9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Siphon Coffee

If you are thinking of trying out a unique type of coffee, then you should try siphon coffee! Here are some reasons why you should choose siphon coffee.

Why You Should Choose Siphon Coffee
Siphon coffee is known for being the world’s finest coffee

Siphon coffee, also known as vacuum coffee, is known for being the world’s finest coffee. Siphon coffee is highly intricate and immersive, unlike other coffee brewing methods.

The siphon method is an advanced coffee brewing technique that uses French press coffee and drip-coffee brewing techniques. Moreover, the coffee siphon method uses fully immersive and low-pressure extraction during brewing. 

This type of coffee has a superior mouthfeel because the ground coffee experiences full immersion. This means the maximum flavor is extracted from the coffee beans

If you ask various coffee drinkers about siphon coffee, they will all agree that it is one of the best coffee experiences ever. With that in mind, we have made a list of reasons why you should choose siphon coffee.

1. It Produces The Best Tasting Coffee

Siphon-brewed coffee is believed to be one of the best-tasting coffees. 

The siphon system in the coffee maker extracts the coffee’s flavorful and aromatic compounds at a much lower temperature than other brewing methods that use boiling-hot water. Since siphon coffee tastes almost identical to French press-made coffee, it is known for its decadent, full-bodied flavor. However, unlike French Press coffee, it has a cleaner, delicate, and fascinating quality.

Some believe that siphon coffee is a little acidic, but compared to other types of coffee, siphon coffee’s acidity level is on the lower side. It contains more caffeine than drip-coffee, but less than other types. Boiling water often kills the flavor of the coffee beans, whereas, in siphon coffee, the brewing method uses water just a few degrees below the boiling point.

The coffee beans are placed at one side of the siphon, with water in the other side. Almost all the flavors from the coffee beans are extracted by the siphon coffee maker. Additionally, no trace of coffee grounds will be present in your coffee, giving you a delightful texture. 

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2. It Has An Intense Aroma

The coffee aroma of siphon coffee is more intense than regular coffee, and who doesn’t love smelling freshly brewed coffee? Siphon coffee has an enhanced aroma that you cannot find in other coffee.

Barista sniffs flavored coffee in syphon device
Its scent is more intense and has a charming flavor

This aroma comes from its brewing process. The scent gets trapped inside the bulb-shaped jar of the coffee maker — giving it a charming flavor and taste that other coffee brewing methods cannot replicate.

The aroma that comes with the great taste of siphon coffee will become a memorable experience that you will want to try again.

3. It Has A Different Brewing Process

The siphon method was invented back in the 1840s to prevent coffee lovers from boiling coffee beans. Coffee brewers saw that boiling coffee beans or grounds made the coffee taste burnt, bitter, and scorched.

Unlike standard coffee machines, the siphon coffee-making process is more hands-on and calculated. The siphon coffee brewing method involves mixing coffee with boiling water and rising from the flask through a process called siphonage to extract and filter the coffee.

There is also a Japanese method of brewing siphon coffee. This method uses a bamboo spatula to stir the coffee twice.

As siphon coffee making is considered one of the more sophisticated brewing methods. It is ideal for real coffee snobs who have the time, patience, and appreciation for the process. Properly brewing a delicious cup of coffee takes time and practice. It’s not for impatient individuals.

Even as someone with a lot of experience brewing coffee, it is still easy to mess up the process, ruining your cup of Joe. I’ve been making coffee using my siphon brewer for about five months now, but I still have experiences where I just turn away for a second, and the coffee still gets ruined.

4. It Has A Visually-Appealing Brewing Process

Siphon coffee is unique so this coffee-making method will entrance you every morning. This is a brewing process where art and science combine, making every moment of making the coffee enjoyable, unlike other methods where you simply press a button and wait.

Barista looking at the brewing process
Its brewing process where art and science combine

The siphon coffee maker’s design tells you a lot about what period it was invented. It looks as aesthetic as it is functional. 

5. It Is Easy To Adjust

You’re free to experiment when brewing siphon coffee until you find the perfect balance. Whether this means using more or less coffee, different grinds, or altering the water quantity. Half the fun of making coffee at home is the freedom to experiment.

Unlike coffee pods, you can use as much coffee as you want to change the strength. It’s also easy to brew several cups simultaneously, depending on the size of the siphon coffee maker.

Additionally, controlling the temperature is a big selling point for siphon coffee, but it isn’t easy to eyeball.

6. It Has A Consistent source of heat

Unlike other methods, with siphon coffee brewing, the beans are continuously exposed to heat. However, this heat is not directly aimed at the coffee beans. This also plays a role in the flavor while giving the brewer control.

Other methods, like the Turkish brewing method, also use continuous heat. With this brewing method, it’s easy to overcook the coffee as the heat is aimed right at coffee pot. Whereas, with French press coffee, the heat is lost immediately as the water is taken off the heat just before immersing the coffee beans.

7. It Can Be Used With Different Types Of Filters

There are three main kinds of filters you can use for siphon coffee; paper, cloth, and metal. Another choice is a unique glass filter.

  • Metal: A stainless steel filter will allow microscopic coffee grounds and aromatic coffee oils to enter the cup. This will give the coffee a robust flavor, a potent aroma, and a rich, heavy body.
  • Cloth: This quintessential filter cloth allows natural oils into your mug without the grounds seeping in. This gives your final cup a silky mouthfeel with an intense aroma.
  • Paper: Coffee run through paper filters has a smooth, clean, and crisp flavor.
  • Glass: The glass filter is manufactured with several small holes allowing the liquid through but not the grounds. The coffee is similar to metal filter coffee’ a heavy body with a strong flavor.

8. It Produces A Cleaner, Clearer Cup Of Coffee

The siphon method produces a cleaner cup of coffee compared to other slow coffee brewing methods like French Press and the pour-over method. The pour-over method brings out the brightness and acidity of coffee grinds, whereas the French press brings out the body and richness of the coffee. A siphon-made brew will be balanced and flavorful, showing off the coffee beans’ full natural flavor profile.

Because a siphon uses steam rather than boiling water in brewing, the coffee grounds reach a lower brew temperature. Plus, brewing with steam can release all of the coffee bean’s essential oils, resulting in a smoother, well-rounded cup of joe.

barista vacuum coffee maker
Siphon coffee uses steam in brewing

Remember that siphon coffee takes time to prepare. This embodies the slow coffee concept perfectly, but it is not the easiest method to use as your everyday coffee. 

9. It Can Be Easily Made At Home

Lastly, brewing siphon coffee is not as hard as many people assume as it looks intimidating. Like other methods, you add coffee, water, and heat.

The Yama Siphon can be used at home to remove the barriers to practicing this coffee-making method for the average person. No expertise is required in using this coffee maker. Simply add the coffee and water, flip a switch, and you’re done!

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