9 Top Ideas for Hanging Coffee Mugs

Are you looking for the top ideas for hanging coffee mugs? If so, take a look at the list below, and see if they can help you get more out of your coffee mugs!

Ideas For Hanging Coffee Mugs
Hanging your coffee mugs hanging creates more space for your house

Many people need coffee to wake up in the morning and enjoy using their favorite coffee mug. You might even own several. I have coffee mugs for each of my favorite movies! Unfortunately, coffee mugs worth money can be bulky. Unlike regular cups, you can’t stack them easily. Fortunately, you can hang them up, creating more space! What are some of the top ideas for hanging coffee mugs?

1. Go With a Wall Rack on the Back of a Door

If you want to save a lot of space, you may want to hang a wall rack on the back of one of your doors. A convenient place is a pantry. Then, add a few hooks to the rack to create a slot for each individual coffee mug. You might even be able to free up an entire cabinet you can use to store additional kitchen supplies!

2. Work the Mugs Into the Decor

Do you have a lot of decorations in the kitchen? Perhaps you have a wooden sign that says, “Welcome To Our Home,” or something similar. This is a great place for you to hang your coffee mugs! All you have to do is add a few hooks to the side of that decorative item! Then, you have the perfect place to hang your coffee mugs.

3. Create a House for Your Coffee Mugs

Another idea you may want to consider is to create a house for all of your coffee mugs! This doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a regular shelf with a bunch of cubbies for each unique coffee mug. Then, create a slanted roof for the top of the shelving! If the roof is tall, you might be able to fit a few extra coffee mugs in there! You can always spruce it up by placing a few plants in any empty slots you might have!

4. Create a Coffee Mug Frame

Another option is to create a beautiful frame for your coffee mugs. You may want to add a piece of decor to the kitchen that expresses your love of coffee. For example, you may find something that explains exactly how to brew coffee from scratch. Then, add hooks around the outside of this piece of artwork. This is the perfect display area for your coffee mugs!

5. The Bottom of the Island

If you have an island in your kitchen, this is the ideal place for you to hang your coffee mugs. There might already be hooked on the bottom of the island you can use! If there aren’t any hooks, you should be able to add them relatively easily. Then, you know exactly where your coffee mugs are when you start brewing coffee in the morning.

6. Hang the Mugs from the Bottom of a Cabinet

two coffee mugs hanging on a cabinet
You can greatly save a lot of space in your kitchen if you hang your mugs from the bottom of your cabinet

Another great way you can save space in your kitchen is to hang the mugs from the bottom of the cabinet. Take a look at the space you have between the bottom of the cabinet and the top of the counter. Do you think you have space to dangle coffee mugs underneath the cabinet? If so, add a few hooks, and create a new way to store your coffee mugs!

7. Consider a Lazy Susan

If you really want to get creative with your coffee mugs, you may want to put a Lazy Susan in the kitchen! This might even fit on a countertop! A Lazy Susan is a device that spins in place. All you need to do is attach a few hooks to the size of the Lazy Susan! Then, you have the perfect place to hang your coffee mugs! You can even put a few extra logs on top of the Lazy Susan!

8. Hang the Coffee Mugs with the Plants

hanging coffee mugs, a plant, and a coffee maker
If you happened to have pots holding your plants in your house, then it is the perfect place also to put your mugs as well

There are a lot of people who love to hang up plants in the kitchen. If you have pots holding your plants, this is the perfect place to put your coffee mugs as well. All you need to do is add a few hooks to your dangling plants, and you have the perfect place to put your coffee mugs.

9. Target the Underside of a Shelf

Finally, take a look at a few shelves you have in your kitchen. Do you have any floating shelves? You may use them to stack plates, appliances, or even decorations. You may be able to attach a few hooks to the bottom of your floating shelves. Then, you can store your coffee mugs there, with the best coffee mug warmer!

Try one of these ideas with the mugs in your collection, even if they’re old. Don’t worry, scratched coffee mugs are still safe.


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