7 Best Iced Tea Brands For A Tasty Refreshing Brew

Whether you’re looking for unsweetened or keto-friendly iced tea, check out these best iced tea brands below for a thirst-quenching sip. Let’s find out.

Best iced tea brands
A huge collection of loose-leaf tea at home, both regular and herbal

One of the biggest problems I face when craving tea is the weather. I have a huge collection of loose-leaf tea at home, both regular and herbal, but thinking about how long it is waiting for the brew to finish and sipping out of a hot cup of tea on a summer day doesn’t sound very forgiving. If you’re struggling like me, rest your worries; I have rounded up the best iced tea brands to help you cool down.

1. Harney & Sons

USDA-certified organic teas from Harney & Sons are some of the best iced tea products. Centering its mission around the finest collection of over 300 varieties of the highest quality tea, Harney & Sons offers its customers a superior tea-drinking experience.

Other than loose-leaf tea and tea bags, Harneys & Sons also offer an impressive collection of Fresh Brew Iced Tea pouches. Their iced tea collection boasts an impressive range of 14 different flavors. If you prefer a classic flavor, Peach Fresh Tea goes a long way; for those who like to play it up with something new and unique, the Passionfruit Iced Tea will delight your taste buds with an invigorating tasting profile.

Harney & Sons Tropical Mango
$25.00 ($1.67 / Count)
  • Tropical Mango
  • Fresh Brew Iced Tea Pouches
  • 15 Two Qt Large Tea Pouches
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03/07/2024 10:19 am GMT

2. Ito En

Bringing Japanese farming techniques and innovation with integrity to your fridge, Ito En has been making healthy bottled iced tea under its own label for ages. Known as one of the most popular iced tea brands in the Western market under the brand Teas’ Tea, Ito En is one of my favorite bottled iced teas to quench my thirst on a sunny day.

Most of their lines are centered around green tea, but you will also find a playful mashup of black, white, oolong, and floral flavors rounding out the selection. On any given summer day, a bottle of Ito En Oi Cha green tea is a godsend: refreshing, slightly bitter, with a hint of sweetness kissing the back of your tongue. For those who’d rather stick to unsweetened tea, I highly recommend Mint Green Tea, Jasmine Green, Golden Oolong, and Hojicha Roasted.

Ito En Tea Oi Ocha Green Tea Unsweetened
$17.48 ($0.09 / Fl Oz)
  • Whole Leaf Tea
  • Low calorie
  • Oi Ocha provides natural catechin tea antioxidants and other healthy goodies
  • ITO EN teas are brewed with no artificial colors or flavors
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3. Halfday

Halfday’s impressive gut-healthy iced tea collection will change your life forever. The brand takes classic iced tea to a whole new level using refreshing tonic, prebiotics, and plant fiber in the recipes. Living by the motto of making iced tea friendlier for the gut, Halfday has developed three pillar products: Peach Iced Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, and a Variety Pack.

Peach Iced Tea is a fruit-forward drink that reminds of a good summer day on the beach

Halfday iced tea has less sugar than some competitors, with just three grams of sugar in each bottle. In return, you’ll have much more prebiotic plant fiber to feed the live bacteria in your gut. This thoughtful additive makes a huge impact, especially for those who don’t get a lot of fiber in their diets.

Given a significant sugar cut, it doesn’t mean Halfday Iced Tea is boring on the mouth. Instead of refined sugar, they use a blend of real juices, organic flavors, and just a bit of stevia to sweeten it. If you ask what my favorite Halfday is, that’s definitely Peach Iced Tea, a fruit-forward drink that reminds me of a good summer day on the beach.

Halfday Prebiotic Iced Tea Variety 12-Pack
$35.99 ($0.25 / Fl Oz)
  • Iced Tea Variety 12-Pack
  • Low Sugar
  • Paleo, Gluten Free
  • 12 fl oz, 355 mL
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4. Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf tea is super refreshing. Their iced tea collection will have you wowed, broken down into three major pillars: Real Brewed Iced Tea, Organic Iced Tea, and Lower Sugar Iced Tea. 

The brand offers both sweet and unsweetened versions, ringing true to the classics with a modern twist. Some of the best sellers to stock up your fridge are unsweetened black tea, sweet tea, and cold brew

But for those who are looking for something more delightful to freshen up and recharge during a lunch break at work, don’t look further than its Mango Hibiscus Tea. It also comes in an unsweetened version if you need something good to pair with your keto diet. The pure leaf Unsweetened Mango Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea promotes an outstanding performance of freshly brewed hibiscus with a touch of natural mango flavor.

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5. The Republic Of Tea

Making premium tea more affordable and keto-friendly, The Republic Of Tea is another well-received iced tea brand you should not overlook. It’s dubbed as the first company to introduce unsweetened calorie-free bottled iced teas.

Today, the brand has introduced 18 carefully crafted iced tea recipes. As a peach tea fanatic, its Ginger Peach Iced Tea never disappoints me. The sweet lushness of peach and the tangy and spicy kick of ginger, make it even more refreshing and enjoyable to consume.

For something more distinctive, the brand takes pride in its Berry Aloe Iced Tea. It’s a soothing call for those seeking a gentle, detoxing coral-hued herbal infusion to call it the day. Packaging-wise, The Republic Of Tea offers some of the coolest and most aesthetic packaging designs I’ve ever seen.

The Republic of Tea Beautifying Botanicals® Berry Aloe Herbal Iced Tea Bags
  • This gentle, detoxing coral-hued herbal infusion contains a proprietary blend of botanicals that your skin and digestive system will love.
  • This herbal tea is infused with berry and citrus notes that create an absolu-tea soothing experience.

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6. Tejava

Tejava makes original black tea more convenient and ready to drink. Each bottle is filled with non-GMO, sugar-free, calorie-free, and preservative-free black tea.

Other than the original black iced tea, Tejava also introduces four different flavors including Lemon, Mint, Raspberry, and Pineapple Mango. If you have a Keurig tea maker at home, make sure to check out six different iced tea pod flavors it has to offer.

Tejava Unsweetened Raspberry Black Iced Tea
$28.99 ($2.42 / Count)
  • Non-GMO-Verified
  • Rainforest Alliance-Certified farms
  • 12 Pack - Contains 12 - 16.9 oz PET bottles
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and 100% recyclable
  • No sugar, No sweeteners, No preservatives, No calories
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03/08/2024 05:40 am GMT

7. AriZona

As a 90s kid, AriZona iced tea is no stranger to me. Each can of iced tea pops out in a playful Japanese pop art design, beckoning the attention of anyone traversing the supermarket’s beverage section. The brand made its debut in 1992 and instantly became a big hit.

Different flavors of AriZona tea
Focuses on crafting high-quality tea and creative recipes

Today, AriZona has introduced 14 iced tea flavors, ranging from the classics such as Green Tea, Lemon Tea, and Watermelon to creative blends and fruit-forward options such as Arnold Palmer, Diet Green Tea, or Lemonade Half and Half. The New York-based family business focuses on crafting high-quality tea and creative recipes after more than 25 years.

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