AeroPress vs. V60: What’s The Difference?

The AeroPress and V60 coffee makers are two of the most prominent brands. The following article will compare and contrast Aeropress vs. V60.

Aeropress vs. V60
AeroPress vs. V60

I love coffee. I could not imagine life without it.

If you are a fellow coffee lover, then you know the joys of a hot cup of brew in the morning, or at any other time of the day. Making your own coffee is as satisfying as grabbing a takeaway from your favorite café.

The coffee machine you use matters. It is important to know the various options available on the market.

The AeroPress and the V60 are two of the more popular brands. These two machines—in their individual ways—put the power of making good coffee into your hands.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Vs. What Is A V60 Coffee Maker: The Lowdown

This manual coffee maker was invented by Alan Adler. Adler was inspired to create the machine because he was fed up with devices that only allowed him to brew large pots of coffee. He wanted a device that would enable him to make a single cup of espresso-like coffee.

The AeroPress is composed of a cylindrical chamber and a plunger with a silicone seal. The way it works is that you put the coffee beans and water inside. You then force them through the filter by pressing the plunger through a chamber.

The name V60 was inspired by the shape of the device. The filter paper you insert is in a V-shape form. You must then pour the coffee grounds into the paper, and the brew drips in your cup.

The V60 is made by Hario. It was first introduced to the market in ceramic and glass. Nowadays, the machine is made of metal. The latest edition is the V60 Copper Coffee Dripper.

What The AeroPress And V60 Have In Common

The one thing that these two coffee makers have in common is that you get your coffee through a series of manual movements. The two machines are popular with coffee lovers the world over because they give them a great deal of control over the way they make their brew.

AeroPress Vs. V60: The Differences

There are differences between the two machines. They are as follows:

                    AeroPress                        V60
Uses air pressure to make coffee. Uses an immersion method to make coffee.
Has a few more components to it, including a plunger, cylindrical chamber, and air-tight silicone seal. It is a much simpler device. It consists of a funnel and a chamber. You add the filter paper, ground coffee, and boiled water.
Makes coffee with a full-bodied taste. Makes coffee with a light-bodied and more delicate taste.

What’s Better About The AeroPress?

Best coffee for your aeropress. A barista preparing coffee using an aeropress.
Aeropress is known for the clean taste of its coffee

The AeroPress coffee maker is known for the clean taste of its coffee, which owes to the paper filter that stops oil and sediment from dripping into the cup.  The AeroPress’s other advantage is the strength and concentration of its coffee. The full-bodied taste made by this machine is similar to that of espresso.

What’s Better About The V60?

Aeropress vs. V60
The V60 is easy to use

The V60 is known for its innovative brewing method. It is easy to use and allows the subtlest flavors to come through its brewing process. It is also a great platform to experiment with different mixtures and blends of coffee.

Who Should Get The AeroPress And Why?

If you are partial to coffee with a strong taste, then the AeroPress is for you. This device is for people who want punch in their coffee. It is also for those who are constantly on the go.

The process of brewing is fast and relatively mess-free. The AeroPress is also light and compact enough to take it with you to work or wherever else you may go during the day.

You should keep in mind that the AeroPress makes only a single cup of coffee, as its inventor intended. If you need to make coffee for a group, then you should look elsewhere.

Who Should Get The V60 And Why?

If you are a coffee drinker with a sensitive palate, if you like nuance and subtlety in your coffee, then the V60 is right for you. However, you should be warned: the V60 requires you to work for the taste you want to achieve.

The device is very sensitive to variations in the grind size and pouring style. If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with parameters, then you will like the V60.

One more word of warning about the V60. An overabundance of milk in the coffee can destroy the subtle tastes brought out by the device, so you should be cognizant of how much of the white stuff you pour into your cup.


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