Can You Use A Milk Frother With Regular Coffee?

Can you use a milk frother with regular coffee? Learn more about the role of frosting your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, espresso, and regular coffee drink!

Can You Use A Milk Frother With Regular Coffee - man holding a cup of espresso and steamed milk
You need to think carefully in using milk frother to prepare your coffee

Like a lot of coffee drinkers, I used to love going to a coffee shop just to get a regular coffee. I explored a wide variety of other drinks including hot chocolate, cold brew, and even a mocha made with soy milk instead of skim milk or regular milk. 

Eventually, I got tired of spending money at the coffee shop, so I decided to get an espresso machine at home. Even though I do miss interacting with a barista, I do love experimenting with a wide variety of coffee drinks and latte art.

That got me thinking, can I use frothed milk in a regular coffee drink? Will this actually work? 

Yes, you can absolutely use a milk frother for regular coffee. This is a great way to experiment with different types of drinks. On the other hand, you do need to think carefully about how you are going to use your milk frother to prepare your coffee. What do you need to know about this process?

You Can Use A Milk Frother For Regular Coffe

Depending on the type of milk frother you have, you will need to change your strategy. There are a few steps you need to follow. First, what do you need to know about using a French Press for regular coffee?

Using A French Press For Regular Coffee

french press
French press can also be used in your regular coffee

If you are using a French press for regular coffee, the steps you need to follow include: 

Step 1: Decide On The Hot Coffee Or Cold Coffee

First, you have to decide what type of coffee you are going to drink. Are you going to enjoy a cup of hot coffee? Or, are you trying to make iced coffee or cold brew? If you are going to use hot milk, then the temperature should be between 150 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are using cold milk, then make sure it comes right out of the refrigerator. Warm milk will cause your cold coffee to taste off.

Step 2: Pour The Milk Into The Pitcher

Once the milk has come to the right temperature, pour it into the picture. You should fill your jar approximately ¾ of the way to the top to avoid spilling it. Put the lid on the frothing pitcher when you are done.

Step 3: Plunge The Plunger

You could plunge the plunger several times. Eventually, you should feel the pressure begin to change. That is how you know the milk is frothing.

Step 4: Open The Plunger Lid

Finally, remove the plunger lid and take a look at where the milk has been frothed appropriately. If you like the consistency, you can remove it and add it to your delicious cup of coffee. If it is not yet frothed, you can put the lid back on, and repeat the process. 

Once you have the desired consistency, you should be able to enjoy frothed milk in your coffee! 

Using A Handheld Milk Frother For Regular Coffee

handheld milk frother placed at the mouth of a glass
Purge your milk to keep from adding hot water to the milk when using handheld milk frother

The other option is to use a handheld milk frother for regular coffee. It is usually less expensive than a French Press. The steps you need to follow include: 

Step 1: Fill The Container

First, you need to take your whole milk, skim milk, or reduced-fat milk and add it to a glass bowl or cylindrical container (such as a mason jar). It should be approximately three-quarters of the way full. 

Step 2: Purge The Milk

Next, you need to purge your milk to keep from adding hot water to the milk. You should purge the milk into another glass. Once you see only steam, you know the frothed milk is ready.

Step 3: Use Your Handheld Milk Frother

After this, you should add the handheld milk frother to the milk. Make sure the tip of the frothing wand is making contact with the surface. You should not plunge the steam wand too deep, as this will impact the consistency of your milk. 

Step 4: Stop When You See A Foamy Layer On Top

Once you see a foamy layer on top of your milk, you know you are finished. Turn the handheld milk frother off. Scoop out the frothed milk and add it to your delicious coffee drink. You can even add flavored syrup to your drink!

Final Word On Can You Use A Milk Frother With Regular Coffee?

If you are looking for a way to save money on your morning coffee, you may be thinking about making your coffee at home. If you are looking for a delicious coffee drink similar to the ones you get at a coffee shop, you may want to use a milk frother at home.

You do need to think carefully about the type of milk frother you are using. If you are using a French Press, you need to plunge the plunger until you get the right consistency.

If you are using a handheld milk frother, make sure the wand is only making contact with the surface of the milk, not the bottom of the container. Remember that if you do not get the desired consistency, you can repeat the process until you are finished. 

FAQs About Can You Use A Milk Frother With Regular Coffee?

How long does it take me to froth my milk? 

It depends on the method you are using. It should not take any more than a few minutes can you remember that you do not have the right consistency, you can repeat the process until you get the milk you want.

Can I froth any type of milk I would like? 

Yes, you can froth skim milk, almond milk, reduced-fat milk, or whole milk. It may take a bit longer to froth your milk if you have a higher fat content; however, this should still work well.


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