Does the Aeropress Make Real Espresso?

Espresso is an extremely intense bittersweet coffee made by passing steam through ground coffee beans under pressure. Does the Aeropress make real espresso?

Does the aeropress make real espresso
An Aeropress doesn’t make real espresso

Espresso is a darling among coffee enthusiasts.

A quality-made espresso acts like a morning hug that makes your day seem cheerful. However, the price of an espresso machine among other factors discourages many people from buying one. This has made many people be attracted to an Aeropress.

For many people like me who can’t afford to buy expensive espresso machines, they can be wondering whether they can use an Aeropress as a substitute. So, does the Aeropress make real espresso? Not really.

Espresso can be defined by the pressure used to make it (9 bars) or by the bittersweet taste it has due to high concentration. Pressure is what many people associate with real espresso. An Aeropress can’t produce pressure that reaches 9 bars which means it doesn’t make real espresso.

What Defines A Real Espresso?

Temperature control, pressure, and good coffee grounds are attributes that make quality espresso. However, even when you have the best coffee ground but you don’t have an espresso machine for providing pressure and temperature control; you cannot make real espresso.

A rich aromatic and a heavy syrupy body are the main elements that define a real espresso. High pressure is a must-have element when making real espresso. The high pressure causes a foamy layer to foam on the top of the espresso and within a very short time disappears.

What defines a real espresso?
This crema can be the only difference that can make you tell the difference between a real espresso and ordinary espresso

Most coffee enthusiasts like me see this fine crema as an important element of real espresso. No matter how strong, delicious, or concentrated a shot is, if there is no crema, this is not a real espresso for me.

Actually, for people who are not used to espresso, this crema can be the only difference that can make you tell the difference between a real espresso and ordinary espresso.

What Describes An Aeropress Espresso?

Aeropress espresso is sweet-smelling with a slightly thick body and a thin layer of large bubbles at the top which disappears within a very short time. It is delightful and concentrated but not as much as a real espresso.

For newbies, they cannot tell the difference of this espresso with the real one regarding taste and concentration. You will need to be used in true espresso or very careful to note it.

How Does Aeropress Espresso Compare To Real Espresso?

Espresso is all about the pressure that forces steam through the coffee. An Aeropress will provide this, but it doesn’t have enough pressure compared to an espresso machine. This explains why an Aeropress espresso doesn’t have a crema. Instead, it has a layer of large bubbles at the top.

An Aeropress espresso is not very concentrated compared to real espresso. The pressure you exert on an Aeropress is responsible for extracting the microscopic coffee particles out of the coffee beans or ground. Such include acids, oils, and other elements.

Most espresso machines produce a pressure of 8 to 10 bars when in action. An Aeropress, on the other hand, will produce a pressure of around 0.35 to 0.75. This is very low when you compare it to that of an espresso machine.

Since an Aeropress doesn’t have enough pressure, it means only a few particles will be extracted. This means you will end up with a less concentrated espresso. It will not be as syrupy like it would have been if you were using an espresso machine.

The more concentrated an espresso is, the higher the chances of having high acidity. That sharp taste of espresso due to high concentration and acidity is one element that many people associates with real espresso. With Aeropress espresso, you won’t have too much acidity due to low concentration.

How does aeropress espresso compare to real espresso?
Aeropress produces a pressure around 0.35 to 0.75 bars

Some people end up using a lot of coffee to brew when trying to get that sharp taste. This is why you will see some people arguing that cheap is expensive. They argue that you will spend less on buying an Aeropress but spend a lot on buying more coffee.

For people who don’t like too much acidity in their espresso, they won’t have any problem with an Aeropress espresso. Generally, lack of a crema due to low pressure is the main thing that you will note when you make espresso with an Aeropress. It has the power pressure to produce an espresso but not exactly like that of an espresso machine.

Why Is An Aeropress Referred As An Espresso Maker Then?

The taste of real espresso and Aeropressespresso are almost the same. Most people will not tell the difference. Besides, it is designed to make espresso only that it doesn’t have enough pressure to give the real espresso.

Even most brands market them as espresso makers. This makes many people be confused and wonder why it bears the names espresso maker yet it may not give the real espresso.

Why Do People Prefer To Use Aeropress To Make Espresso?

If you are low on budget, you can rely on Aeropress to make espresso. Even if you do not get the real deal, you will get something close to it. An Aeropress is low priced compared to the espresso machines which cost a lot of dollars.

An Aeropress is easily portable. This means if you want to make espresso when on the move, you can rely on it. Its compact size makes it easy to fit it in a bag and carry it around easily to enable you to enjoy something close to espresso.

It is also lightweight and doesn’t require electricity to operate. This means you will not be limited to where or when to use it. If you like going camping as I do, you will not be denied a chance to enjoy espresso.

Too much acidity is one thing that can make people avoid taking espresso. Why? Even though many people are attracted to that sharp taste of coffee acid, they may be left with stomach problems or acid reflux.

Aeropress espresso is low in acidity which means there are little or zero chances of experiencing the mentioned problems. If you experience such, an Aeropress espresso can come to your rescue. It is the major reason why people turn to Aeropress.

Final Words On Does The Aeropress Make Real Espresso

So, does the Aeropress make real espresso? Well, unlike your regular cup of coffee, espresso is defined by pressure. The Aeropress doesn’t have enough pressure to make a perfect shot of espresso.

The caffeine and flavor of Aeropress espresso are almost the same and can’t be distinguished easily. You can use finely ground coffee, a small amount of hot water, and a very rapid plunge.  You will get a concentrated espresso but not as the real espresso. It will also not have crema at the top like the real espresso.

Although you may think Aeropress is a cheaper alternative for making espresso, you may be wrong if you are looking for real espresso. Lack of enough pressure will get you a cup of coffee that brings espresso to mind will not give you the satisfaction real espresso gives. In short, an Aeropress does not make real espresso!

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