What Is Peace Tea?

We all want peace, but what is Peace Tea? Peace Tea is a type of tea made by the Coca-Cola company. Popular for its sweetness and rich taste, Peace Tea and its variety of flavors are enjoyed around the world. 

a glass of peace tea from coca cola company - What is peace tea
Peace tea is produced by Peace Iced Tea Coca-Cola Company

Peace Tea is a type of flavored iced tea made by the manufacturer known as the Peace Iced Tea Coca-Cola Company. It was originally made and distributed by the Corna, California-based Monster Beverage Company, and it is almost always sold in a colorful can.

To learn more about the origins of Peace Tea and how to make your own, continue reading below.

The History of Peace Tea

Peace Tea launched its first iced tea products in December of 2009. At the time, Peace Tea was owned by the Monster Beverage Company and the canned iced tea could be found in convenience stores next to the energy drink aisle.

Considered an unsweetened tea due to its lack of sucrose, it is sweetened with preservatives and natural flavors to maintain its rich taste. In the United States, Peace Tea is now sold in supermarkets in 23-ounce cans while in Canada, the tea is sold in 685ml cans.

Supermarket cart
You can now buy peace tea in supermarkets

In 2015, The Coca-Cola Company and its CEO Marc Rampolla bought the Monster Beverage Company and transferred all of their beverages, including Peace Tea, to their company umbrella. Since the tea was such a success already, Coca-Cola did not make any changes to the tea.

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The Story Behind the Label

One of the most recognizable things about Peace Tea apart from the taste is its colorful label. The label features psychedelic prints that differ depending on flavor with all designs featuring a prominently large peace sign graphic.

First designed by Peace Tea Brand Manager Steven Jugan in collaboration with artist John Malloy, also known as Fluc, the branding focused on well-known peace movements that took place throughout American history. It wasn’t until Coca-Cola took over Peace Tea that the designs became less complex.

The Many Flavors of Peace Tea

Peace Tea has become well-known among tea drinkers across the country. While some of their flavors are only available in Canada, most can be purchased in supermarkets in the United States. 

Their current flavors include the following:

  • Pineapple Groove Zer-Oh
  • Hello Mango (Mango Green Tea)
  • Cheeky Cherry (found in Canada only)
  • Razzleberry (Raspberry)
  • Sweet Lemon
  • Strawberry Lemon Love (Strawberry Lemonade, Canada only)
  • Sno-berry (Blueberry)
  • Green Tea
  • Caddy Shack (Tea and Lemonade)
  • Just Peachy (Called Peach Party in Canada)
  • Cheeky Cherry Fizz (found in Canada only)
  • Sweet Lemon Fizz (found in Canada only)

While their less popular and eventually discontinued flavors are:

  • Ceylon
  • Cranberry
  • Pink Lemonade and Tea
  • Unsweetened Tea
  • Texas Style Sweet Tea
  • Strawberry Lemon Love 

How to Make Your Own Peace Tea

Woman making tea at a bar
You can achieve similar taste of Peace Tea in your home

While your iced tea won’t be exactly like Peace Tea, the taste of this homemade lemonade version can turn out surprisingly similar.

  • Step 1: Brew your filtered water in a pot on the stove by removing it from heat once it has begun to boil.
  • Step 2: Add your preferred lemonade until it’s near to the top of a heat resistant, 8 oz cup
  • Step 3: Add ½ tablespoon of Nestle tea. This must be the powdered version. 
  • Step 4: Add your sweetener of choice You can also switch up the base by using different flavorings, food coloring, cane sugar, brown or coconut sugar, maple syrup, stevia, honey, or agave. Option to add ginger if you want a little spice in your tea mixture.
  • Step 5: Mix the tea so that the sweetener and Nestle tea has completely dissolved.
  • Step 6: Give it a taste to make sure you have the balance you’re looking for
  • Step 7: Let the tea cool
  • Step 8: Refrigerate your tea mixture overnight.
  • Step 9: Pour the tea into a jar and top it with ice.
  • Step 10: Enjoy!

Once you make your own fruity and sweet at-home Peace Tea, make sure to store it properly by keeping it cold in the refrigerator. Use a pitcher or container that can seal so that the tea does not lose freshness. Make sure to store your tea for no longer than 4 days total.

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