What Is The Best Milk Frothing Pitcher? 5 Of The Best

Wondering what the best milk frothing pitcher is for your cafe latte?

Barista whipping milk using the best milk frothing pitcher that is color black.
The best milk frothing pitchers are technologically advanced

Milk frothers have come a long way from the days of mixing hot water with a cube of instant coffee to make what used to be called a cappuccino. The best milk frothing pitcher options are much more technologically advanced and feature immersion heaters, air pumps, automatic shut-off features, and temperature settings. 

They also offer various options, such as latte glasses (with or without cup holders) or the best milk frothing pitcher. The question is: Is it better to use a handheld frothing pitcher? You might also be interested in our Zyliss Milk Frothers vs. Aerolatte guide.

1. Apexstone 20 Ounce Milk Frothing Pitcher

This 20-ounce milk frothing pitcher by Apexstone is a good option for those looking to use a handheld milk frothing pitcher. It comes with an air pump that will provide those air bubbles in your espresso drinks, making them taste better and look even more appealing.

In addition, the milk frothing pitcher is made from stainless steel, which makes it safe to use and easy to clean since plastics are dishwasher friendly. This handheld milk frothing pitcher also comes with two attachments: one for steaming or heating liquids and the other for whisking or foaming milk.

It's worth mentioning that this handheld milk frothing pitcher is relatively large, so if you're looking for something smaller, you might want to buy something else as well.

Apexstone 20 oz Black Espresso Steaming Pitcher, Espresso Milk Frothing Pitcher 20 oz Black, Coffee Milk Frothing Cup, Coffee Steaming Pitcher 20 oz/600 ml
  • The Apexstone milk frothing pitcher is made of 304 Stainless Steel with stylish look, Non-rust, Anti-corrosion,while to prevent rust , you need to keep it clean,and avoid to used it for salt,brine,sweat,seawater,soil
  • To steam your milk or cream to be silky smooth with few bubbles; creat perfect and personal latte art for your coffee or cappuccinos; measure your milk, water liquid, froth and measure in one pitcher
  • Hand-held frothing milk pitcher prevents you from being scalded. Round stainless steel bottom makes it easy to wash without stain to hide; Curve pour spout easily separates froth from liquid, helps you create personal but perfect latte art for your espressos, cappuccinos for your children and your guest
  • This frothing pitcher with capacity of 20oz / 600ml is great to used at home or office for you and a couple of friends. Measurement inside makes it easy to read, and helps you control how much milk or cream each cup of coffee or espresso needs.Size:110 mm X 89 mm/4-1/3 inch X 3-1/2 inch (Height X Diameter). Dishwasher Safe
  • 100% SATISFACTORY WARRANTY: if unfortunately our 20 oz Coffee Milk Frothing Cup did not work well ,please kindly contact us for exchange, refund or return

2. De'Longhi 12-Ounce Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher

The De'Longhi 12-ounce stainless steel milk frothing pitcher is an affordable option for those looking to make espresso at home. This handheld milk frothing pitcher comes with a stainless steel handle, making it easy to hold and pour with one hand. The whisking head that's also made out of stainless steel, making sure you won't scratch it while cleaning.

This handheld milk frothing pitcher will provide a perfect foam texture for your cappuccinos or other flavored drinks since the mixture will whirl around inside instead of spinning in a circle like some other models do, ensuring more foamed beverage with every use. 

De'Longhi Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher, 12 ounce (350 ml), Barista Tool, Frother Jug for Espresso Machine Coffee Cappuccino Latte Art, DLSC0, 12 oz
  • Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug
  • 350 millileter capacity
  • Perfect for frothing a smooth milk foam and creating a perfect cappuccino
  • Compatible with all De'Longhi pump espresso makers
  • Convenient pour spout

3. Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher

This milk frothing pitcher by Star Coffee is made from food-grade materials, which means it's safe to use time and time again. In addition, the bottom of this handheld milk frothing pitcher features a rubber ring that will make sure the unit won't slip while you're using it.

This keeps your counter nice and clean as well as preventing any accidental damage to your kitchen appliances or even yourself! Metal is also used to construct this handheld milk frothing pitcher, so you can rest assured no plastic or BPA would be introduced into your drinks once you start making them more often.

