Is Bodum Dishwasher Safe?

Coffee lovers have widely used Bodum products, but is Bodum dishwasher safe? This article will inform you of the benefits of owning Bodum products.

Is Bodum dishwasher safe?
Bodum is dishwasher safe

Decades ago, Bodum presented “the most environmentally friendly coffee maker,” and it took javadom by storm. Since then, Bodum has evolved its products to become some of the most sustainable in the world of coffee.

The benefits of owning a Bodum product are sufficient environmental sustainability and chemically safe consumption. Also, Bodum is dishwasher safe.

From the conception and history of Bodum to the benefits and materials used to create these products, it is essential to understand how dishwasher safe became such a remarkable characteristic.

What Is Bodum?

Frenchpress with white cup beside it.
Bodum’s French press coffee maker is recognized worldwide

In 1974, Jørgen Bodum became CEO of the Bodum company in Denmark, following in the footsteps of his father, Peter. In the same year, the company introduced its first French press coffee maker, known as the “Bistro.” The product soon became recognized worldwide as “the most environmentally friendly coffee maker.”

Today, Bodum has franchise stores in 20 countries and sells its products in 55 countries. It is still a family-owned business led by Jørgen Bodum.

The company still stands by Peter Bodum’s motto: “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive.” It also declares, “Make taste, not waste.”

The brand offers numerous products such as tea and glass or plastic coffee presses, coffee makers, pour overs, teapots, travel mugs, coffee grinders, frothers, kitchen accessories, a bar line, sports water bottles, snack cups, and home and bath products.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bodum Products?

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Bodum promotes environmentally friendly products

The future of our planet and using environmentally friendly products is of the utmost importance. Bodum products promote this endeavor in several ways, including eliminating waste created by single-use coffee capsules and paper filters.

Both the glass and plastic options of Bodum products are chemically safe and dishwasher safe. Being chemically safe, you don’t have to worry about consuming toxins infused into your drink. Being dishwasher safe, in turn, saves precious water.

You can be rest assured that with this brand, you are choosing the highest quality and most earth-friendly products on the market. In addition, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase the best. A sustainable coffee press is in the $20-$30 range, while $75 will get you a fine Tribute coffee press.

Is Bodum Dishwasher Safe?

Bodum’s Glass Products

The glass products are made of borosilicate glass. It is a strong material made from boron trioxide with silica sand, soda ash, and alumina that will not discolor from use. It is dishwasher safe.

Bodum’s Plastic Products

The plastic products are made of the following dishwasher safe materials:

  • Santoprene, an ergonomic non-slip silicone coating that provides a cool-to-touch surface
  • SAN (styrene-acylnitrile-copolymeride) plastic, a scratch and heat resistant BPA-free material
  • PP (polypropylene) plastic, a tough and rigid BPA-free material with a glossy surface
  • POM (polyoxymethylene) plastic, a rigid but elastic BPA-free material

FAQs On Is Bodum Dishwasher Safe? 

How Do You Properly Dispose Of Glass Or Plastic Bodum Products?

If a part breaks on your Bodum product, check the website or contact the company for replacement parts.
If the glass breaks or the unit is not repairable, take it to your local recycler, who should handle disposal for you.

How Are Bodum Products Environmentally Sustainable?

Bodum products eliminate the need for single-use waste, such as coffee capsules, paper filters, takeaway cups, and tea bags that are not fully biodegradable.


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