8 Best Portuguese Coffee Brands To Tickle Your Taste Buds

If you’ve tried Portuguese coffee, you know it’s superbly good. Discover the best Portuguese coffee brands so you can enjoy a cup without leaving the house.

best Portuguese coffee brands
Portuguese coffee is much cheaper compared to other regions

As a small European nation, Portugal doesn’t enjoy the same renown as coffee-producing countries like Ethiopia or Colombia. Very little coffee is grown in Portugal, with most Portuguese brands sourcing beans from Africa and South America. 

Coffee is an essential part of Portuguese culture, and coffee is enjoyed much the same as it was centuries ago. For example, many Portuguese people prefer to drink at a coffee shop than brew at home. Best of all, the coffee is much cheaper compared to other regions, with most cups costing less than a dollar.

While it’s not feasible to fly to Portugal whenever you want great-tasting Joe, you can buy Portuguese coffee to brew yourself a cup from the comfort of your own home. We’ve compiled a list of the best Portuguese coffee brands to make it easier.

Our Top 3 Best Portuguese Coffee Brands For You

Below is a comparison table of the top three items from this article to help you choose which is best for you.

Best Portuguese Roasted Coffee
Best Whole Beans
Best Intense Ground Coffee
Best Portuguese Roasted Coffee
Best Whole Beans
Best Intense Ground Coffee
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1. Sical

One thing you’ll notice about Portuguese coffee is that it’s stronger than most other varieties. The reason for this strength is that most coffee beans used by these brands are Robusta beans. So, the flavor profile is more intense and bitter but not overpowering.

Many coffee roasters in the country mix both types of beans for a smoother result with a powerful caffeine kick. Learn more in our Arabica vs. Robusta guide. 

Sical is a well-known Portuguese brand established in 1947. It’s been distributed by Nestlé since 1987, so it’s widely available outside the country. 

You can find medium and dark roasts to suit your preferences, and this coffee is indicative of what you can find at cafés throughout Portugal. The Classico 5-Estrelas brew is a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee. It is light and creamy but still has an earthy feel. 

Sical Portuguese Cafe 5 Estrelas
$10.67 ($1.33 / Ounce)
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2. Nicola Cafés

Cafe Nicola at the Rossia Square in Baixa in the City of Lisbon in Portuga
Nicola Cafés offers ground beans, coffee grounds, and coffee pods

Nicola Cafés was established in Lisbon in 1779, making it one of the oldest coffee brands on this list. As with many other countries at the time, coffee shops became hotbeds of social, cultural, and political activity. What made Portugal unique is that it imported almost all of its coffee from its main colony, Brazil. 

Nicola coffee is just as strong and full-bodied as anything else you could find in Portugal. As a larger company, you can buy beans, coffee grounds, or instant coffee pods to fit in a single-serving machine.

Most natives will drink coffee with no additives, but you might want a little milk or creamer to cut the bitterness. The Selecto blend is made from Arabica beans, so it’s ideal for those who prefer softer brews. 

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3. Buondi

While Nicola Cafés is one of Portugal’s oldest coffee brands, Buondi is one of its youngest. Founded in 1986, this company quickly grew in popularity with Portuguese youth, particularly within the surfing community. Buondi has even helped sponsor various surfing events throughout the years, cementing its status as a young and hip brand.

Buondi’s blend of Robusta and Arabica beans favors the latter, so each cup is a bit smoother than what you’d get with other brands. However, the intensity level is still ramped up, so you’ll wake up from smelling your coffee before you even taste it. 

Another selling point of Buondi coffee is that the company is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, so you can find organic coffee beans in their catalog. The brand sells beans and ground coffee to suit your preferences. You might also be interested in our round-up of the best sustainable coffee brands.

$28.99 ($14.50 / Count)
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4. Café A Brasileira

Beautiful vintage coffee shop called Brasileira in Lisbon
It’s design is just as elegant and refined as the coffee it serves daily

Unlike other countries, Portugal doesn’t have many brands you can buy outside its borders. So, if you do make the trip, we highly recommend visiting this café and sampling its coffee. Café a Brasileira sources its own coffee, so each cup is unique, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. 

The café itself was built in 1905 in Lisbon, and its design is just as elegant and refined as the coffee it serves daily. Best of all, the cup you enjoy today will use the same recipe and methods they used when the coffee shop first opened. It’s like drinking a part of Portuguese history. 

This café is the only place you could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with the poet Fernando Pessoa. His statue sits in front, and there’s a chair next to him so you can converse with his spirit. If you love strong coffee, you’ll enjoy our guide on the best Robusta coffee brands.

5. Delta

Delta is one of Portugal’s favorite coffee brands. The brand was founded by Rui Naberio in 1961, so with more than 50 years in the business, they’ve clearly perfected the art.

Delta coffee can be found in countless coffee shops and restaurants in Portugal, but you can also brew it at home. This java is smooth with a heavenly aroma. Unlike other brands, those who dislike the aftertaste many brews leave behind and those with sensitives tummies rave about Delta.

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6. Caffe Tuscani

Like other Portuguese coffee brands, Caffè Tuscani’s java is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans. With a 40% and 60% split, respectively, this coffee packs quite the punch in terms of caffeine.

Although Robusta coffee is known for its bitter, earthy taste, the brand’s standard medium roast is surprisingly light and delicate. It makes a refreshing espresso. 

7. NewCoffee 

NewCoffee is a Portuguese company offering pure Robusta coffee for those who prefer stronger flavors. NewCoffee manages several coffee companies.

Since this “Strong Coffee” offering is considered a generic product, it is much more affordable than some of the other Portuguese coffee brands on this list. Don’t let that put you off; it is highly rated in terms of freshness and flavor. It is ideal for those on a budget who don’t want to say goodbye to their morning pick-me-up.

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8. A Taste Of Portugal

A Taste Of Portugal has been sharing the very best of Portuguese food and drinks since 1972, including coffee. The brand’s java is highly rated as it’s carefully roasted in small batches.

Its Rossio blend is a rich medium roast with chocolatey undertones and little to no bitterness. This brew is a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee to create the perfect balance of taste and strength. It makes an earthy espresso shot with a heavenly layer of crema.

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