Moka Pot Vs AeroPress: What’s Best For A Brew?

Compare the Moka pot vs AeroPress to find which pot is the right one for you and tends to give you a better cup of Joe overall.

Moka pot vs AeroPress
Moka pot vs. AeroPress

Over one billion people in the world drink coffee. As one of them, you’re probably a person who believes in a tasty brew. 

Both the Moka Pots and AeroPress excel at making coffee without relying on a machine. They’re simple, relatively inexpensive devices that aid with brewing a tasty cup of coffee.

Whether your last coffeemaker took a turn for the worst or you’re looking for one with better features, the Moka pot or AeroPress could be the right choice. 

Brewing Coffee With an AeroPress vs a Moka Pot

You use a Moka pot, either on a stove or over a flame. When comparing the Moka pot and AeroPress, you should know that a Moka pot has three parts

  • Bottom chamber
  • Compartment for grounds
  • Collection chamber

You fill up the middle section with your coffee grounds. Water goes in the bottom compartment. Once you heat the water, the pressure from the steam will push the boiling water over the grounds and then into the top chamber. 

An AeroPress coffee pot, on the other hand, has four main components:

  • Plunger
  • Chamber
  • Filter
  • Filter cap

The science behind an AeroPress is pressure. 

To use it, firstly, you get your coffee cup and situate it on a hard, flat surface. When you go to use an AeroPress, you put the device over the cup. Then, you put the grounds and water into the cylinder and stir.

Finally, you place the cylinder over the cup and let the coffee grounds and water have time to emulsify. Next, you press down on the plunger slowly and gently. This causes the water to pass through the coffee grounds and filter. 

How They Work 

coffee makers on the top of a wooden table
Both Moka and AeroPress both use similar concepts such as pressure, yet differs in creating a cup of Joe

While both the AeroPress and Moka pot use pressure, the science behind how they create the ideal cup of coffee differs slightly. The overall process to make coffee in each pot is different. With one, most of the work is done for you, while you do have to do some of the work with the AeroPress.

With a Moka pot, the coffee is strong and sharp. You’ll notice that a cup has a thick body similar to espresso. On the other hand, the AeroPress provides coffee that has little acidic flavor.

With an AeroPress, chemicals like furfuryl alcohol and quinic acid that are found in coffee beans don’t have time to dissolve into the water.

How Are They Similar?

When comparing Moka vs AeroPress, both use a similar concept — pressure. The end result of both devices is a strong cup of coffee that’s flavorful. 

Both an AeroPress and a Moka pot use a process different than a standard electric coffee pot. Essentially, you put ground coffee beans into either device and add water. You get a quick cup of coffee with either device.

Moreover, when comparing prices, you’ll notice that both are inexpensive. 

What’s Better About the Moka Pot?

coffee inside a Moka pot
Moka can produce a cup of Joe with both richness and flavorful taste

Once you perfect your style, you’ll have a cup of Joe that’s rich and flavorful. It’ll also be ground-free. It’s also pleasing to watch it bubble away on a cooker.

You can spend more on a Moka pot and buy different sizes depending on your tastes and how many people you want to brew coffee for.

What’s Better About the AeroPress?

The AeroPress provides a flavorful cup of coffee without all the acid. You can taste every flavor of the coffee. It’s easier to clean an AeroPress, and it’s portable. You’re also unlikely to break one as it’s made of plastic.

Who Should Get the Moka Pot (And Why)?

Ideally, people who like a rich, thick-textured, flavorful cup of coffee should get the Moka pot. It’s a good choice if you’ve access to a cooker or hob. The Moka Pot is also ideal if you want to brew coffee for more than one person as larger versions are available, unlike an AeroPress. 

It’s less ideal for camping as it’s heavier than an AeroPress.

Who Should Get the AeroPress (And Why)?

barista making coffee using Aeropress
AeroPress coffee makers are suitable for those people that enjoy a low-acid cup of coffee

The AeroPress is for coffee lovers who like espresso and who appreciate a low-acid cup of coffee. It’s a good choice if you want a portable coffee maker for camping, traveling, and trips, too, as it only requires ground coffee beans and hot water. However, it’s less useful if you want to make more than one or two cups of coffee as you have to prepare them individually.

When you compare these two pots, you’ll notice similarities and differences, even a few with the finished product. Therefore, the right pot for you is based on your personal preferences. 

FAQs About Moka Pot Vs AeroPress 

Does the AeroPress Make Real Espresso?

Typically, espresso is made with nine bars of pressure, and an AeroPress uses .35 to .75 bars of pressure. Therefore, no the pot won’t make you real espresso. 

Is Moka Coffee as Strong as Espresso?

A Moka pot works under pressure, so it’s similar to an espresso maker. Although it works under less pressure than an espresso machine, you still get a highly concentrated cup of coffee with a Moka pot. The result isn’t as strong as espresso since it doesn’t use as much pressure. 

Why Is Moka Pot Better?

Since a Moka pot uses pressure like an espresso maker, you get a cup of coffee that’s rich in flavor. 


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