MUD\WTR Review: Is It Worth It?

How can you get all the benefits of coffee without the jitters? Learn how MUD\WTR is revolutionizing coffee and if this product is worth it in our MUD\WTR review.

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If you’re one of the 62% of Americans who drink different types of coffee every day, you might wonder if there will ever be a product that can replace the sweet, aromatic, and warm feeling of a hot cup of Joe in the morning. 

Although coffee has many health benefits, such as helping to perk you up in the morning and regulating your digestive system, it also comes with many other problems resulting from the overuse of caffeine. Switching to MUD\WTR might help you avoid the jitters, anxiety, and stress associated with the high caffeine of coffee.

MUD\WTR has developed a coffee alternative to help reduce these adverse effects while giving users high energy levels to get them going in the morning.

What Is MUD\WTR?

MUD\WTR, pronounced mud water, is a relatively new drink created by Shane Heath of Los Angeles. Like many in today’s hustle culture, the art director turned entrepreneur was working 60-hour weeks while working with top Silicon Valley companies and, in the process, was drinking way more than a morning coffee. Shane Heath claims he would drink up to four cups of regular coffee daily! That’s a lot of caffeine.

mud\wtr review
I tried drinking MUD\WTR coffee for several weeks… and loved it

Heath said he suffered from the adverse effects of too much caffeine from regular coffee, including anxiety and jitters. After taking an art residency in the beautiful country of Goa, India, Heath discovered the masala chai drink that was a part of all different households in India.

In 2017, he launched MUD\WTR as a coffee alternative. The company is based in Venice, located in Los Angeles, California. They continue to sell in Los Angeles and nationwide in various coffee shops.

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Most customers purchase MUD\WTR products online

However, most customers purchase their products online, including their mushroom blend of coffee. This “mushroom coffee” doesn’t have any coffee at all but does have 1/7th of the amount of regular caffeine in a cup of coffee.

What is MUD\WTR Made Of?

This American-grown mushroom coffee contains four kinds of mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown in California and Nevada. Specifically, the ingredients inside of MUD\WTR include:

  • Masala Chai, made of black tea, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper
  • Cacao, also known as raw cocoa
  • Lion’s mane, a type of mushroom hailed for its many health benefits, including improving focus
  • Adaptogenic mushrooms, which can help the body heal and respond to stress, and include Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi mushrooms
  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric
  • Himalayan sea salt

All products are non-GMO and USDA Certified, as well as Whole 30 approved for people that want to stick to a paleo-style, Whole 30 diet. It doesn’t contain any sugars or artificial sweeteners. It has a fraction of the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee.

MUD\WTR Pricing

A single tin of MUD\WTR costs around $40 plus shipping and taxes for a 30-day supply. However, you could also purchase their starter kit, containing free samples of the sweetener and creamer made by MUD\WTR to use with your morning cup of mushroom coffee.

These are also quite pricey, albeit high-quality, products, with their coconut milk powder creamer coming in at $20 per 30-day serving and their coconut palm sugar sweetener made with MCT oil coming in at $40 per 30-day supply. The starter kit also comes with a rechargeable frother that charges with a USB, no batteries necessary, and free stickers.

I had a frother at home, so I chose to buy the single tin of MUD\WTR for $40. However, if you have access to purchase it in person (like I did living in Los Angeles), then you might find the price of a single tin of MUD\WTR is up to $49.99 per tin (which is what I paid).

MUD\WTR also has a discount program of up to 33% for its $40 30-day supply tin. However, this is only if you subscribe for a month-to-month program. This is recommended for coffee drinkers that want to break their coffee habit and find that MUD\WTR is just the thing for them.

Who Is MUD\WTR For

Virtually anyone can drink MUD\WTR, provided they check with their doctor beforehand about any adverse side effects. However, due to the high price of MUD\WTR, this is product is best left for those serious about reducing their coffee intake or for people who want a substitute for coffee with some health benefits. It’s also helpful for avoiding caffeine fatigue. Below are some people who might want to seriously consider signing up for the MUD\WTR plan or buying a tin in person or online.

Coffee Addicts

The first group of people who would benefit from MUD\WTR are those that depend on having a cup of coffee or more almost every single day. This includes working professionals, busy moms and dads, and college and high school students. With so many people working from home, it’s easy to get carried away and continue to pour yourself cup after cup of delicious hot coffee.

