Bubble Tea Gift Ideas: 11 Top Choices

If you’re looking for bubble tea gift ideas,  you’ve come to the right place. 

Bubble Tea Gift Ideas
Giving bubble tea gifts to your bubble tea lover friends will surely please them

Are you looking for gifts for people who love bubble tea? Also known as boba, bubble tea is a “chunky drink” that includes everything from fresh juice loaded with bits of fruit to iced tea made with tapioca pearls. 

Bubble tea reportedly originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s before spreading across Asia. Today, Bubble tea is popular throughout the world. If you need bubble tea gift ideas that will delight your friends and family, any of the ones in our list below are sure to please. 

1. Boba Blue Plush Stuffed Toy

If you know kids (or adults who are kids at heart!) who have a fun spirit and a sense of humor, they will love this hugely popular adorable boba tea plush toy. The plush toy is 10 inches tall and made of 100% polyester. This cute little guy is available in six different colors and six adorable facial expressions. 

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2. Fruit-Flavored Bubble Tea Bursting Balls

For bubble tea enthusiasts who tend to drink the same tea over and over, these fruit-flavored bursting balls will give them a totally new experience. These fruit-bursting balls for bubble tea are available in the following flavors:

  • Mango
  • Blueberry
  • Passion fruit
  • Peach
  • Pomegranate
  • Strawberry

Even better, these delicious little bursting balls will keep on the shelf for up to a year. Besides bubble tea, these fruit-flavored bursting balls are also great in yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, and more. 

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Brexonic Popping Boba Pearls
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3. Reusable Colored Metal Bubble Tea Straws

Are you looking for bubble tea gift ideas for stocking stuffers? Check out these gorgeous colored bubble tea straws on Etsy. They’re available in several different colors, and these straws are super affordable. 

You can buy a cleaner and bag for your straws separately, and those are also very affordable.

4. Boba and Ramen Noodle T-Shirt

This boba and ramen noodle t-shirt checks off all the boxes for the person who loves Asian foods and drinks. You can buy this t-shirt for people of all ages because it’s available in everything from baby onesies to adult t-shirts. This t-shirt also comes in tons of different colors.

5. Boba Tea Enamel Pins

Sometimes you just want to show the world how much you love boba tea, and if your gift recipient is one of those people, these enamel pins are the perfect gift. 

These pins come in several different styles and have fun themes, too. From Sakura sunrise to Galaxy tea to Sunset lemonade, there is something for every person on your list who loves boba tea. 

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6. Bubble Tea Slippers

Anyone who loves bubble tea will absolutely adore these furry little Kawaii milk tea slippers. The slippers show a cute little Kawaii character smiling, and there’s a pink plus straw sticking out of the top. The sole of the slippers has dots to signify the bubble tea.

7. You Had Me at Boba T-Shirt

Boba tea is absolutely fun and cheerful, and this t-shirt perfectly captures that sentiment and mood. This t-shirt shows two cups of boba tea and says, “You had me at Boba.” You can buy this tee in 10 different colors and either men’s or women’s sizes. 

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8. Reusable Boba Cup with Resealable Lid Plug

For bubble tea on the go, this reusable travel cup is a must-have. This travel cup comes with an extra-wide straw so that getting those delicious little boba pearls up through the straw is never a problem. 

The tumbler is made with double-wall insulation that helps keep the tea at the perfect temperature. This tumbler does have to be hand-washed and is not dishwasher-safe. However, it’s completely BPA-free and eco-friendly. 

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Reusable Boba Cup with Resealable Lid Plug
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  • Wide Stainless Steel Straw For Bubble Tea
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9. Locca Premium Boba Tea Kit

If you know someone who just started loving bubble tea, this DIY kit is the perfect gift that will start them on the path to exploring the world of delicious boba tea. 

The kit offers three premium flavors of loose-leaf tea (black tea, Thai tea, and Jasmine tea). It also comes with recipe cards and eight boba straws. This kit is crafted in California and doesn’t use milk tea powders, which is a huge bonus for the purist boba tea lover in your life.

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Locca Premium Boba Tea Kit
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10. Bubble Tea Gift Ideas: Boba Tapioca Pearl DIY Kit

With this tapioca pearl DIY kit, your loved ones can have their beloved bubble tea in minutes. This fabulous kit comes with three reusable stainless steel straws that are dishwasher-safe. The straws also come with soft silicone tips that are excellent for kids who tend to chew on straws.

This kit comes with a cleaning brush for the straws, three bags of WuFuYuana block sugar-flavored boba pearls, and a canvas carrying bag. 

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Boba Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Drink DIY Set
  • Boba Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Drink DIY Set
  • WuFuYuan Black Large Balls
  • 8.8oz (3 pack)
  • 3 Fortune House Reusable Stainless Steel Round Boba Straws, 3 Silicone Tips, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Canvas Bag
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11. Boozy Bubble Tea

boozy bubble tea
Adding a splash of liquor to your boba drink will turn it into a tasty nighttime, social drink

It’s increasingly popular to pair Bubble tea with an alcoholic beverage. Adding a splash of liquor turns it into a tasty nighttime, social drink. You can try brandy or Kahlua. You could also make a Bubble tea margarita using the right ingredients., 

Read our guide to boozy bubble tea.


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