This model comes with a whisking head, but there are optional whisking heads available if desired. Either way – you'll get perfectly foamed milk every time.

This milk frothing pitcher by Star Coffee will provide lots of foam with every use and can be used with cappuccino cups or even regular coffee mugs. In addition, the pot is easy to pour from, making it a practical solution for anyone who wants to enjoy perfectly foamed milk in the comfort of their home.

Satur Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher 20oz
  • ☕MEASUREMENT SCALES ON BOTH SIDES INSIDE: Make a perfect coffee with our premium milk frothing pitcher. Pour the milk according to the measuring markings on both sides inside to ensure the accuracy
  • ☕GREAT QUALITY: This milk steamer jug is made of the highest grade metal - 304 stainless steel, which is stain and rust-resistant. Enjoy the latte milk jug durability with a lifetime guarantee
  • ☕ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The milk frothing cup is available in three sizes - 12oz, 20oz, and 30oz. Use a small milk cup for espresso, and a large one for making 3-4 portions of any coffee beverage
  • 🎁EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Get this top quality stainless steel milk frothing pitcher with a completely free microfiber cloth for wiping any spills and a unique eBook «Guide To A Wonderful Coffee Experience»
  • 🥇LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Satur Coffee milk frothing pitcher is easily the best steamed milk pitcher you’ve ever used. As such, it comes with a lifetime guarantee for 100% satisfaction

4. Krups Milk Frother, 20-Ounce Stainless Steel Handle

The Krups Milk Frother will make sure you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. This handheld milk frothing pitcher has a 20-ounce capacity and comes with an air pump for providing those signature café style bubbles in your drinks. In addition, the whisking head that comes included is made out of stainless steel, so it's certain to be both durable and easy to use.

This handheld milk frothing pitcher also includes a lid with a spout, making pouring easier than ever before. You can also choose to buy an optional attachment for making cappuccinos or hot chocolate instead if desired.

It may not have as many features as some other models on the market today, but this milk frothing pitcher by Krups certainly provides the best value for those who just want a simple solution to making specialty drinks.

5. Flat-Bottom Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher

This milk frothing pitcher is designed from premium stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and easy cleaning too! This handheld milk frothing pitcher also features an ergonomic handle with an oversized grip for providing ultimate control and precision while pouring.

In addition, the whisking head that comes included with this model is not only made from quality materials but it has been designed to last as well – so you'll be able to enjoy foamed drinks for years if desired.

The air pump that comes included will provide those signature bubbles in your coffee drinks, helping them taste better and making them look appetizing for presentation purposes. This milk frothing pitcher will work with both cappuccinos and lattes, as well as every other specialty drink you can think of!

Milk Frothing Pitcher 32oz,Espresso Steaming Pitcher 32oz,Espresso Machine Accessories,Milk Frother Cup 32oz,Milk Coffee Cappuccino Latte Art,Stainless Steel Jug
  • ☕【Fashion & Durable】 The milk frothing pitcher is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, strong and durable, exquisite workmanship.non-rust,anti-corrosion,unbreakable for daily use. Very easy to clean after use.
  • ☕【Convenience & Accuracy】 This precise capacity of 32oz milk frother pitcher has engraved the liquid measurement on both sides, makes it easy to read, it is perfect for 3 or 4 cups of cappuccinos or espressos needs.
  • ☕【Humanization Design】After many experiments, we made a unique narrow mouth design for this stainless steel milk frother pitcher, makes control liquid pouring speed and volume precisely,equipped with a latte art pen, can create a variety of beautiful patterns.Hand-held handle doesn't get hot, it helps you concentrate on the latte art and no worry about getting hurt.
  • ☕【wide application】The milk steaming pitcher can help you in a lot of ways, such as frothing or steaming milk cream for a latte, measure liquids, serve milk or cream. You can use it at home, office, cafe or hotel . The frothing pitcher also can be a nice gift for parties or festivals.
  • ☕【Friendly & Professional】Hope you have a satisfying shopping experience from our store. If you have any questions about our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try the best to solve the problem for you.