Chemex vs. Moccamaster: What’s The Best For Coffee?

In this article, we explore the attributes and advantages of Chemex vs. Moccamasterbrands so that you can make the best purchasing choice.

Chemex vs. Moccamaster
Chemex vs. Moccamaster

To some people, coffee is a serious business. They are particular about their brew and are disinclined to drink the coffee they find in chain coffee stores. If you are one such coffee snob, then you must buy a coffee maker that meets your exacting standards.

Chemex and Mocamaster coffee makers are two of the best on the market. Though I do not go so far as to refuse the coffee served at cafes or other public spaces, I sympathize with those who do. It is right for coffee aficionados to talk about the machines they are thinking of buying before they actually spend their money.

Chemex Coffee Maker vs. The Moccamaster

Chemex is a manual pour-over-style glass coffee maker. It consists of an hourglass-shaped flask with a conical funnel-like neck and special filters that are made of bonded paper, which are much thicker than the filters used in a conventional drip coffee maker.

The Chemex was invented in 1941 by German chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm. The air of the chemist’s lab is quite obvious in the composition and shape of the coffee maker. Dr. Schlumbohm put together his creation by fusing a glass funnel and an Erlenmeyer flask.

The Mocamaster is handmade by a company called Techivorm in the Netherlands. The engineers at this company take exceptional pride in their work, and they hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry. The Mocamaster is certified by the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe.

The most distinguishing feature of a Mocamaster is that it is built with two separate heating elements. These monitor the brewing temperature and the temperature of the heating plate. The Mocamaster has a brewing temperature of up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and a holding temperature between 176-185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Mocamaster is not for people who go for mass-market, pre-ground coffee. They are for people like you, gentle readers—people who care about the taste and quality of the coffee in their cups.

What Chemex and Mocamaster Have In Common

The Chemex and Mocamaster have much in common. Both are automatic pour-over brewers that have established a kind of gold standard for the making of coffee.

They are both highly popular among coffee connoisseurs around the world. In fact, it is safe to say that if you have heard of the Chemex and Mocamaster coffee machines, then you are probably known for knowing good coffee from bad.

Aesthetically, the Chemex and Mocamaster are elegant and simple. They are tall, pert, and compact machines, with clean lines that fit into nearly any style of kitchen. You might also be interested in our guide on the best coffee for a Moccamaster.

kitchen, home, interior
Chemex and Moccamaster fit into nearly any style of kitchen

They also use similar brewing methods and brew at a temperature that coffee lovers prefer.

Chemex vs. Moccamaster: The Differences

The differences between the two machines are also important to point out. Here are a few of them:



Comes with a warming plate.

No warming plate.

Dishwasher friendly.

Not dishwasher-friendly.

Comes with a function that allows you to make iced coffee.

Contains a lever that allows you to adjust the flow rate of water.

What’s Better About Chemex?

The Chemex brews what some people call clean coffee. This is the result of its thicker filters. The latter eliminates unwanted fats and oils, which produces a purer and more flavorful cup of coffee.

The Chemex also has a wooden belt on its waist, which saves hands from getting scorched.

What’s Better About Mocamaster?

The carafe of the Mocamaster is positioned alongside the boiling element rather than below it. This results in a softer dispersion. Only people who know about coffee understand the importance of this feature.

The Mocamaster also comes in a wider variety of colors than the Chemex. In fact, the color patterns produced by Techivorm have influenced other coffee maker companies in Europe.

Who Should Get a Chemex and Why?

A man holding Chemex while pouring coffee in a cup
Chemex is very applicable to everyone with a highly developed palate for coffee

The Chemex is for anyone who has a highly developed palate for coffee, and who can tell a good brew from a mediocre or bad one. The ease with which Chemex coffee makers can be maintained and cleaned is useful for individuals with a busy schedules.

Who Should Get a Mocamaster and Why? 

The above taste and quality standards also apply to people thinking of buying a Mocamaster. You will only appreciate the full value of the machine if you are fussy about the coffee you drink.

People who care about the design and color of their coffee machine and how it harmonizes with the rest of the appliances in their kitchen should also think about buying a Mocamaster.

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