What To Wear When Working At A Coffee Shop?

Man working in coffee shop

Wondering what to wear when working at a coffee shop? How to look professional while still being comfortable enough to work? Read on for suggestions! Congratulations! You’ve just got hired at your very first job–slinging coffee at the local coffee shop. You’re going to learn how to be a barista and use all those cool futuristic-looking espresso machines with their …

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What Is A Coffee Tamper?

Barista presses ground coffee using tamper

In this article, we’ll answer the question, what is a coffee tamper? Learn how coffee tamper create the best shot of espresso, just like a professional barista. Many coffee lovers relish a good shot of espresso; however, most leave the making of anything beyond a traditional cup of coffee to the professional barista in their favorite coffee shop. Making a good …

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Does Coffee Get Rid Of Headaches?

bearded man with eyes closed holding his forehead

If you’ve ever wondered, does coffee get rid of headaches and how much caffeine does it take to overcome headache pain. Read to find out what we discovered. Everyone suffers from headache pain from time to time. Surprisingly, there may be a solid connection between head pain and caffeine consumption, which means that caffeinated beverages such as coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages may help …

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Are Coffee Tampers All the Same Size?

holding a coffee tamper

Are coffee tampers all the same size? How do you choose the right one? Make sure you choose the right tamper for your espresso machine. Not all coffee tampers are the same size. If you watch a barista go to work, you understand that tamping is an important part of making a delicious drink. Even though you might be able to find a stainless steel coffee tamper from Amazon, you …

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These are The 4 Best Italian Coffee Maker Brands


If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee the Italian way, make sure that you have a coffee machine made by one of these four italian coffee maker brands. Since coffee is an essential part of the Italian culture, choosing the right Italian coffee machine for your kitchen is crucial if you like to drink coffee in the Italian style. These appliances …

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Is Death Wish Coffee Good?


You may have heard that it’s a strong cup of coffee, but you may have wondered “Is death wish coffee good?” Maybe you have heard the scuttlebutt about Death Wish Coffee. This coffee claims to be “the world’s strongest coffee brand.” Invented in 2012, this coffee has been keeping residents of Saratoga Springs, New York awake and alert for over …

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