The Best Luxury Tea Brand For Oolong Tea

If you are aiming for the Goldilocks zone between black tea and green tea for your cuppa, then you should look for the semi-oxidized oolong tea. The Tea Makers of London offers the most refreshing cup with its Rare High Mountain Ali  Shan Loose Leaf Oolong Tea.

a cup of oolong tea
A Rare High Mountain Ali offers the most refreshing cup of Oolong tea

The black and gold tea caddy is luxurious in itself, but the rolled tea leaves inside are special, too, as it is grown and gathered 2,000 meters above sea level. 

A cuppa of this exquisite tea features different layers of flavor and texture. The jasmine-like floral flavor hits instantaneously, while the notes of apricot and pear will follow soon after. Its hint of sweetness is complex, with some tasting honey while some drinkers describe it as vanilla-like.


  • Organically-grown
  • Creamy and long-lasting aftertaste
  • Stunning packaging 


  • Limited package size options
  • Slightly expensive
  • Flavor can be too complex for some
Premium High Mountain Tea From Taiwan - Natural Taiwan Oolong Tea Loose Leaf - 5.29oz/150g
$14.99 ($2.83 / Ounce)

Alishan Hand-picked - Gaoshan Cha Chinese Tea

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The Best Luxury Tea Brand For Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are ideal for tea lovers who want to explore unique flavor fusions or those limiting caffeine. In terms of both, I will give it to Tea Forte’s Belgian Mint Herbal Tea

Along with its dried peppermint leaves to highlight the beverage’s energizing mint flavor, husks of cacao seeds are mixed in to provide sweetness. This distinct flavor profile makes it an ideal afternoon tea.



  • An acquired taste
  • Tends to be bitter or too minty when steeped too long
  • Very small tea leaves; residues will occasionally slip through the filter
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03/06/2024 04:19 pm GMT

Testing Criteria

Luxury tea brands need to offer a sense of distinctiveness to their potential consumers while meeting our listed requirements. After filtering the reviews and analyzing these products’ value for money, these are what I think will be the ideal cups of tea for every tea lover.

Why You Can Trust Me

I won’t deny that every tea lover has their own taste and preference, but we live and breathe hot beverages like tea here at Full Coffee Roast, so we know a thing or two. 

If you are looking for the safest bet, I recommend the Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea as it is black tea, a type of tea that we are most familiar with. Herbal tea fans will love Tea Forte’s Belgian Mint Herbal Tea. 


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