11 Best MUD\WTR Alternatives All Budgets

In a rush? Lifeboost MitoMushroom is one of the best MUD\WTR alternatives. In this article, we explore the other coffee alternatives for all budgets!

MUD\WTR alternatives
MUD/WTR is a little bit pricey for some people

MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative containing mushrooms, but it can be pricey. We compiled a list of MUD/WTR alternatives that you can find easily online or in stores!

Some of these are caffeine-free, while others contain some caffeine to give you a bit of pep in the morning. We’ll inform you which of these alternatives still contain caffeine, which have the same flavor as MUD/WTR, including Chai, and which of these also have mushrooms like reishi to help you focus and relax. You might also be interested in our MUD/WTR review.

1. Lifeboost MitoMushroom Mocha

Lifeboost made Mushroom Mocha for chocolate lovers. It pairs with your favorite coffee or black tea. This mushroom mix contains lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi and chaga and tastes like chocolate. You add it to your drink of choice.

2. Ryze

This MUD/WTR alternative has an almost perfect five out of five stars from reviews out of over 5,700 buyers on its website alone! Ryze also provides a starter kit, much like MUD/WTR, which includes a free acacia spoon and even a free journaling app to help you improve your mental wellness. Ryze is another organic mushroom coffee made with California mushrooms and includes superfood items such as turkey tail mushrooms to help with gut health and aid in digestion.

Reviews also state that Ryze has helped regulate digestion and helps prevent hitters and the crash associated with caffeine. Ryze also comes in powder form to mix into your smoothies.

3. Rasa

Rasa is a type of morning ritual coffee substitute made of organic ingredients, including roasted roots of chicory, dandelion, burdock roots, and the world’s only organic roasted date seed. Rasa is also made of adaptogenic ingredients designed to help the body cope during times of stress.

They have several options, including caffeine-free options, “dirty” blends with up to 35 milligrams of caffeine, and herbal blends. Rasa also has Whole30 approved blends, including Original, Cacao, Dirty, and Bold. However, not all blends are Whole30 friendly due to the presence of maltodextrin.

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4. Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose is a newcomer into the coffee alternative scene, formed in 2021, but it is already making a name for itself, having been featured in Men’s Health Magazine. Everyday Dose uses a blend of non-psychedelic mushrooms like lion’s mane, which is thought to improve focus, and chaga, which is also present in MUD/WTR.

It also uses a blend of nootropics like L-Theanine, which studies have shown can relax people without making them drowsy! Everyday Dose also has less caffeine than matcha, so you can feel perked up without any added crash or jitters. You might also find our list of alternatives to milk in coffee useful. 

5. Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic has a whopping 45,566 5-star reviews, and it is one of the most tried coffee alternatives on the market. However, it’s important to note that while Four Sigmatic has many health benefits, it still contains around 150 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

Four sigmatic mushroom coffee review
Four Sigmatic

However, Four Sigmatic has plenty of reviews that state their coffee does not give off jitters or anxiety due to the chaga and lion’s mane, minimizing the jitters and adverse side-effects of caffeine. They also have decaf coffee bags.

6. Dandy Blend

Dandy Blend is a caffeine-free coffee alternative made up of a list of organic, preservative-free ingredients, including water-soluble extracts of barley, rye, chicory roots, beetroots, and dandelion roots. Dandelion roots have been found to improve digestion and upset stomach, making this one of the best alternatives for people who need to clear out their digestive system occasionally.

What makes this one of the best coffee alternatives is its ability to be served hot or cold! It is also a well-established company, having been formed 30 years ago.

7. Black Or Green Tea

The L-Theanine found in certain substances, such as those used in Everyday Dose, is present in black and green tea! Consider brewing regular green tea or black tea mixes as your coffee substitute to lower your caffeine intake. You will naturally get a little caffeine from the tea, but you won’t get the jitters.

Keep in mind that the caffeine within MUD/WTR comes from black tea. Black tea is slightly stronger than green tea in terms of caffeine content, but both are more affordable.

8. Clevr Coffee Super Latte

One of the great things about Mud/Wtr is its naturally frothy texture. However, Clevr coffee also produces a milky, creamy texture using its blend of organic Arabica coffee, oat milk, and coconut milk creamer base.


All you have to do is add eight ounces of hot water to three tablespoons of this mushroom coffee mix. It also comes packed with adaptogens and functional mushrooms, including reishi, lion’s mane, and ashwagandha, to help you focus. Keep in mind this is on the pricey side.

9. Joe’y

Joe’y coffee alternative is cleverly named after everyone’s “cup of joe,” however, it’s anything but. This coffee alternative has a slightly higher amount of caffeine than MUD/WTR, offering one-fifth of caffeine in a cup of coffee instead of one-seventh in mud water. However, it also has a unique taste due to its mushroom blend.

Much like MUD/WTR, this drink has subtle notes of organic cacao and a slight spiciness. It’s made of Reishi, cordyceps, cinnamon, chicory, dandelion, and L-theanine. These provide you with an energy boost, while dandelion has been found to have anti-hyperglycaemic, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties and can help your immune system. 

10. Slay All Day By Apothekary

Slay All Day by Apothekary is perhaps one of our list’s most unique coffee alternatives. This comes in a small bottle and is not made of any mushrooms. However, it has incredible wellness benefits due to the chlorella inside this mix, which also comes with matcha powder.


Chlorella has been shown to improve total cholesterol levels, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and fasting blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Slay All Day has an almost perfect five out of five stars from reviews out of over 500 purchases, meaning this up-and-comer is already becoming a fan favorite. Instead of taking supplements, this mix is made for health fanatics who want to experience natural energy and wellness. 

11. Crio Bru

Crio Bru is one of the best coffee alternatives on this list for hot chocolate lovers…because it is composed of 100% organic cacao! When prepared, this product brews exactly like coffee but has many more benefits from cacao. You can add a bit of sweetener or mix with your favorite coffee and milk, then use a frother to create a latte.

The cacao used in this drink is cultivated from Ecuador and Nicaragua, is organic and non-GMO, and is paleo and keto-friendly. It gives what Crio Bru calls “honest energy” due to the presence of Theobromine.

Although cacao is mainly caffeine-free, it is thought that the Theobromine in it can contribute to alertness and increase the feel-good effects of chocolate. Chocolate has been shown to help fight depression and improve mood. 



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