The Zyliss Milk Frother vs Aerolatte: Which One Makes the Best Froth?

If you’re currently wondering which to choose when it comes to the Zyliss Milk Frother Vs Aerolatte, the answer is “It depends.” Read more to find out why.

Zyliss Milk Frother Vs Aerolatte
You should buy the best milk frother especially if you are planning to make your own milk-based drinks

If you’re into creamy and frothy coffee beverages, you’ve probably bought or considered buying a milk frother so that you can make your own milk-based drinks at home. When it comes to milk frothers, you have two main choices: an electric and a handheld frother. While the former offers multiple functions and sometimes also heat control, the latter is cheap and portable. Since I’m looking for an effective yet affordable handheld frother, I looked into the Zyliss milk frother vs. Aerolatte this week. So, which is better? Well, it depends! While the Zyliss milk frother will cost you about half of the price of the Aerolatte, the latter is easier to use and provides a creamier and denser foam.

A Brief Overview of the Zyliss Milk Frother vs Aerolatte

The Zyliss brand offers a range of kitchen tools and gadgets, such as graters, can openers, and spatulas. The company’s milk frother is light in weight and nice to look at. At the touch of a button, it will provide you with decent foam for your cappuccinos and lattes within 30 seconds.

Known as the “original steam-free milk frother,” the Aerolatte has a reputation for being a quality milk frother that provides a lot of value for money. You can choose from a range of available Aerolattes, including ones with a Polished Chrome or a Satin finish. A Union Jack Aerolatte with a To-Go case is also offered. The original Aerolatte, which is available in multiple colors, comes standard with a stand.

What Do the Zyliss Milk Frother and Aerolatte Have In Common?

Milk frothed poured in a cup of coffee
Both milk frothers require just the flick of a button to operate

Both the Zyliss and Aerolatte milk frothers are handheld, battery-operated devices. Both require just the flick of a button to operate and are super-portable because of their compact sizes. The bodies of both frothers are made from plastic, while the stems and steel whisks are constructed from stainless steel. Also, both of these handheld frothers provide creamy foam in about 30 seconds.

Zyliss Milk Frother vs. Aerolatte: The Differences

             Zyliss Milk Frother                        Aerolatte
No stand is provided with the Zyliss milk frother. The Aerolatte comes with a stand.
The Zyliss comes sans a travel case. This frother is available with a case, which makes it easy to take it with you when you travel.
It costs half of the price of an Aerolatte. The Aerolatte offers good value for money.
The Zyliss milk frother produces foam with bigger bubbles. The Aerolatte produces creamy foam with small bubbles.

Positives About Both Frothers

Zyliss milk frothers are super-affordable milk frothers that provide decent foam within 30 seconds. They are lightweight and portable, which means you can easily stash them away in a drawer after usage. The Aerolatte, however, provides a creamier and denser foam — also within about 30 seconds. As opposed to the Zyliss, which vibrates quite a bit, the Aerolatte makes for an effortless and composed frothing process.

Which Milk Frother Is Best for You? 

a man frothing milk inside a cup of glass
If you are fond of having bigger bubbles, then go for the Zyliss milk frother

If you like foam with bigger bubbles, go for the Zyliss milk frother. This frother is also a good option for those who have a tight budget. The Aerolatte, on the other hand, is a suitable choice for coffee drinkers who are a bit picky about their foam. The silky froth that the Aerolatte provides should satisfy even discerning coffee aficionados. If you enjoyed this post check out our milk frother vs hand blender guide.


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