How Do Milk Frothing Jugs Work?

How do milk frothing jugs work to make your coffee drinks spectacular? 

how do milk frothing jugs work
Milk frothing jugs serve as a container for milk to steam

Milk frothing jugs are essential for steaming and frothing milk and for creating latte art. They work by serving as a container for milk to steam or whip with a wand or other device.

A milk frothing jug usually has a conical shape to store milk. You can use one to pour frothed or steamed milk into a coffee and also for latte art.

It’s essential to select the suitable milk frothing jug to make a tasty latte or practice latte art that impresses friends. A professional barista will have different needs based on size, materials, and cost.

A Handheld Milk Frothing Jug

This type of milk frothing jug has a base into which you pour steamed milk and then use an electric or manual whisk to create foam. Some jugs come with a wand for frothing and a bowl in which to heat the milk first.

Handheld jugs are convenient, especially if you only make lattes occasionally at home, but they are often more challenging to clean and require replacement wands.

Countertop Milk Frothing Jug

The second type of milk frothing jug is the countertop model, which is preferable for baristas. It’s usually larger and has a thermostat on the side.

Some models have two separate parts: one part stays on the countertop while the other holds your steamed milk and creates foam via a wand. The countertop model is more convenient since you can heat milk simultaneously as frothing it.

Common Jug Materials

The materials used for a milk frothing jug can be stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Stainless steel is highly durable but heavier than other options and may get cold if your kitchen is particularly draughty.

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Stainless steel milk frothing jugs are highly durable

Glass is durable, too, unless you drop it. However, some models are hot to touch.

Plastic jugs are light and usually dish-safe, but they tend to look cheaper. If you clean them thoroughly after each use, they will not need to be replaced and are unlikely to break.

Some models have lids, a thermostat, and a handle grip of some sort.

What’s The Best Type of Jug for Latte Art?

Want to make latte art? Countertop milk frothing jugs are the best choice for beginners because they allow you to focus on controlling your cup and latte art. They’re also larger.

Handheld versions are helpful for experienced baristas who make lattes at home and have a limited amount of space or want to store their latte art tools away from the coffee shop but still do latte art there.

What Size Of Milk Frothing Jug Is Best?

barista in a brown apron holding steel milk jugs
Consider how much space you have

Before you choose a jug, consider how much space it needs on the kitchen countertop. You will need space for the milk, frothed milk, and any equipment as well as cups for your customer while they wait.

Most people with countertop latte art tools store them in a drawer when not being used to save space – however, this takes up more time later when using them again.

In short, pick a milk-frothing jug that’s suitable for wherever you brew coffee and make lattes. Consider your budget and if durability and looks matter. A large jug may look out of place at home, for example.

Many homemade coffee machines include a jug and wand, although you may decide to upgrade.


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