Chemex vs Coffee Maker: Which Works Better?

The great debate on Chemex vs Coffee maker is on. Find out which one will take the day and make an informed choice.

Chemex vs Coffee maker
Chemex vs. Coffee makers

I have been a big fan of coffee makers until a friend asked me to try Chemex. She said that her coffee was fresher and had a better taste than what she got from a coffee maker. She also claimed that she was more in control of her brewing process, which meant that she got the exact flavor she wanted when she needed it.

Of course, I’m not the type to buy items without researching and reading more reviews. That’s when I decided to dig deeper into Chemex and compiled this comparison post to help you be the judge and choose what works for you.

So, let’s dive right in!

What is Chemex and Coffee Maker?

The Chemex is a simple single-piece glass coffee brewing carafe. It comes with custom filter papers that sit at the top, funnel-shaped portion.

You typically need to add the ground coffee and pour warm water over from the kettle. The coffee drips to the bottom section of the Chemex, and when all the water has run through, you can remove the filter and serve your coffee.

The coffee maker, on the other hand, is a type of coffee machine. The market today provides many varieties that can grind and make coffee with the touch of a button.

However, we still have the old manual coffee makers, which brew fresh coffee using filter papers. The machine will circulate the water around the ground coffee. The resulting brewed coffee is directed to a jug or mug, depending on the type you’re using.

What Does Chemex and Coffee Maker Have in Common?

While coffee makers are packed with technological features to improve the taste and flavor of your coffee, Chemex is similarly versatile and allows you to take control of your brew process. Both machines use filters to separate the water from the coffee grounds.

When it comes to quality, you need to get the right coffee maker if you choose coffee makers and be more skilled if you choose Chemex. The more experienced you’re, the higher the quality of your brew. Remember, the brewing methods are quite different depending on the coffee maker you choose.

Both require the water temperature to be optimal as too hot water can burn the coffee grounds. When it’s too cold, the coffee will be under-extracted. The ideal temperature for both machines is 93C.

Chemex Vs Coffee Maker: The Differences

Here is a breakdown of the differences between Chemex and coffee makers.



Coffee Maker

Filter type

Chemex brands

Any can do


Deep and concentrated

Mild and aromatic


Boiled to perfection

Depends on the coffee maker

Brewing method


Electric drip

Attention Required

Physical participation required

Automatic process

Brewing time

5 to 10 min

10 to 20 minutes




Water preferred

Boiled in a kettle

Pressurized by machine

Electricity required


Yes (except manual machines)

Water distribution

Based on skill


Note that these differences may vary depending on the coffee maker you’re using. That means caffeine content and flavor may vary depending on your preference, the quality, and the amount of coffee grounds. More coffee grounds usually make the coffee richer.

What’s Better About Chemex?

The Chemex is a straightforward machine that is easy to use and clean. A complicated coffee maker may alter the taste of your coffee if not cleaned properly.

I personally like the Chemex special filters that help trap most oils, giving you a crisp, high quality, and great-tasting coffee. Chemex also makes it easier to learn and experiment with your world of coffee until you are comfortable with your taste. 

Unlike the coffee maker, Chemex is not programmed to carry a certain amount of water or boil it to a specific level up to a particular timeframe. That means you can explore different brews based on these changes to achieve the desired results.

What’s Better About Coffee Maker?

Coffee makers work for you. You need to direct them by giving them the correct amount of water and coffee grounds to get a delicious cup of coffee. A high-quality machine also means a rich, consistent flavor, unlike Chemex, where this can change anytime.

Who Should Get Chemex?

Chemex is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who want more control over their cup of coffee

Chemex is the perfect machine for coffee explorers and baristas who want more control over their coffee. They are also pocket-friendly compared to most coffee makers and quite easy to use, and safe to operate. 

The glass is unbreakable, and since it does not use electricity, it’s more suitable for families with young children. The big ones can be pretty heavy, so choose wisely. Be sure to use the Chemex filters to avoid getting frustrated at filters that won’t fit your Chemex.

Who Should Get a Coffee Maker?

A woman operating her coffee maker.
Coffee makers are best suitable for big families

Coffee makers are not only stylish but also portable, efficient, and reliable. They are best suitable for big families as they can make coffee for the whole family at once. You can also get yourself a coffee maker for your office as it only requires a few settings to get your coffee done. 

Depending on the machine you get, you may not be able to explore different tastes as most machines are programmed to give the same exact type of coffee.


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