What Drinks Can I Make With A Milk Frother? 8 Drinks to Try

In this article, we will answer, “what drinks can I make with a milk frother?” We explore eight different drinks you can make using a milk frother.

Close-up barista hands frothing warm milk on a coffee machine - What Drinks Can I Make With A Milk Frother
You can use a milk frother to make other drinks

You probably have a milk frother in your house or considering having one. The utensil helps in foaming, which adds an extra dimension to your beverage of choice.

But other than frothing milk, do you know you can use a milk frother to make other drinks? In this article, we will let you know what drinks you can make with a milk frother.

1. Hot Chocolate Latte

Treat your sweet buds with a homemade cup of hot chocolate latte served, complete with a layer of foamy milk on top. You do not have to wait until your next visit to your best coffee shop to get a good cup of chocolate.

The milk frother in your house will come in handy, especially during winter. It will make it easy for you to make this delicious drink in the comfort of your home. The drink is also a delight for kids, especially when a marshmallow topping is used.

2. Caramel Iced Coffee

Are you a coffee lover who likes trying new things with your coffee? Using a milk frother to make iced caramel coffee is an amazing way to spice up your coffee.

To make caramel iced coffee, you will combine vanilla and caramel. The milk frother will not only give your coffee a frothy and rich texture but will also add a nice taste to it.

3. Mocha Latte

A Mocha Latte with a plate of biscuit seen in the background.
Mocha Latte

Every time you take a cup of mocha latte, your taste buds burst with joy. The combination of coffee and chocolate served hot in a big or small mug topped with a foamy layer of milk is just ingenious.

To make the mocha latte at home, you will only need the same ingredients used to make a latte but with the addition of melted chocolate. It is also referred to as mochaccino and is a historic drink that is still being served.

4. Cappuccino

Needless to say, cappuccino is a classic drink served in almost every restaurant on the planet. The scent and taste of freshly grounded coffee are unique and irresistible to many. When a milk frother is used in making the cappuccino, a sip of this classic drink awakens your senses.

Making Cappuccino in your house is now easier with just a milk frother, a cup of steamed milk, and a richly flavored espresso. You will also be free to practice some arts on each cup served at home. For a cold cappuccino drink, blend the drink with ice, use cold milk froth, and serve as desired.

5. Vanilla Ginger-Lemon Café Latte

The sweet-sour taste of a mixture of vanilla, ginger, lemon, and honey latte is an all-time favorite. Some people enjoy the drink, even more, when they are suffering from a common cold. While making the beverage, you can use a milk frother to add a layer of foamy milk, giving your drink a rich taste.

6. Vanilla Milkshake

pouring vanilla milkshake on a glass place on top of a wooden table
Vanilla Milkshake

It is time to stop asking – what drinks can I make with a milk frother? The vanilla shake is one of the cold drinks you can make with a milk frother. In summer, you can make a vanilla-flavored fat-free milkshake using a frother.

Just get the jar of very cold milk from your fridge and proceed to make your drink. Flavor it with vanilla or another flavor of choice. Add vanilla-flavored ice cream and a topping of your preference.

7. Vegan Matcha Latte

Vegan Matcha Latte is the best drink for people who are trying to stay off caffeine. Matcha is made of very finely ground tea powder. To make a cup of matcha latte, you will add the powder to a cup of hot water.

The vegan one is served with almond milk. The milk frother is used to help add a foamy layer to this rich drink. Serve the latte with a sweetener of choice.

8. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is prepared by mixing hot water, instant coffee, and sugar. The mixture is then whipped in a creamy and caramel paste.

The coffee mixture is then served over either iced or hot milk. To give the drink a unique taste and texture, add a layer of frothed milk.