What To Wear When Working At A Coffee Shop?

Man working in coffee shop

Wondering what to wear when working at a coffee shop? How to look professional while still being comfortable enough to work? Read on for suggestions! Congratulations! You’ve just got hired at your very first job–slinging coffee at the local coffee shop. You’re going to learn how to be a barista and use all those cool futuristic-looking espresso machines with their …

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Does Coffee Get Rid Of Headaches?

bearded man with eyes closed holding his forehead

If you’ve ever wondered, does coffee get rid of headaches and how much caffeine does it take to overcome headache pain. Read to find out what we discovered. Everyone suffers from headache pain from time to time. Surprisingly, there may be a solid connection between head pain and caffeine consumption, which means that caffeinated beverages such as coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages may help …

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Is Death Wish Coffee Good?


You may have heard that it’s a strong cup of coffee, but you may have wondered “Is death wish coffee good?” Maybe you have heard the scuttlebutt about Death Wish Coffee. This coffee claims to be “the world’s strongest coffee brand.” Invented in 2012, this coffee has been keeping residents of Saratoga Springs, New York awake and alert for over …

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Watch Out For These 6 Common Coffee Roasting Defects

coffee machine sorting and roasting coffee beans

Coffee roasting is a delicate and complicated process. To avoid bitter-tasting coffee, it’s important to know the common coffee roasting defects. Read more here. Because coffee comes from beans, creating a smooth and delicious roast is both an art and a science. Coffee roasters spend countless hours nurturing and harvesting their beans before roasting them …

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Is Siphon Coffee Better?

siphon coffee brewer

With its unusual hourglass shape, you can see that a siphon coffee maker is both beautiful and functional, but you may be wondering “Is Siphon Coffee Better?” French press, drip coffee makers, pour-over coffee makers, espresso machines–there are so many different ways to create a tasty cup of piping hot coffee. The siphon coffee brewer is an unusual way to brew coffee that is just now starting …

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Acidic vs Bitter Coffee: What’s The Difference?

Two cups of coffee in the wooden brown terrace background

Different things affect how coffee tastes, and the acidic vs bitter coffee debate has many more factors to it than you might think. Coffee flavor can vary widely depending on the kind of coffee beans chosen, the brewing method, and the temperature of the water used in brewing. A well-brewed cup of coffee will have a perfect balance of acid flavors and bitter …

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