What Kind Of Alcohol Is In Flying Embers? 

Are you wondering what kind of alcohol is in Flying Embers hard kombucha and what is its alcohol level? Here is everything you need to know about this popular brand.

fermented tea in glass bottles with sunlight - what kind of alcohol is in flying embers
Flying ember is a popular brand for Kombucha drinkers

Craving some booze, but your stomach doesn’t agree? Let Flying Embers take care of the business. If there is one thing with a strong reminiscence of beer, but full of live probiotics, zero sugar, and low in calories – that would be hard kombucha.

Flying Embers is one of my favorite kombucha brands. Organic, ethical, and responsible, Flying Embers has developed a range of innovative drinks in various flavors and recipes.

With sparkling fermented black tea kombucha culture as the base, Flying Embers uses Champagne yeast, ginger, turmeric, and ginseng throughout its recipe development. Its products range between 4.5% alcohol by volume core line and 7% ABV premium line.

What Is Flying Embers Made From?

Flying Embers hard kombucha is made by fermenting premium black tea leaves supported by carefully selected adaptogenic botanicals, champagne yeast, and SCOBY. Adaptogenic botanicals are ancient herbs and roots that have been used for centuries in China and Ayurvedic healing traditions. When consumed regularly, adaptogenic botanicals can be seen as stress relief and can help the body fight against pressure and anxiety.

When you drink too much beer, it will cause bloating. Hard kombucha is gluten-free, sugar-free, carb-free, and extremely low in calories. Its intense tart flavor may not be a blissful introduction to your palate when you first get to know it. 

Flying Embers can set itself apart from other heavyweights in the hard kombucha game because it creates a brighter, cleaner flavor profile that gives you a mouthful and refreshing drink. Since the SCOBY eats up all sugar coming from the first round of fermentation, the final product doesn’t contain any lingering sugar that is bad for your health.

Flying embers creates a brighter, cleaner flavor profile

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What Does Flying Embers Hard Kombucha Taste Like?

When you drink any of Flying Embers’ kombuchas, what you feel in your mouth is a crisp, refreshing, and elegantly sweet tasting profile.

There is a distinctive bubbly mouthful to hard kombucha with a strong reminiscence of vinegar. Unlike beer, wine, or soda, the fizziness is just enough to be recognized but not as strong as soda. There’s a syrupy thickness but not insanely sweet, either.

When blended with different fruits such as mango coconut, ginger, pineapple chili, or grapefruit thyme, your palate will welcome a bright and lively mashup of spices and fruity aromas. Flying Embers’s collection of flavors will have you spoiled. You can start with its traditional, unflavored kombucha before moving on to other original flavors to pick your favorite one.

Flying Embers Hard Kombucha Flavors

The team behind Flying Embers has introduced six different core flavors using ancient recipes with a modern twist of innovative science and organic ingredients. The entire process is curated to ensure the final products are healthy for regular consumption without sacrificing the natural deliciousness and no artificial additives or sugar get in the way.

Speaking of which flavor is the best option for beginners, I would say Ginger & Oak. This beautiful drink lends an earthy note with a subtle hint of ginger dancing in the mouth which is not too tart or spicy.

Then we have Ancient Berry. This one is a mashup of elderberry, goji, and raspberry, which are naturally better for fermentation as they allow a decent amount of probiotics. The best thing about Ancient Berry is a blissful balance of fruit and herb to inspire your palate.

Other than hard kombucha, Flying Embers also introduced Hard Seltzer with only 5% ABV, shelf-stable probiotics, and antioxidant vitamin C. If you’re new to the Hard Seltzer scene, try Sweet Heat. It’s easy to drink but super flavorful and easy on the stomach.

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What Is Flying Embers Sweetened With?

Despite the common misbelief, Flying Embers contains no sugar in its final products. It all starts with the second round of fermentation. During the first round, the SCOBY eats all of the sugar to ensure no sugar is left when champagne yeast is added to create the bubbly texture of the drink.

Flying Embers goes for organic cane sugar with spices for better flavor profile

Sugar is still added but only during the first round of the fermentation to kick start the process. But instead of refined sugar, Flying Embers goes for organic cane sugar to team up with other ethically sourced ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and ginseng to spice up the flavor profile of the black tea base.

Does Flying Embers Have Probiotics?

Flying Embers drinks have lots of probiotics. Live probiotics can help with weight loss, digestive health, immune function and reduce depression if consumed regularly.


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