14 Reasons Why You Should Use A Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Are you looking for the best brewing method where you can have more control of your brew? Here are some reasons why you should use a pour-over coffee maker.

Why You Should Use A Pour-Over Coffee Maker
Coffee lovers learn to adopt the pour-over brew method

Around 75% of adults report drinking coffee, and 49% do so daily. The most common way to make coffee is with an electric coffee maker, but other techniques are increasing in popularity. 

Although pour-over has been around for a while, the third wave of coffee made it popular again. Coffee lovers have been resorting to the pour-over brew method because of its diverse brewing procedure and adequate extraction capacity.

Many coffee lovers find it challenging to balance their preferences because of various brewing methods and procedures. To assist you with this matter, we have listed why you should use a pour-over coffee maker. 

1. It Has More Control And Consistency 

With the pour-over method, the user has complete control over the procedure, and each variable significantly affects the resulting coffee’s flavor and texture.

Like the drip method, the pour-over process involves soaking coffee grounds in water and collecting the liquid as it flows through a filter. However, the fact that you have no control over how the machine makes the coffee is one of the most significant issues with the drip method.

The pour-over method gives you control over the water’s temperature, how quickly it gets to the coffee grounds, how long it brews, and how much it produces. Pour-over brewing is very hands-on and demands that you have complete control and accuracy over the brewing process. The advantage of full control is that you can reliably make yourself a perfect cup of coffee.

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2. It Has A More Flavorful Cup Of Brew

Pour-over coffee brewing can produce significantly more flavorful, rich, and balanced coffee than standard auto-drip pots. Pour-over coffee has ripe flavors, a pleasant texture, and intense aromas.

The brewer’s mechanics are at the heart of the difference in coffee quality. Pour-over cones have a very straightforward design, making it very simple to control all the essential variables.

pour-over coffee maker dripping coffee
Pour-over coffee has more flavor and intense aroma

Many coffee lovers, especially those who want black coffee, prefer the pour-over method because they believe it produces a more flavorful cup. It takes longer to brew; thus, the flavor extraction is more delicate. 

Pour-over coffee is becoming increasingly popular all around the world for a reason. Nowadays, most coffee shops provide at least one pour-over option, but many have lengthy lists of choices. Instead of automatically brewing mediocre coffee and only somewhat enjoying it, you can create a great cup by hand and truly enjoy it.

3. It Has Better Extraction 

When using a pour-over coffee maker, you can adjust the brewing procedure. By changing the size of the grind, water temperature, and brewing rate, you can bring out the various taste profiles and subtle notes in the coffee, producing a richer and more fulfilling taste.

Stirring the mixture before all of the water soaks through in the pour-over coffee method provides a potent extraction. 

4. It Is More Durable

As long as you take care of them, a pour-over coffee maker should last a lifetime because it is often composed of stainless steel, glass, or ceramic. Although coffee can eventually stain certain materials, they should continue functioning just as well as the day you purchased them. 

Electric coffee makers often only last a few years before you need another, especially if you get a lower-quality one. There is a greater chance that something could go wrong internally. The heating element, the water tube, and the electrical circuit have potential failures.

Additionally, since most models are made of plastic, pieces will likely come loose over time. Pour-over is the best option if you want to buy just one coffee machine for the rest of your life.

5. It Is Easy To Clean

Coffee can leave stains on your equipment.

Most pour-over coffee makers are constructed of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel, so routine cleaning is required to prevent stains and buildup. Additionally, they are usually built from just one or two pieces of material, making it simple to clean every surface.

Meanwhile, electric coffee makers are challenging to clean and since the coffee and water pass through so many components, cleaning the machine requires complete disassembly.

Due to their widespread use in families, it is also challenging to keep them dry. Bacteria can thrive in this setting because of the persistent dampness. One study discovered yeast or mold in 50% of the coffee machine reservoirs they examined.

6. It’s Portable 

While drip coffee makers are an excellent fit for offices and kitchens, they are not portable. The drip machine is less portable due to its size and the fact that it requires power.

Pour-overs are a suitable choice for travel-friendly coffee makers; some of them are specially made for camping. Single-serve and even two-cup versions are small enough to carry in a backpack. You won’t have to worry about breakages if you choose plastic or metal.

using a pour-over coffee maker in campsite
Pour-overs are suitable for camping

7. It Is Customizable Based On Your Taste

As a pour-over coffee maker is entirely manual, you have total control over nearly every step of the process.

You can let the water infuse the grounds for longer to get a richer flavor. To adjust the ratio, add more water or take out some coffee beans.

Start with boiling water if you prefer a significantly hotter cup of coffee. Each cup is unique since you can change every step to suit your preferences.

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8. It Is Meditative

The sense of peace you get when making the coffee can make the day feel more bearable. Giving something so much attention settles you. Once you’ve had some alone time, the stressful day ahead just doesn’t seem as awful.

Pour-over brewing demands mindfulness, producing fantastic coffee, and a peaceful time.

As the anxiety disappears, you will begin to appreciate the beauty of the coffee you are brewing. You will grow to value each drink more and more. You’ll be open to gratitude in ways that previously seemed blocked.

You will also notice that you are becoming more and more appreciative of other aspects of your life. 

9. It Has Minimal Investment To Get Started

The pour-over coffee maker also demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a fortune on unique technology to create a great cup.

Using only a filter and a container can produce pure magic, but only if the coffee you invest in is of good enough quality and you complete the task correctly.

Pour-over coffee makers are inexpensive and remain a reasonably priced choice even after considering the additional accessories.

10. It Requires Little Maintenance

The taste of coffee is impacted by coffee machine maintenance. It will ultimately deteriorate if you don’t keep the machine clean.

However, regularly cleaning the machine with a solution of hot water and vinegar is a concern as it can accumulate damage. You can skip this maintenance step if you use the pour-over coffee method – but this doesn’t mean you should never clean it.

11. It Is Extremely Practical

This particular method of making coffee is convenient. You don’t need many accessories, and nothing needs to be plugged in to make it work.

In principle, you can make pour-over coffee any time and anywhere.

Barista brewing coffee using pour over coffee maker
Making coffee is convenient

12. It Is Good For Small Batches

Pour-over cones let you brew just one cup of coffee instead of the two to three cups most coffee pots require. As a result, clients receive fresh coffee brewed moments ago.

Specialty coffees are best made for one or two people using pour-over coffee makers. You can avoid wasting a full pot this way. When you have guests, you may even accommodate their varying coffee preferences.

Pour-over coffees are suitable for people interested in hand brewing and who want to learn more about the coffee-making process, despite needing more time and patience. It is the ideal option for experienced manual brewers to experiment with various beans, origins, and roasts.

13. It Does Not Require Any Skills 

One of the best options for people with little to no prior knowledge is pour-over.

Since only you, the filter, the coffee, and the water are required for the procedure, there is no need for a detailed instruction manual compared to using a coffee machine.

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14. It Is Consistent

There are so many ways to brew pour-over coffee, which is wonderful. A perfect cup of pour-over coffee is always repeatable if you use the same ingredients and water temperature each time. 

With the pour-over coffee method, you will never have to be concerned about how your coffee will turn out. We recommend you use the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter.

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