RYZE Vs. MUD\WTR: Choosing the Best Mushroom Coffee Alternative

Sometimes I need to take a break from caffeine, but I still love having the ritual of brewing and drinking my morning cup of Joe – so I decided to try and compare RYZE vs. MUD\WTR, two of the best-selling mushroom coffee alternatives. 

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Brewing coffee in the morning is an essential part of my day. It is a daily ritual I cherish – the whistle of my kettle, the grinding of the coffee beans, the fruity aroma that fills my kitchen. However, I sometimes overdo it with the caffeine and need to cut back on coffee. 

Just because I was giving up coffee didn’t mean I wanted to give up my morning ritual. I heard great things about mushroom-based coffee alternatives claiming they could provide calmer energy and additional health benefits than traditional coffee. The bonus health benefits also caught my attention, as I only thought of coffee as a tasty way to wake up in the morning!

So, I decided to research and try out two of the leading mushroom coffees – RYZE and MUD\WTR (“mud water”) – and tell you about my experience!

What Are RYZE And MUD\WTR?

Coffee has long been cherished for its ability to provide energy and focus – not to mention how good coffee tastes. However, drinking too much caffeine can have adverse side effects, including increased stress and anxiety, physical symptoms like heart palpitations, and insomnia. There has been an increased demand for coffee alternatives that can still provide energy and focus without these adverse side effects.

RYZE and MUD\WTR are coffee alternatives that provide a lower dose of caffeine than a traditional cup of coffee and contain a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms that promote clean energy and focus and many additional health benefits.

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What Do RYZE And MUD\WTR Have In Common?

What both of these products lack in caffeine, they make up for with the medicinal magic of mushrooms! While each product has a unique blend of mushrooms, both RYZE mushroom coffee and MUD\WTR contain Lion’s Mane, cordyceps, and reishi.

Ryze mushroom coffee offers several benefits for drinkers

Lion’s Mane has long been cherished for its ability to improve concentration, support the immune system, and foster enhanced neural health. Cordyceps is a potent anti-oxidant understood to improve physical stamina and reduce feelings of fatigue. Reishi contains anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds, boosting liver and heart health while relieving stress.

These products are aimed at a more healthful alternative to coffee and promote mindfulness, and overall wellness is a central aspect of both brands. They are both made entirely of organic ingredients, and both are compatible with keto, paleo, and vegan lifestyles.

Both products are also easy to prepare. Both come as fine powders that you add hot water to and stir! If you’re interested in cutting back on caffeine, you might find our guide on microdosing caffeine helpful.

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 RYZE vs. MUD\WTR: The Differences

One serving of RYZE coffee contains about half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.  One serving of MUD\WTR contains about one-seventh of the caffeine as a standard cup of coffee – they also sell a completely caffeine-free version.
RYZE has Arabica coffee in it. MUD\WTR contains no coffee, getting caffeine from black tea powder – the caffeine-free alternative contains rooibos tea powder.
RYZE has a creamy texture – the first order comes with an acacia stirring spoon. MUD\WTR has a grainy texture – the starter kit comes with a rechargeable frother, which is necessary. 
RYZE is “coffee light,” with the added earthiness of the mushroom blend.  MUD\WTR has a distinct earthy flavor from the mix of mushroom, Chai spices, and black tea – the taste is distinct from coffee.
RYZE’s mushroom blend includes Turkey Tail, King Trumpet, and Shiitake. MUD\WTR’s mushroom blend also includes Chaga. 
The final ingredient of RYZE is powdered MCT oil.  MUD\WTR also includes cacao, a Chai spice blend, and salt.
RYZE also has a mindfulness app to facilitate overall wellness in day-to-day life. MUD\WTR hosts a blog and podcast covering all things mushrooms, including health benefits, psychedelics, and adventure living.

What’s Better About RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

RYZE is made with a six mushroom blend (compared to MUD\WTR’s four mushrooms), providing additional health benefits from the wider range of adaptogenic mushrooms. The drink mixes well and – thanks to the MCT oil – it has a rich and smooth texture that goes down easily. MCT oil is also a beneficial fat that provides slow-burning energy that lasts throughout the day.

The creamer is already mixed, making it perfect for traveling or camping

I also like that the creamer is already in the mix because, when I’m traveling or camping, I don’t need to bring anything else to boost my coffee’s flavor! Finally, RYZE is made with coffee, so it still provides that coffee flavor (and some of the caffeine) so many of us have come to love and depend on.

What’s Better About MUD\WTR?

MUD\WTR’s mushroom blend also contains Chaga, a mushroom that has long been prized for its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic benefits. While the drink doesn’t blend well, MUD\WTR makes up for this by including an electric frother.

an electric, silver, milk frother
MUD/WTR includes an electric frother

Further, I use my MUD\WTR frother for absolutely everything – it is especially great for steaming milk on the stovetop to get latte quality milk! MUD\WTR is full of aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, and black pepper for folks that like Chai tea. These spices provide a beautiful, earthy flavor and provide additional health benefits!

Who Should Get RYZE Coffee (And Why)?

People looking for a more healthful cup of coffee should opt for RYZE. While this product contains only half the caffeine of a typical cup of coffee, it is still a coffee beverage made with organic Arabica coffee. Sometimes I want to cut back on caffeine, but I still want to have that nice coffee flavor – RYZE is the perfect drink, as it is a cup of mushroom-enhanced coffee.

RYZE is also an excellent drink for people on a keto or paleo diet, as it has the MCT oil already in the product. Finally, RYZE is a good choice for folks who do not like a grainy texture – some people find MUD\WTR’s texture a bit too earthy, making RYZE an excellent option instead.

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Who Should Get MUD\WTR (And Why)?

MUD\WTR is ideal for people looking to do a full caffeine detox. The main product does contain some caffeine, but only about 14% of that of a regular cup of coffee. They also sell a caffeine-free version, with a rooibos tea base, which you can drink before bed!

The mushroom and Chai spice blends combine to create an earthy and aromatic flavor that tea lovers will enjoy! The flavor does not resemble coffee, and I found it took me a week or so to become accustomed to the earthy taste. Further, these additional spices provide even more health benefits – I particularly enjoy that the product has turmeric and black pepper, which are understood to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The frother that comes with the starter kit is also a product I recommend purchasing, regardless of whether you opt for MUD\WTR. I use it all the time, including for frothing milk, making hot chocolate, and even blending sauces when I’m cooking.


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