Best Coffee For DeLonghi Espresso Machine: 4 Top Choices

Looking for the best coffee for DeLonghi espresso machine? We’ve sifted through the choices, so you don’t have to!

Best coffee for Delonghi espresso machine
Read on and choose the best coffee for your DeLonghi espresso machine

While everyone’s taste is different, some coffee is more suited to a DeLonghi espresso machine and espresso-making in general. 

Best Coffee For DeLonghi Espresso Machine

No matter how good your machine is or how good you are at making it, the beans are what really matter. No amount of skill or professional equipment can make up for the wrong coffee. Here are some options for a DeLonghi Dedica Style Pump Espresso Coffee Machine:

Whole Beans

Do espresso shots die
It’s best to use whole beans

DeLonghi recommends fresh beans for their espresso machines. It’s best to use whole beans and grind them just before making an espresso. You can use pre-ground beans, but fresh beans are preferred when it comes to flavor and aroma.

It’s much easier to control the grind size of the beans if you do it yourself. Finely ground beans are the best for a DeLonghi espresso machine. Sometimes pre-ground beans are not the best consistency for particular drinks.

Fresh Beans

How fresh the beans are doesn’t just refer to when they were ground, but when they were roasted. Freshly roasted coffee beans are the best choice for a DeLonghi espresso machine.

Crema is the creamy top layer of the espresso created as the hot water meets the coffee, releasing carbon dioxide microbubbles. It adds a lighter flavor to the expresso once stirred in. The bubbles join with naturally occurring fats and oils to create this foam layer sitting on the surface of your espresso. 

The best beans for your DeLonghi espresso beans will have been roasted 7 to 21 days prior – and are then freshly ground right before use! As time goes by, more oxygen comes into contact with the coffee beans, impacting the coffee’s quality, including the crema layer.

Medium-dark roasts

A hand full of coffee beans
Most espresso blends are medium-dark

Medium and medium-dark roasts are very common in espresso beans. If you go to a store, you might notice that most espresso blends are medium or medium-dark.

There is a reason for this, as darker roasts make a more consistent and flavorsome espresso. Espresso made from light roasts tends to taste blander and flat.

Medium-dark roasts are somewhat oily but not as oily as dark roasts, which means that they are less likely to clog up your DeLonghi espresso machine. Many people prefer a medium-dark roast for a black expresso drink as it tastes lighter, opting for a dark roast if making an expresso to add to a milky drink.

While nothing stops you from making espresso with a light roast, generally, only experienced baristas will do so.

Dark roasts

One of the reasons dark roasts are recommended for the DeLonghi espresso machine is because the bean quality degradation is less. Of course, fresh beans are still preferred, but dark roasts do not change as much over time compared to a light roast. This means that a dark roast will give you a more consistent espresso day after day.

Another key component when it comes to brewing espresso is the health of your DeLonghi Espresso machine. Dark roasts and medium-dark roasts are often oily. This can build up and leave a sticky residue inside your machine.

If you’re brewing with dark roasts, be sure to check and clean your machine often so it does not build up and damage your equipment. Not only will this damage the machine, but the machine won’t be able to create high-quality espresso either if it’s clogged up with oil and dirt. If you liked this post, you might be interested in our guide on the best coffee for Jura machines.

FAQs Best Coffee for Delonghi Espresso Machine

Is DeLonghi a good brand for espresso machine?

DeLonghi makes sophisticated yet simple-to-use machines to bring the concept of convenience and versatility to your kitchen without compromising on quality. It offers a fully customizable espresso experience that does not stop at a shot of espresso.

What is the best DeLonghi espresso machine?

The best DeLonghi espresso machine is the DeLonghi EC680M. It offers high-quality espresso and is compact and affordable. It can also brew single or double shots.

Can you make regular coffee with a DeLonghi espresso machine?

No, an espresso machine from DeLonghi can’t be used to produce a standard cup of coffee. A dual-purpose machine that can be used for coffee and espresso is required. This is because preparing espresso involves a different procedure than making standard coffee.

Can I use vinegar to descale my DeLonghi espresso machine?

Utilizing vinegar or citric acid to descale your DeLonghi espresso machine may be a safer alternative than using a descaler available in stores. Since humans may consume leftovers of these potent cleaners, many are concerned about using them to eliminate any mineral buildup efficiently.

What coffee pods are compatible with DeLonghi espresso machine?

All the latest DeLonghi espresso machines are compatible with ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) coffee pods, often known as cialdas or monodoses. It provides the convenience and purity of single-serve capsules with process control similar to the conventional method of using ground coffee.


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