8 Best Black Tea Brands For Tea Lovers To Try

You can never go wrong with going back to the tea’s basic form, black tea, with a twist. Read on to find out the best black tea brands for tea lovers to try.

Best black tea brands
Black tea is a perfect alternative if you are a coffee lover

Black tea has the highest caffeine content among all types of tea, so this is a perfect alternative if you are a coffee lover looking to cut back on caffeine. Its flavor is good enough to stand on its own but can also reach another level if it is blended with top-notch ingredients. That being said, here are the best black tea brands you have to try if you want to appreciate the greatness of black tea.

1. Twinings Of London 

Being one of the oldest tea brands in the world, the iconic Twinings of London remains a classic go-to for black tea and, most especially, their English Breakfast Tea. It has a robust and well-balanced flavor that is made complex with its malty texture, a tinge of sweetness, and flowery undertones. The lingering smoky aftertaste is surprisingly pleasant, as well.

The flavor profile’s intricacy can be credited to the leaves that were carefully picked in five different regions of Kenya, Malawi, Assam, China, and Indonesia, ensuring a quality cuppa with great value for money.

Twinings English Breakfast Black Tea Bags
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2. Bigelow 

Bigelow’s Constant Comment Black Tea is one of the company’s first and most popular tea blends, a famous brew that even has pop culture references. Its ingredients consist of sweet natural spice and orange zest blended with the black tea leaves to bring out a refreshing citrusy taste and a satisfying kick. Adding a dash of milk or a spoon of honey can do wonders in elevating the flavor, but you can also opt for another squeeze of lemon or orange slice for a richer and fruitier tang.

It is one of the most affordable teas on the list that doesn’t compromise quality and also comes with a decaffeinated variant for those who’d like a milder version. Surprisingly, it is also a fantastic base for iced tea! Check out our list of the best tea for iced tea.

Bigelow Constant Comment Black Tea
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3. Taylors Of Harrogate 

Best black tea brands
It comes in both loose-leaf and tea bags

One of the most affordable premium black teas is Taylors of Harrogate’s Yorkshire Gold. The Yorkshire Gold offers a bolder, richer, and smoother flavor, using tea leaves sourced from top tea gardens in Assam, Kenya, and Rwanda.

It comes in both loose-leaf and tea bags, so tea lovers can conveniently choose their preferences. The flavor is magnificent with or without sweeteners, featuring floral notes combined with hints of caramel and oats for a full-bodied flavor and texture. It is an ideal morning cuppa due to its bold flavor, and its subtle sweetness and bitterness go really well with breakfast toasts or desserts in the afternoon.

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4. Harney & Sons 

Appreciating a unique black tea blend can elevate your tea-drinking experience, and you can’t go wrong with Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. Its masterful combination of three types of cinnamon, sweet clove, and orange peel, with an aromatic and robust black tea as its base, gives you a strong, flavorful, and exquisite cuppa to enjoy. The tea’s orange and cinnamon can be sweet and overwhelming for some, but it grows on you.

You might want to check out our list of the best luxury tea brands you can bring out for special occasions! Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea made the list, too!

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5. Art Of Tea

Art of Tea’s Garden of Eden Tea might be one of the most flavorful black teas on our list, along with Harney & Sons. At a glance, it is visually appealing as the colors of dried Malva flowers, cornflowers, and safflowers stand out amidst the black leaves, giving the product an enticing yet gentle aroma.

When brewed, the tea brings forth a rich and smooth texture accentuated by notes of ripe mangoes and passionfruit to give it a natural sweetness that is quite rejuvenating. Because of this, it works well when served hot or iced. While it pairs well with any typical dessert, I recommend pairing it with crackers instead to get a bit of contrast in flavor. They also make great compost tea!

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A black cuppa in the morning isn’t just as effective as your regular cup of Joe, but VAHDAM’s Daily Assam Black Tea will beg to differ. Its deep amber color alone will convince you that it is one of the boldest and most robust black teas on the market.

Its nutty hints of caramel and raisins will make you think it is mild, but make no mistake that its strong yet pleasant earthy and full-bodied flavor will hit you once you taste it. I recommend adding a splash of milk to offset the strong flavor for first-timers. Once you get acclimated, drink it in its pure form to appreciate the different wonderful notes it can offer.

VAHDAM, Doomni Assam Second Flush Black Tea

The perfect companion to a breakfast fit for champions, our Doomni Exotic Assam Second Flush Black Tea is a league apart. From the exquisite collection of orthodox black teas from the renowned Doomni Tea Estate that are much sought-after by tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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7. The Republic Of Tea 

The Republic of Tea’s Vanilla Almond Black Tea is an ideal option for those who prefer a milder and sweeter cuppa that can be enjoyed anytime. Its smooth and sweet vanilla flavor comes from Madagascar vanilla beans, effectively complemented by the nutty notes of almond and malty undertones to give the tea a cookie-like taste that makes it irresistible with every sip. 

You can add a teaspoon of honey or a squeeze of lemon to brighten up the flavor, but otherwise, it is good as it is. Steeping two to three tea bags and blending them with steamed milk will whip you a delicious tea latte!

The Republic of Tea — Vanilla Almond Black Tea Tin
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The rich smoothness of real vanilla takes over the first sip of this tea, sweetening the cup. A nutty almond note follows which sends it soaring into the realm of dessert. Top a strong blend with steamed milk for a creamy tea latte.

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8. Tazo 

Masala Chai with Different Ingredients
It consists of a perfect blend of black tea leaves and notes of different spices

You can make a case for Tazo’s Awake English Breakfast as the perfect pick-me-up, but I’ll give this distinction to Tazo’s Regenerative Organic Chai Tea as it has a pretty decent caffeine content for tea. If the caffeine doesn’t work, then its bold flavor might. 

This chai tea consists of a perfect blend of black tea leaves and notes of different spices, namely cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, star anise, and black pepper! It is quite perplexing, albeit in a positive way, and the flavors don’t dilute even when you add milk. 

TAZO Organic Chai Enveloped Hot Tea Bags
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