What Is Linden Tea? Health Benefits, Tasting Profile, and Preparation

Linden tea will be your next favorite thing to add to your herbal tea collection at home. So what is linden tea, and why do you need to try it? Read on to find out.

Cup of healthy linden tea - What is Linden Tea
Linden tea is a European herbal tea infusion

I was once gifted a package of linden tea on my birthday. It was a rare find for me, and I had absolutely no knowledge of what this tea was all about. But there’s one thing I knew after taking my very first sip – the floral aroma of linden tea was so elegant and soothing, to the point that I decided to add it into my herbal tea collection at home.

Ever since linden tea has been my go-to natural treatment to soothe my nerves and send me to bed, it’s hands down one of my favorite hot teas in the cupboard. 

Coming from the Tilia tree, linden tea is an herbal tea infusion native to Europe with a wide array of health benefits that target your anxiety, promote relaxation, enhance the digestive system, and reduce pain and swelling. Dig into this comprehensive guide about linden tea to learn more.

What’s So Special About Linden Tea?

The claim to fame of linden tea mostly comes from the potential health benefits it brings. It is one of the best teas for anxiety

Linden is an ancient herb that grows in temperate climates in the north. These were widely used in European traditional folk medicine for centuries. They deliver an extensive range of aromas from strong to sweet and rich depending on the tannin levels and mucilage content.

Linden tree in blossom
Linden trees are also known as lime trees or basswood trees

Today, linden trees are also known as lime trees or basswood trees. They line up along the neighborhood streets across North America, France, and England, with the most extended lifespan reaching 1,000 years. An average height of a linden tree can reach up to a whopping height of 130 feet. 

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Linden Tea Flavor Profile 

Linden tea is an excellent suggestion of chamomile tea but with spicy undertones. A cup of linden tea will warm up your nose with its delicate floral notes before making way for the dominant herbal flavor to inspire your palate. You will soon feel a mild and sweet-tasting profile with subtle hints of bitterness and licorice aftertaste lingering in the mouth.

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Health Benefits Of Linden Tea

The vitamins, antioxidants, volatile oils, and mucilage components found in linden tea have been used in folk medicine throughout European countries to relieve anxiety, reduce coughing, and help patients break fevers.

  • Linden tea has soothing properties which can aid with sleep and alleviate stress.
  • Linden tea is rich in mucilage components known as the enemies of sore throats. 
  • It contains antioxidants Quercetin and Tiliroside. They are good for the heart, blood vessels, and cardiovascular system.
  • Linden tea has a natural diuretic that reduces fluid retention in the body.

Potential Sife Effects Of Linden Tea

It’s understandable to wonder, “Can I drink linden tea every day?” 

Well, the best way to approach this question boils down to its possible interactions and side effects. Linden tea is safe for most adults if they consume it moderately.

I take two grams every other day and haven’t seen any worrisome trends by far. Exceeding this recommended amount may result in blood pressure fluctuation and digestion problems. Please note that I’m a healthy young woman who is not pregnant or taking any medication.

A cup of herbal tea with linden flowers
Linden tea remove excess fluid in the body through urine

Linden tea may have diuretic properties; it can remove excess fluid in the body through urine. If you’re on any specific medication that includes other diuretics, consider putting linden tea on hold to avoid dehydration.

Last but not least, if you’re pregnant, you should not drink linden tea unless advised by a medical expert. There’s not enough information nor medical research supporting the idea of linden tea intake during pregnancy.

How Do You Steep Linden Tea?

Wondering how long you should steep linden tea? Well, I would suggest no longer than 15 minutes. You can use the flowers, bark, and leaves to make your tea. 

Here’s how I usually steep linden tea at home:

  • Infuse about two grams of dried flowers, bark, or leaves with hot water.
  • Wait for 15 minutes until it gives a shiny golden color to the cup.
  • Get rid of the flowers and leaves using a strainer or mesh and enjoy.

If you cannot find dried linden loose leaves or flowers, go ahead and put some linden tea bags in your cart.


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