Milk Frother vs Hand Blender: What’s Best?

In this article, we compare a milk frother vs hand blender so you can pick the best one.

milk frother vs hand blender
Milk frother vs. Hand blender

Do you want to froth milk but are not sure which device to use? Milk frother and hand blenders are more or less the same and can get the job done. There are, however, some differences and similarities worth noting.

Milk Frothers Vs Hand Blender

A milk frother is a kitchen appliance used in frothing milk. There are three types of milk frothers, including manual frothers, electric, and automatic. Manual frother contains a perforated mesh plunger which is manually moved up and down to froth milk.

A handheld blender is a portable battery-powered whisk that injects air into the milk to form foam. It’s similar to an immersion blender, except you hold it rather than pour liquid into it. Learn more

In most cases, the device is used to puree soap, beat eggs, make milkshakes and smoothies, blend pancake batter, make whipped cream, make pesto sauce, and blend hummus.

Comparisons Between A Milk Frother And Hand Blender

A white electric hand mixer laid on top of a wooden table.
A hand blender is mainly used for blending food, smoothies, soups, and juices

While milk frother is primarily used for frothing milk, a hand blender is mainly used for blending food, smoothies, soups, and juices. Some people may use a hand blender to froth milk, but it is not designed for that kind of work. You can use a hand blender to froth the milk, but it would be impracticable to use a milk frother to blend.

Comparisons In the Way They Work 

A hand blender is handheld and is shaped like a long stick or wand with blades at the lower part. To blend a drink, soup, or any other liquid, you turn it on so that the blade can start to turn. The blades break up the chunks or pieces in the liquid.

One can increase the speed at which hand blender’s blades spin, which breaks up more significant bits of food. It functions as an electric mixer or whisk. It is designed to be plunged inside the food or a liquid to emulsify or puree the contents.

When using a hand blender, you have to plug it into power. Milk frothers do not operate like this as they are mainly battery-powered, which gives you flexibility. When you want to make a milk froth using a hand blender, you have to steam it by first warming it in a microwave.

Milk Frothers add air into the milk, thus making it expand. The device works very fast, and the froth forms in a matter of seconds. Some frothers are even designed to regulate temperatures which means that one does not need to preheat the milk.

Different types of milk frothers may have slight differences in the way they function. For example, steam wand frother adds hot steam into the liquid. Its metal wands produce highly pressurized steam at high speeds. As a result, it produces rapid foam.

A manual milk frother adds air into the milk or other liquids using a hand pump. A fine mesh screen is attached to a hand plunger. As you pump, the plunger air is made to flow through the mesh into the milk.

Milk Frother vs Hand Blender: What’s Best?

A milk frother and a milk in a clear glass cup.
A milk frother is far better than a hand blender because it foams milk more easily

If you want to frothed milk, a milk frother is far better than a hand blender. A milk frother foams milk more easily. A frothing wand would even produce more satisfactory results. A hand blender cannot create a hot temperature that would otherwise make the milk produce better foam.

You can use a hand blender if you don’t want to make a perfect latte or cappuccino. If you want excellent results and all you have is a hand blender, you can warm the milk a bit to boost the results. 

Whereas heating the milk will significantly improve the results, a milk frother will deliver far better results in the grand scheme of things.

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