Businessmen drinking the best coffees for office in their break time
Working professionals are of one the groups of people who’d likely benefit from MUD\WTR

Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee can harm your health, leading to high blood pressure, anxiety, jitters, insomnia, fast heart rate, and shakiness. These are just some of the many issues that can develop on a daily basis for people addicted to caffeine and regular coffee.

Suppose you enjoy having a quad of espresso shots daily but feel that this isn’t helping you obtain higher energy levels. In that case, it’s time to consider an alternative before increasing your coffee intake. It’s important to remember that the recommended daily caffeine intake for an adult, according to the FDA, is 400 milligrams.

A standard cup of coffee has around 95 milligrams of caffeine, with a shot of espresso slightly lower at 64 milligrams. On the other hand, MUD\WTR clocks in at only 14 milligrams of caffeine, which is much better and means you can drink more of it throughout the day (safely, of course).

Health Fanatics

The organic ingredients in MUD\WTR all carry amazing health benefits. For instance, turmeric has been hailed as one of the best anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant-rich spices. Lion’s mane has been studied and may help prevent dementia, boost memory and focus, and calm nerves, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. In MUD\WTR, cordyceps are also used to provide natural energy for people who enjoy one serving of this mushroom blend.

Other ingredients in this blend include Haga and reishi mushrooms, which are thought to support a healthy immune system, thus preventing you from getting sick easily. These are just some of the many health benefits of this blend that can be a treat for people looking for supplements for their daily diet. You can think of MUD\WTR as providing natural supplements that taste good, are provided in the perfect amount, and are more cost-effective than buying all these ingredients separately.

People Who Appreciate New Tastes

We don’t recommend MUD\WTR for people that love the taste of regular coffee. Although it doesn’t taste “Bad,” flavor palettes will be different for everyone, but one thing is sure – MUD\WTR does not taste like coffee. Nevertheless, this is good for people who like to explore new tastes or experiment with how they make their coffee.

If you like to make your latte, you can easily do so by mixing up MUD\WTR and frothing up your favorite oat milk, regular milk, or another milk alternative. The versatility and ease with which you can mix MUD\WTR into your morning ritual make it perfect for people who love to try new things and explore different flavors.

Mud\wtr tastes like a mix of a chai tea latte with added chocolate flavors. It is a bit sweet and spicy, yet very luxurious and decadent with no added sugar.

People Following Certain Diet Plans

MUD\WTR is also Whole 30 approved, sugar-free, and only 4 grams of carbs. Its low carb and sugar content makes it a good option for people following a keto diet. This is a diet in which no processed sugar and low carbs are allowed, with the hopes that this will reduce insulin dependence and put the body in a state of “ketosis.”

This is a natural state but can be affected by including more carbs and sugar into the diet. Therefore, MUD\WTR is an excellent alternative, but not better than black coffee.

MUD\WTR is also Whole 30 approved, meaning it can be used with the Whole 30 diet. This is a diet in which processed foods and foods that can cause sensitivity in some people are slowly taken out of someone’s diet over 30 days. After 30 days, items are introduced slowly into a person’s regular food plan.

However, Whole 30 encourages using all-natural foods and home cooking, much like the Paleo diet. MUD\WTR has no additives and is made of all-natural ingredients, making it a good choice for people following the Whole 30 and Paleo diet.

Is MUD\WTR good for you?

MUDWTR contains several types of mushrooms which may offer health benefits. According to researchers, Lion’s Mane may help improve focus and attention. Cordyceps can help reduce fatigue, improve endurance and even increase your VO2 max. You’d need to drink approximately 1.5 to 2 servings daily to experience these benefits. 

How To Make MUD\WTR Coffee

This mushroom coffee is relatively simple to make. You can enjoy it hot or iced, black or with cream, froth or un-frothed. We’ll go over these methods’ successes (and failures) below.

Mixed With a Spoon Vs. Frothed

If you read the instructions on the back of the MUD\WTR tin or online, you’ll notice that the instructions call for using a handheld frother to mix the coffee up, which is a mix of 12 oz. of hot water to one tablespoon of MUD\WTR mix. This is where things get tricky. Although you can purchase a frother with the starter kit, I had my own frother and used this instead. This did not go well.

