How Much Is A Coffee Robot?

There’s always room for innovation when enjoying a great cup of Joe, and these robots might do the trick! Read on to find out how much is a coffee robot!

How Much Is A Coffee Robot
While we don’t have sentient robots (for now), droid companions are programmed to brew you a great cup of Joe

There is an interesting future waiting for coffee lovers. While we don’t have sentient robots (for now), droid companions are programmed to brew you a great cup of Joe. Don’t worry if you’re a coffee shop person; robots won’t replace your baristas just yet.

However, it would be wise to take advantage of these automatons, especially if you’re a budding coffeepreneur. It will cost you a significant amount of money, but if you’re like me, who embraces technology, it will be a worthy investment.

Available Coffee Robots 

a coffee robot holding a cup of coffee
These machines are programmed to mimic the usual motions of what they do to blend and brew your coffee of choice

Think of the coffee robot as an automated barista. These machines are programmed to mimic the usual motions of what they do to blend and brew your coffee of choice.

These are made to be highly efficient, minimizing serving time, brewing time, and spillage. For coffee shop owners, these can do wonders as the machine’s efficacy can translate to more income for their business.

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Briggo’s BaristaBot

Costa Coffee’s new affiliate released their coffee robot named the BaristaBot.

The robot itself is hidden behind the stall’s kiosk, which they call the Coffee Haus, and it serves Costa Coffee’s usual signature blends with the optional fresh milk and their gourmet syrups. Think of it as a highly-upgraded coffee vending machine that can customize your drink according to your preference.

The BaristaBot costs around $50,000 to make, so it’s your best bet to prepare upwards of about $100,000 to $150,000 sans the other operational expenses.

It’s a promising investment, though, as the machine can brew up to 100 cups in an hour and operate 24/7. This can be ideal if you aim to serve in high foot traffic spaces such as airports or subways. I love the integrated app that allows customers to personalize their order, pay through the platform, and pick it up at the nearest stall. 

Cafe X Robotic Coffee Bar

Cafe X comes to mind whenever you encounter the words ‘coffee technology.’ From the kiosk’s interior to its spectacular six-axis robotic arm, it can truly be considered the coffee shop of tomorrow. It features two espresso machines, dual milk systems, and powder hoppers, allowing it to serve exclusive drinks such as matcha or mocha blends. 

Like the BaristaBot, Cafe X can also receive orders through the app for convenience.

It totals about $225,000 for the standard package and an optional $5,000 for the modular shelf serving snacks and pastries. In addition, once the kiosk is installed and fully functioning, the company will charge a monthly $1,000 operational support fee to provide on-site or remote support.

This might be the best deal for you if you’re looking to tap consumers in a large office building setting.

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Rozum Cafe

You might have been overwhelmed with the selections I stated so far, but Rozum Cafe might be able to counteract that as they are one of the most affordable coffee robots.

The standard Rozum Cafe package is around $100,000, inclusive of the robot barista and other technical components. It might cost you more or less depending on some modifications. The company offers flexibility in terms of customization, meaning the new owner can adjust brewing specifications should they desire to change the menu or experiment with new blends.

The robot coffee maker is composed of technologies developed by Rozum Robotics and in partnership with prominent coffee machine manufacturers such as Nuova Simonelli and Markibar. It’s designed to create the usual hot drinks like espresso or cappuccino and cold drinks including iced lattes.

Payment terms might prove a challenge since, unlike its competitors, they don’t accept cash payments, and an app has yet to be integrated. Customers can only pay by a card or their phone.

Pros And Cons Of A Coffee Robot

a robot barista holding a coffee
A coffee robot’s efficacy can increase profit for your business.

A clear-cut advantage of what the coffee robot can boast is consistency. Since it’s programmed for repetitive movement, you can expect the same high-quality coffee with each serving. I’ve also mentioned how its efficacy can increase profit for your business.

When it comes to drawbacks, well, it’s robotic. They’re good at brewing but bad at socializing. 

The human element is still part of a coffee experience, something that only your barista can provide. On the bright side, baristas will now have more time to socialize with customers and focus on manual work like stocking and inventory.


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