Why Is Bubble Tea So Popular?

This article answers, “Why is bubble tea so popular?” and explains why this seemingly novelty drink has stuck around!

Why is bubble tea so popular?
Bubble tea has the ability to keep up with the trends

Bubble tea has been around long enough that the novelty should have worn off, so why is it so popular? Bubble tea has proven itself to be more than a gimmick as it managed to stay relevant for almost 40 years. From its delicious taste to its ability to keep up with the trends, here are a few reasons why bubble tea is so popular:

Why Is Bubble Tea So Popular -The Tea’s Versatility

boba tea vs bubble tea
Bubble tea has many fruit flavors

Bubble tea has been known since the ‘80s, but it’s still trendy and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Bubble tea is so versatile it can follow trends and adapt.

There are so many fruit flavors and additions to bubble tea to keep it going. With veganism on the rise, there are plant-based options, like fruity teas or milk bubble tea made from non-dairy milk.

Bubble tea is not just black tea and tapioca pearls anymore. There are many different base teas to choose from and even more “bubbles” you can add. For example, many cafes offer fruity flavored bubbles that pop when you bite into them and add dried fruit, fruit jelly, candy, and even unusual jellies like coffee or aloe vera.

Because there are so many versions of bubble tea to choose from, people kept coming back for more.

It’s Delicious

Bubble tea tastes delicious and refreshing, which is probably the main reason for its popularity. It is available all year round!

The tea tastes sweet – but usually not too sweet (although there is a lot of sugar in bubble tea.) So even people who can’t stand a regular cup of green tea find themselves enjoying it in bubble tea.

Fruity teas are usually sold cold, while milk teas can come warm or cold. Regardless of the season, bubble tea is still something lots of people will want to drink. You might also be interested in reading about tasty teas for people who don’t like tea.

It’s Somewhat Rare

Is bubble tea japanese?
Bubble tea is not easily accessible

While most towns and cities have several cafes where you can get whatever tea, coffee, or hot chocolate you want, bubble tea is not as easily accessible.

My city only recently opened a bubble tea cafe! Prior to that, I only ever got it if I was in a major city or on holiday. One of the reasons bubble tea is so popular is because it’s still a rare thing for many people.

As it’s not as easily accessible as iced tea, people are more likely to get bubble tea if the opportunity arises. Those who might have a bubble tea cafe in their area tend not to get it every day because of the price.

Bubble tea usually costs more than a regular cup of tea or even iced tea. But the price hasn’t inhibited its popularity.

On the contrary, a high price means people see it as valuable. So, if you reserve bubble tea for special occasions or something to treat yourself to now and then, it’s going to feel valuable.

It’s Somewhat Familiar

People may not easily try new things, but people will usually want to give it a go if something is vaguely familiar.

Most people drink or are familiar with tea and iced tea beverages. So, while bubble tea is unique, it’s not so far out that the average person is afraid to try it at all!

Bubble tea is a safe but fun option for people looking to try something new – which is why it gains new fans and stays popular.


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