MUD\WTR frothing incident

One major problem was that I splashed this coffee everywhere! This is a user error since the ideal way to use a frother is to place it inside the mug and only fill it about 75% of the way BEFORE turning it on and frothing. Lesson learned.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t get a thick consistency with my frother and the MUD\WTR without creamer. However, I felt like the frother wasn’t necessary, which is a good thing. I used a spoon and metal straw to mix my MUD\WTR, which was delicious!

Hot Water Coffee With and Without Creamer

If you’re like me, you’re not willing to spend $20 on a bag of creamer. I used regular creamer (sugar-free) to put into my Wtr coffee, and it wasn’t half bad! The flavor of MUD\WTR is subtle enough to mix well with my vanilla creamer, and neither the creamer nor the MUD\WTR overpower each other or taste unpleasant. I was pleasantly surprised at this.

MUD\WTR with vanilla creamer
MUD\WTR with vanilla creamer

Iced MUD\WTR Coffee

I am not a hot coffee drinker. I prefer to boil a cup of hot coffee, pour it over a cup of ice, and mix in a bit of creamer. This was easier done with regular coffee and an entire mission with MUD\WTRr. A thick layer of MUD\WTR left at the bottom of my mug after I attempted to pour it into my jar of ice.

Mud/Wtr iced coffee with leftover sediment
MUD\WTR iced coffee with leftover sediment

I thought mixing in hot water would do the trick, but I had to use a rubber spatula to get all the thick sediment from the bottom fully. In the end, I used a spoon, metal straw, rubber spatula, and mug to make a simple cup of iced water coffee. Nevertheless, the end product was incredibly refreshing and delicious, and I will make it again using the proper tools!

Areas for Improvement

Like most people, I am no longer a barista, so I’m not sure if I could not just work a frother, that led to my inability to get a thick consistency. Nevertheless, a spoon was enough to mix the MUD\WTR well enough to enjoy. If MUD\WTR feels using a frother is necessary, they should probably put more explicit instructions on the tin itself for how to use it (and avoid a messy kitchen). Read our guide about MUD\WTR alternatives.

Thick sediment of MUD\WTR
Thick sediment of MUD\WTR
Making MUD\WTR
Aftermath: Using a spatula for MUD\WTR

FAQs About MUD\WTR Review

Is MUD\WTR sold in stores?

Some stores sell MUD\WTR in the United States. However, it’s easier to order this mushroom coffee directly from MUD\WTR. You can take out a subscription and cancel at any time.

Is MUD\WTR addictive?

As MUD\WTR contains almost no caffeine, it’s not addictive in any way. The only reason to drink more of it is that you like the taste or its effects.

Does MUD\WTR get you high?

MUD\WTR doesn’t get you high. It doesn’t contain any psychoactive ingredients. And because it contains a minuscule amount of caffeine, it prevents negative effects of drinking too much coffee like fatigue, jitters and headaches.

Is MUD\WTR a subscription?

It’s most cost-effective to take out a monthly MUD\WTR subscription from its site starting at $40. However, you can also buy a once-off sample or serving from its site.

Can I drink MUD\WTR at night?

MUD\WTR offers blends for morning and nighttime drinking. The night-time variant contains special mushrooms designed to help drinkers relax and fall asleep more easily. It’ll help you avoid any jitters before bed too.


  • Veronica Heurta

    Veronica Huerta is a Journalism major who graduated in 2021 with a BA in Journalism from California State University Long Beach and AA in Journalism from Long Beach City College. She is not only a writer, but also has a decade working in the medical field as an emergency medical technician and psychiatric technician. A Los Angeles native, she knows how fast fads come and go, and what it takes to create high-quality coffee. Her combined career in the medical field and as a writer allow her to write objective and highly-researched reviews on coffee and other products that can benefit people's physical and mental health.

MUD/WTR is a Top Coffee Alternative $40
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness

MUDWTR Review: The Final Word

MUDWTR is not a coffee, it is a coffee alternative. Its taste is earthy, spicey, and sweet. Its price is affordable enough for most people who already spend money at major coffee chains. Its ability to keep me energized throughout the day has converted me into a true MUDWTR fan!


  • Not too thick or watery
  • Tastes fantastic and spicy and chocolatey, with no sugar added
  • Delicious hot or iced
  • Prevent caffeine fatigue and jitters
  • Helps with mid-afternoon slumps
  • The powder is easy to mix


  • The preparation with a frother was unnecessary (and messy)
  • Gritty material in cup tough to clean
  • At approximately $1.3 per cup, it costs more than instant coffee
  • Hard to source offline.