7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Hario V60 For Your Coffee

It’s becoming a popular coffee dripper of choice among coffee lovers. Read on to uncover the reasons why you should own a Hario V60 for your coffee.

Why You Should Own A Hario V60
Arguably, the Hario V60 is the next best thing when making pour-over coffee at home

Arguably, the Hario V60 is the next best thing when making pour-over coffee at home. With its simple yet exciting features, it’s no surprise that it cemented its place as one of the most favorite coffee drippers among coffee lovers and industry experts, alongside Chemex and Kalita.

A simple explainer won’t do it justice, so I have listed down seven reasons why you should own a Hario V60, especially if you love to experiment with their cup of Joe.

1. It Is Simple In Form Yet Intrinsic In Design

At first glance, you’ll notice its simple dimensions – V-shaped and generally angled at 60 degrees (hence the V60 in its name). This design lets the water flow uninterruptedly to the center and increases the contact time with the coffee grounds for optimal brewing.

The design evolved from the initial diagonal ribbing to a spiral one. This simple innovation enabled the paper filter inside to lift away from the device and permitted the coffee to ‘bloom’ or degas. This allows for a tastier and more robust flavor extracted from your coffee grounds. You might be find our guide on the best coffee for V60 helpful.

2. It Encourages You To Experiment With Your Brews

I believe the saying “experience is the best teacher,” and the Hario V60 embodies this. The common feedback this coffee dripper gets is how unsparing it is for first-time users as one slight modification in the brewing process will change the coffee’s flavor, and this is true! 

Even so, this is what’s great about the device as coffee lovers get to play with the brewing process to let them find out what flavor profile they prefer. By simply changing the size of the grind and the water’s flow and temperature, brewers get to be in charge of the extraction quality – flavor-wise and acidity level-wise. You get a different cup of Joe with every brew. 

It’s a degree of control that other coffee drippers simply can’t offer. You might also be interested in reading our Chemex and Aeropress guides to help you decide which device is perfect for you!

3. It Provides A Wide Variety Of Options

The only thing we have in common is our love for java. As for the look of our devices, we have our own preferences. I use a plastic Hario V60 as it is more durable, and I’m a bit clumsy (I broke too many glasses than I care to admit).

The coffee dripper comes in glass, metal, ceramic, and copper for potential users aiming for a classier look. In addition, they are also available in different colors and three different sizes – the 01 (small), the 02 (medium), and the 03 (large). A word of caution, the bigger the size, the more meticulous you should be in brewing, as it can also be a factor in the taste difference.

4. It Is Convenient And Eco-Friendly

Depending on the size and material, the V60 can be brought everywhere! Who doesn’t want an aromatic hot beverage on a camping trip in the woods? It is also effortless to clean, maintain, and store.

woman enjoying her coffee in the middle of camping
You can bring V60 anywhere even during your camping

Also noteworthy is that you can use most paper filters for V60 twice, which are biodegradable! The used coffee grounds can also be utilized in many ways. For instance, you can use it as compost for your garden!

5. It Is The Preferred Pour-Over By World Class Brewers

Six of the 10 World Brewers Cup champions used the Hario V60 to win the coveted award! The 2021 champion, Matt Winton from Switzerland, garnered 159.38 points after pioneering a blend of two different coffee species – coffea eugenioides and arabica – during the open service round using a metal V60.

6. It Is One Of The Most Affordable

For a quality coffee brewing device, the V60 won’t hurt you financially, compared to its competitors. It is also readily available in most grocery and online stores.

7. It Has An Interesting Origin Story

Founded in 1921 under the name Hiromu Shibata Works, this Japanese company was initially a heatproof laboratory glassware manufacturer before inaugurating a separate division called Hario, which means “King of Glass” in Japanese.

Cup of Dripping fresh hot coffee on the paper filter in cafe
Hario means “King of Glass” in Japanese

True to its name, Hario became one of the country’s trendsetters in glass production when they developed the coffee siphon in 1964, which then evolved into the V60, an affordable yet high-quality product we have come to love today!


  • Renz Lyndon Paguio

    His love for java originated from sidewalk vendors offering cheap 3-in-1 instant coffees poured in styrofoam cups. If he’s not in a studio or in an event venue, you’ll find RL crafting his own cold brew or sharing his experiences to fellow coffeephiles.