What Is A Victorian Tea Party?

what is a victorian tea party

High tea was a light meal served between lunch and dinner for upper-class Victorians, including sweet treats, sandwiches, fruits, and nuts. High tea was less formal and easier to manage than a dinner party. However, hosting a tea party is quite an effort. There are many things to consider; the décor, menu, and activities to name a few.

Coffee Grinder vs Blender: Which Is Better?

Coffee grinder and pot

Even as a broke college student, I still refuse to sacrifice my freshly ground coffee beans. As I consider coffee my fuel for the day, pre-ground and instant coffee just won’t cut it for me. However, coffee grinders are expensive. With other things to prioritize, such as food and rent, it took me time to save cash for a proper coffee mill. Luckily, my then-roommate owned a blender she borrowed from her parents’ kitchen. So in the meantime, her blender became my substitute coffee grinder.