Twisted Tea Vs. Beer: Which Is The Better Drink?

Twisted Tea vs. beer a clash between two alcoholic drinks, but which one is right for you? Read on, and we’ll help you make the best call. 

twisted tea vs. beer
Twisted Tea Vs. Beer

As someone who occasionally drinks beer, I have mixed opinions about this beverage. Because I have a sweet tooth, I’m not particularly fond of its bitter taste. But I’ll admit that having a cold can of beer after a long day out always makes me feel better. 

The many different flavored beers or beer-mixed drinks available solved my issues with the bitterness. One of these is the well-known beverage Twisted Tea. “Twea,” as its devotees refer to it, has been on the market for a long time, only getting more attention thanks to an online 2020 viral incident involving the product.

Because Twisted Tea and Beer contain ethanol, they can get you drunk, so we’ll guide you through the differences and similarities between the two.

What Are Twisted Tea And Beer?

In 2001, the Boston Beer Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, experimented night and day to reach their goal of inventing a new, refreshing iced tea. The company wanted to produce it in various flavors with an added twist, resulting in the hard tea named “Twisted Tea.” Because tea is the world’s most-consumed drink after water, it was not a surprise that many became excited to try a new version of iced tea with alcohol.

On the other hand, beer remains the top alcoholic drink for Americans. It’s a beverage produced by extracting, boiling, and fermenting raw ingredients with water passed on from ancient Mesopotamia.

While beer is globally famous, some countries make their local beer by following the traditional process. Some examples are Japan’s sake and Mexico’s pulque. 

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What Twisted Tea And Beer Have In Common

Other than how Twisted Tea and Beer are both favored by drinkers, these two beverages have other things in common.


Unless you are trying to make your own Twisted Tea at home, making Twisted Tea and beer is very similar.

According to its company, Twisted Tea is created through the traditional brewing procedure, like beer is. Brewing’s primary method includes malting, extracting, boiling with hops, and fermentation. Then, the beverage is now ready for packing. 

It’s also worth noting that both Twisted Tea and Beer still have gluten content, even if the levels may decrease through brewing. 


beer ingredients: barley near beer glass
Barley is a most common grain used that easily converts proteins and starches into sugars

Beer and Twisted Tea are manufactured with malt. It’s a dried cereal grain used in drinks and food to give flavor, aroma, and nutrients. It’s also needed for proper fermentation. 

Barley is the most common grain used because of its structure and enzymes that easily convert proteins and starches into sugars. These sugars are then extracted with water and fermented with yeast to result in an alcoholic malt-based beverage used for Twisted Tea.


Twisted Tea and beers use recyclable materials for their packaging and are available in cans and glass bottles. If you want a pack of six or more, they also have it.

Twisted Tea Vs. Beer: The Differences

Twisted TeaBeer
Twisted Tea is sweet, fruity, and less bitter, which many drinkers like.Beer has a bitter taste that some drinkers can’t tolerate.
Whether it’s in cans, bottles, boxes, or packs of six, Twisted Tea is generally more expensive.While there are expensive ones, the general price of beers is way cheaper than Twisted Tea.
An original Twisted Tea uses malting and real tea leaves for natural flavors.The main ingredients of beer are water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.
The brand has nine flavors: Original, Half & Half, Slightly Sweet, Blueberry, Light, Peach, Mango, Blackberry, and Raspberry.Some companies already manufacture flavored beers for those who don’t like the original taste of beer.
A can or bottle of Twisted Tea has a lower alcohol level (4%) than other alcoholic beverages.Beers generally have 4.5% to 5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) but can go up to 67.5% ABV.
It can be hard to order online.Readily available in all physical and online stores.

What’s Better About Twisted Tea? 

So, are Twisted Teas good? ABV refers to how much ethanol a beverage contains. In this regard, Twisted Tea Light, which has 4% ABV, is favorable for those who want to consume less alcohol.

Additionally, Twisted Tea is the caffeinated one of the two beverages. However, this is only true if the beer is traditionally brewed. Because of the natural tea leaves, a 12oz of Twisted Tea has 30mg of caffeine.

It’s not only a delicious, refreshing drink. It will also give you at least 30% of the caffeine benefits coffee lovers get for each cup of Joe.

What’s Better About Beer?

Beer is the superior choice if you want to have a wide range of selections. It comes in different flavors, ABV levels, and prices. It’s perfect for whatever budget you have. 

In terms of availability, you can purchase Twisted Tea and beer in almost all sizes, but only the latter can be bought from online and physical stores. Unless the store that sells Twisted Tea accepts online orders or you connect via third parties. 

A 12oz can of beer contains 153 calories, 1.6g of protein, and zero fats. It is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, etc. Light to moderate beer drinking can benefit your heart, improve blood sugar, strengthen bones, and lower the risk of dementia.

Who Should Get Twisted Tea (And Why)?

People who worry about their allergies can opt to drink Twisted Tea. To ensure that it’s safe to drink, Twisted Tea doesn’t have milk, eggs, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. The company also strives to be transparent and put all the ingredients on its labels and packaging.

When it comes to determining are Twisted Teas good, Twisted Tea is excellent for people who want to celebrate or party but don’t like to get drunk. Nowadays, drinkers of all ages know how many bottles, glasses, and cans they can drink, but a few still overdose on alcoholic drinks. Choosing drinks with a low alcohol level, like Twisted Tea, is better to avoid intoxication and accidents.

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Who Should Get Beer (And Why)?

Are you a lover who craves more intimacy from your partner? Drinking darker beers acts like an aphrodisiac that boosts a person’s libido. A study proved that the alcohol in beers helps men last longer due to the phytoestrogens.

unidentified person pouring beer on a pint glass
Drink beer in moderation

The sexual effect of beer on males and females are not the same, and health experts advised that while drinking beer helps improve sex drive, it also has its cons. Beer has been around since 7,000 BCE. Beer can relieve stress and anxiety, improve mood, and get better sleep.

However, since it’s a depressant, drinking too much can still harm you.


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