Ground Coffee vs Whole Coffee Beans: 3 Reasons Why Whole Coffee Beans Are Better

Ground coffee vs whole coffee beans is a common debate. Whole beans are often favored. Let’s explore why.

Ground coffee vs Whole coffee beans
Ground coffee vs. Whole coffee beans

Coffee drinkers normally fall into one of two categories — those who buy pre-ground coffee for the sake of convenience and those who buy whole coffee beans.

But which one is better? The quick answer is whole coffee beans because;

But why do people buy ground coffee, and why should they avoid it? Let’s find out!

What Is Ground Coffee And Why Should I Avoid It?

The problem with pre-ground coffee is that it’s stale. All pre-ground coffee is expired, and buying ground coffee is like buying week-old brownies.

Yeah, it’ll have a little bit of flavor, but it isn’t at its freshest and likely tastes stale. Every second after brewing, coffee beans will release carbon dioxide gas, and grinding your coffee beans immediately exposes them to oxygen which causes carbon dioxide to release faster than normal.

And if you wait too long after grinding to make your cup of joe, it’ll taste dull, stale, and flat.

That’s why I say that all pre-ground coffee is expired. It’s been ground weeks ago and sitting on the shelf of your local grocery store for a few more weeks, or even months.

Imagine how much carbon dioxide has been released due to months of contact with oxygen. 

What Are Whole Coffee Beans And Why Should I Buy Them?

ground coffee vs whole coffee beans
Which is better, ground coffee or coffee beans?

People don’t buy coffee beans because it’s “inconvenient” and don’t always have a grinder to grind their beans.

Firstly, grinding coffee beans takes seconds. Everyone has 20 seconds to spare to drink fresh coffee. And the process of grinding coffee beans is an art, not a chore.

You can get a grinder for 30 bucks, and you’re good to go. You’ll never have to drink old coffee again for the rest of your life.

The alternative is you save 30 bucks but prepare to sacrifice your coffee-drinking experience. Now that we know why you should never buy pre-ground coffee, let’s cover 3 reasons why whole-bean coffee is better.

1. Whole Coffee Beans Are Fresher

When you buy whole coffee beans, you’re ensuring that every cup you drink is as fresh as possible, and this allows you to taste all the flavor notes.

Think of grinding coffee like making muffins. The best time to eat it is when it comes out of the oven. Every hour after that and your muffins lose flavor.

2. You Can Grind Whole Coffee Beans To Any Consistency

Each method of brewing requires a different grind size. For example, you can’t use the same grind size for a French press and an espresso.

This is the problem with pre-ground coffee. You’re relying on the grind size of the manufacturer, instead of customizing it to fit your brewing method.

3. You Get To Enjoy The Process Of Grinding Beans

Anyone who says grinding coffee beans is a chore has never ground up coffee beans. Grinding coffee beans in a food processor or otherwise is fun, and when I wake up in the morning looking for a caffeine fix, I look forward to grinding my beans.

The smell it gives off is also to die for. Now we know that coffee beans give off carbon dioxide after brewing, and this causes coffee to lose its flavor.

But how do I store my coffee beans without them releasing too much carbon dioxide?

How To Store Coffee Beans Without Them Getting Stale

Firstly, never store your beans in the bag you bought them in unless it’s a ziplock bag. Anything else will allow too much oxygen to come in contact with your coffee beans which corrodes its taste.

By far, the best way of storing your coffee beans is in a coffee vac. You can pick it up on Amazon for a couple of bucks, and it’ll keep your coffee fresh for months.

A coffee vac pushes out any oxygen, which creates a vacuum of nothingness. The next best thing is a mason jar with a proper seal.

It might not push out any oxygen, but it’ll prevent oxygen from entering, giving your beans a few more weeks of freshness.

Ground Coffee vs Whole Coffee Beans: Which One is The Winner?

The clear winner is whole coffee beans. There’s no reason to buy pre-ground coffee. Simply invest in a coffee bean grinder and never drink old coffee again.


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