Can I Use a Milk Frother To Make Dalgona Coffee?

The question that keeps running in your head is, can I use a milk frother to make Dalgona coffee? So, here are tips to help simplify the coffee recipe. 

Can I Use A Milk Frother To Make Dalgona Coffee
Making dalgonacoffee is never going to be easy

Alright, you finally broke down and tried making a Dalgona coffee drink after seeing the 57th photo of one pop up on your social media account. Sure, it tasted great, but your not sure if it is worth having a sore arm the following day from all that whipping by hand. There has to be a better way. 

Why Are Milk Frothers Not Ideal For Making Dalgona Coffee?

milk frother poured in dalgona coffee
Milk frothers could result a rather terrible taste when whipping instant coffee and sugar mixed into a creamy topping

Yes, there are several suitable methods for making whipped coffee, but milk frothers are not one of them. Huh, frothers are made for frothing; what gives? 

Yep, milk frothers are fantastic and frothing, well, milk, but they are rather terrible when whipping instant coffee and sugar into a creamy topping. The problem is milk frothers have tiny whisks designed to incorporate microbubbles of air into relatively thin liquids, not the large air pockets necessary to thicken a much more thick coffee mixture. You are going to need something much more powerful if you want to do it effectively. If you like this post, you might enjoy our guide on how to make Phitti Hui coffee.

What Are Some Better Options For Making Perfectly Whipped Coffee?

The good news is you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen to make Dalgona coffee pain-free. Here are there options that are much more effective than trying to use your milk frother as a whipped coffee maker

You might be interested in learning why dalgona coffee became a hit.

The Stand Mixer

Ideally, this is the time to drag out that big old stand mixer. Attach the balloon whisk to that beast, and you have the best whipped coffee-making machine in the business. To get the creamiest results when using a stand mixer, try preparing at least two servings at once.

And don’t worry if you are drinking alone; Dalgona foam keeps quite well in the fridge for a day or two.

The Electric Hand Mixer

electric hand mixer
Electric hand mixers are slightly less powerful in making whipped coffee

But if you don’t have a stand mixer or would rather not go rummaging in the back of your cabinets to find it, a hand-held electric mixer is almost as good. Although electric hand mixers are slightly less powerful, they can do the job with the proper attachment and bowl choice. 

The batter whipping attachment that comes standard on most electric hand mixers isn’t going to cut it. You need a proper whisk attachment; the bigger, the better. As for the bowl, choose one made out of metal with a rounded bottom that fits the shape of your whisk attachment. 

A Better Whisk

If either a stand mixer or an electric hand mixer is not an option (Dalgona coffee is the perfect way to curb your fancy coffee drink cravings while camping), and you have to use a manual whisk, use the right one. And in this case, the right whisk for the job is the largest wire balloon whisk that matches the curves of your metal mixing bowl. 

The Final Word: Can I Use A Milk Frother To Make Dalgona Coffee?

Keep your milk frother for doing the job it was designed to do, and choose a better way to whip up your Dalgona coffee. Stand and electric mixers are your best options, but the right manual whisk will work fine in a pinch. 

FAQs For Can I Use A Milk Frother To Make Dalgona Coffee?

Why can’t I use fresh coffee to make Dalgona coffee? 

According to the website Science Borealis, the secret behind Dalgona coffee’s unique foaming ability is that instant coffee has less oil than freshly brewed coffee. Manufacturers use two different methods to make instant coffee: spray-drying and freeze-drying.

Both ways remove at least some oil from the coffee, but the cheaper spray-drying method removes more, making it the preferred choice for whipping.
For the science behind why less oil equals more volume, check out the website. 

Can I use any instant coffee I want to make a Dalgona coffee?

Yes, all instant coffee will produce foam, but some are better than others. As a general rule, the more inexpensive the instant coffee, the better the foaming, but there is a balance you find between how well the instant coffee whips and how good it tastes!

But if your favorite brand isn’t working well, try a different brand that doesn’t advertise as being “freeze-dried.”

How do different sweeteners affect a Dalgona coffee?

Sugar isn’t the only way you can sweeten your drink, but some sweeteners are better than others. Real maple syrup is one of the best because it is not only because it is healthier than processed sugar and adds another layer of complexity to the drink, but it also creates foam with more body.

Honey is also a good substitute, but some people find honey-flavored coffee a bit strange. 


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