8 Best Bubble Tea Flavor Combinations

Bubble tea is everywhere, so we compiled the best bubble tea flavor combinations for you to try!

 Best Bubble Tea Flavor Combinations
Bubble tea is traditionally made with green or black tea sweetened with many add-ins

Bubble tea shops are popping (pun intended) up everywhere with millions of flavor combos, but what is bubble tea? Bubble tea, or boba tea, is traditionally made with green or black tea, sweetened with different syrups and some kind of add-ins or “toppings.” Add-in options vary from traditional brown sugar tapioca or juice pearls to minced fruits and flavored jellies. 

There are so many different ways to enjoy bubble tea, so how do you choose which flavor to go with? Keep reading to learn about the best bubble tea flavor combinations, from classic to cutting edge!

1. Black Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls

Back milk tea with brown sugar tapioca pearls in a wooden table
You can have your bubble tea sweeten to your liking with this classic bubble tea option

This is the classic bubble tea option, and it’s a great place to start if you’re new to bubble tea. The person making your tea can sweeten the tea to your liking, and they steep the tapioca pearls in a brown sugar or muscovado sugar syrup. Together, they make a rich, sweet, and creamy caffeinated tea that’s great hot or cold!

Pro tip: If you don’t like the texture of mochi, tapioca pearls are probably not for you. They are very chewy, which not everyone enjoys.

2. Taro Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls

Taro milk tea is a fun twist on the classic, featuring nutty taro flavors with a jasmine tea base. Taro is a root vegetable that’s white and purple inside, with a natural sweetness. The tea made from taro and jasmine tea is light and slightly sweet, with a soft purple color, and it pairs beautifully with the classic brown sugar tapioca pearls. This drink is somewhat caffeinated, but not nearly as much as black tea or coffee. You can enjoy it hot or cold!

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3. Strawberry Tea With Kiwi Popping Bobas

Strawberry and kiwi are a refreshing flavor combination, and they make a fantastic choice for a summery bubble tea! 

This chilled tea can be made with or without milk and is often made with either green or herbal tea as its base. Strawberry syrup or powder adds sweetness to the tea and a vibrant pink or red color, which contrasts beautifully with the green of the kiwi juice bubbles. The most exciting part is when the kiwi bobas burst in your mouth as you drink!

4. Matcha Tea With Strawberry Pieces

Matcha has a deep earthy, nutty, and savory taste. It’s naturally somewhat creamy and smooth, unlike other green teas, and it rounds out beautifully with a bit of sugar or honey to sweeten it. The strawberries add a vibrant natural sweetness that pairs beautifully with matcha’s “green” flavor and makes it deep, rich, and refreshing. Add milk of your choice to make this drink even more decadent and creamier!

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5. Black Milk Tea With Coffee Jellies

If you’re looking for an exciting replacement for an iced latte, this is the drink for you! This chilled black tea offers almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, and with milk, it has a creamy richness that’s great sweetened or unsweetened. The coffee jellies add a fun texture with the familiar taste of sweetened coffee. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding brown sugar tapioca pearls for an extra layer of texture and flavor.

6. Lemonade Slush With Pomegranate (or Strawberry) Popping Bobas

This refreshing summer option is a lemon and green tea drink blended with ice, making it a delicious twist on lemonade. The pomegranate popping bobas add a fun burst of tartness with a sweet finish that may remind you of cranberry sauce. 

Swap the pomegranate popping bobas out for strawberry flavor if you don’t like tart fruits. Strawberry bobas make a luxurious, sweet treat like your favorite strawberry lemonade with a deeper flavor. Fresh strawberry pieces add even more flavor and texture to an already delicious and refreshing drink.

7. Raspberry Fruit Tea With Mango Popping Bobas

Green tea and raspberry syrup give this tea a vibrant red coloring (or a lovely pink if you get it with milk or blended), a small caffeine kick, and a smooth, somewhat sweet flavor for an energizing drink experience. Mango popping bobas bring a tropical twist for those moments when you’re craving an island getaway. You can also add or substitute mango jellies for more texture without changing the flavor.

8. Taro Milk Tea With Taro Chunks or Jellies

Two taro milk tea on a table
Taro milk tea has a beautiful purple coloring made by a pastel of the milk

If you love the nutty sweetness of natural taro, you need to try this drink! Taro green tea has a beautiful purple coloring that’s made pastel by the milk. When you pair this delicious tea with chunks of taro or taro jellies, the flavor becomes intense, sweet, and vibrant. The taro chunks are a nice alternative to a more traditional boba experience.

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FAQs About The Best Bubble tea Flavor Combinations

How bad is bubble tea for you?

Many bubble teas have a high sugar content, which is associated with serious health issues including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer. Young children that drink it have increased body fat levels as well.

Is it OK to drink bubble tea everyday?

Excessive consumption of bubble tea should be avoided due to the high sugar content. In addition, your body can become dehydrated and even constipated. Moreover, it might destroy your teeth, resulting in erosion, cavities, and sensitive teeth, as well as raising your chance of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What is the most unhealthy bubble tea?

In general, the brown sugar milk tea with pearls has the most sugar, with 18.5 teaspoons, making it the unhealthiest bubble tea. A reminder that the recommended level of sugar for adults is 8 to 11 teaspoons, compared to 5 teaspoons for children and teenagers.

What is the healthiest bubble tea?

Matcha bubble tea is the healthiest type of the beverage because it is more nutrient-dense than zero-calorie bubble tea. You can order that without sugar and your choice of fresh organic milk, or, if you prefer to avoid dairy, you can have almond milk.



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