Can You Burn Instant Coffee?

One of the most pressing concerns asked by coffee drinkers is, “can you burn instant coffee?”. This article offers pointers on how to avoid making one.

Can you burn instant coffee?
Read on to know more about burnt coffee

Many people like to go to high-end cafes to sit down and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. I count myself among such travelers. But there are occasions in which it is better to have a homemade cup of instant coffee.

If you make a large cup of coffee, you want to ensure you get the full flavor and effect from it. But there is an urgent question that must be asked: can you burn instant coffee? This article will provide the answer.

Burnt Coffee Vs. Burnt Coffee Taste

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Hot water cannot burn instant coffee

The first fact to acknowledge is that you cannot burn instant coffee with hot water. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most automatic coffee makers are set to boil the water to this temperature and then dispense it through the filter and into the kettle. If you boil your water, it will be natural for you to take it off the flame once it boils and pour it into your cup or jug.

People don’t taste burnt coffee. What they experience is a burnt coffee taste. There are several reasons why your coffee may taste as though it is burnt.

If you have bought over-roasted coffee, then it will taste different from what you are used to. An overly brown appearance is a telling sign of over-roasted coffee.

Your coffee may also taste burnt if the coffee beans are stale. The latter gives off a mixed stale-sour taste.

A further cause of burnt-tasting coffee is over warming. If you leave fresh coffee on a coffee warming machine for hours, then it will cause it to become overcooked.

The Optimal Temperature For Coffee

A man making hot coffee as evident by the smoke.
Brewing coffee at 205 °F releases its aromatic oils

Coffee releases its aromatic oils at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why most cafes and bistros brew their coffee between 194 and 203 degrees.

This is the range of temperatures that capture the best aroma. Water that is allowed to boil for too long can kill the flavor.

The moment you take a boiling kettle off a fire, it starts to cool. By the time you pour the water into your cup, it will have cooled significantly from its boiling point.

Can You Burn Instant Coffee? Ways To Avoid A Burnt Taste

Overcooking or over warming your coffee releases tannins, which give your instant coffee a bitter-burnt taste. You can still drink it, but it will not be as good.

The best way to keep your coffee hot without ruining its taste is to pour it into a mug that will keep its temperature.

To avoid a burnt taste from bad beans, you must be vigilant about the coffee you buy. You must always check the expiration date. You should also avoid buying coffee beans that you can’t see.

You may be able to make an exception with coffee produced by name-brand companies. But in general, you should check that the coffee beans you are about to buy are not over-roasted.


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