What Is The Best Bubble Tea Flavor? How Do I Choose?

With so many options available, how do you know what is the best bubble tea flavor? Read the article below to discover our pick!

What is the best bubble tea flavor?
Bubble tea is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan

Bubble tea is delicious.  It is also super fun to drink! If you have never tried it before, though, the menu can be overwhelming. You may also be wondering what exactly bubble tea is, and you would not be the first to ask that question.

During the 1980s in Taiwan, a new drink was born.  One origin story says that a tea shop owner added tapioca to his tea. 

The combination of sweetened tea, creamy milk, and tapioca won the hearts of his customers.  From there, the love of bubble tea started spreading.

It goes by many names, including boba and bubble tea. Contrary to what many think, the name bubble tea does not come from tapioca pearls.

After all the ingredients get added, the drink gets shaken vigorously. Tiny bubbles form at the top of the cup.  These bubbles are where the name bubble tea comes from.  

Growing in popularity across the globe, it has found a home in the United States as well. You can find bubble tea shops in most cities.

Additionally, some local tea shops have started selling bubble tea. So if you have been meaning to try it, there is likely a shop close to you that can help!

One of the unique selling points of bubble tea (outside of the tapioca pearls) is the sheer number of drink options. You can find just about anything under the sun.

So how do you start? With the best is a good place. How do you know what the best is? 

Simply put, the best bubble tea flavor is also the most basic. The original black milk tea hands-down win out.

What Is The Best Bubble Tea Flavor?

Black bubble tea is the original drink

Black bubble tea takes the crown as the ‘best’ for a few reasons. 

First, it is the original. We are talking about a drink that came out of nowhere and became so popular it spread across the globe.  For a tea-based drink to capture the hearts and minds of people across the world, it must be something special.  

Also, talk about a classic flavor profile. Sweetened black tea, combined with creamy milk and sweet black tapioca pearls. Subtle, yet satisfying. It is the perfect combination.

Now, if you want to stay true to the original, you go with the creamiest milk options. Super creamy milk is what gives you a yummy and decadent original. But, of course, not everyone is a fan of creamy milk.

And others choose to avoid dairy-based drinks.  Not to worry, you can switch up the milk to your taste and preference without compromising the essence of the black bubble tea.

What If I Am Not A Fan Of Black Tea?

How much caffeine is in white tea?
White tea has less caffeine than black tea

Most bubble tea shops have other tea options available to you, such as white, oolong, or green. Green will be the obvious choice if you are avoiding caffeine at all.  That said, white tea has a much lower caffeine level than black tea. 

Changing the tea base means you will have a different finished product from the classic black tea. But this is not a bad thing. 

You still end up with a delicious and baseline bubble tea to enjoy. So, let your tea preferences lead you! You might also enjoy our guide on coffee jelly dessert.

What If I Prefer More Adventurous Flavors?

The beauty of bubble tea is that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Options will vary by location, but there are some core menu items. Some milk tea flavors include chocolate, almond, coconut, honeydew, ginger, taro, and lavender.  


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