The Best Home Coffee Roaster Machines This Year

home coffee roaster machine
If you’re a coffee lover, try a home coffee roaster machine

There’s nothing more wonderful than the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning. And if you’re a daily coffee drinker and coffee lover, the smell and taste of a cup of roasted coffee help you get ready for the day.

Roasting coffee at home has several benefits, the biggest being able to make coffee that you like. A home roaster means you get to try new tastes and concoctions, from a light roast to a dark roast.

You get to discover new flavors, like green coffee. Plus, it’s just fun to roast your own coffee from raw coffee beans from your local coffee shop.

We’re sharing the best home coffee roaster machines this year. Whatever you’re looking for in a home roaster, we’ve got your back.

Fresh Roast SR540

Fresh Roast SR540
  • Real-Time Temperature Display
  • Roast 4oz/ 120 Grams
  • 9 Levels of Heat and Fan Settings

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03/08/2024 07:00 am GMT

Type of Coffee Roaster: Bed Coffee Roaster 

The Fresh Roast SR540 is perfect for the beginner at-home coffee roaster. It makes the process easier so you build an understanding of roasting coffee beans. Plus, it comes at an affordable price.

But it isn’t a coffee roaster for someone who needs large amounts at one time. It holds four scoops or 120 grams. It takes between five and 10 minutes to get a perfectly roasted coffee bean.

You can adjust the heat, the fan, and the time settings. There’s a total of nine heat settings to choose from. And you can check the temperature at any time with the controls.

You can switch from blowing hot air to a three-minute cool cycle. All without stopping the roasting process.

The display is big enough so you don’t have to squint. It lets you know how long your coffee beans have been roasting for.

JIAWANSHUN Hot Air Coffee Roaster

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03/08/2024 07:40 am GMT

Type of Coffee Roaster: Hot Air Coffee Roaster

The JIAWANSHUN Hot Air Coffee Roaster is another great home coffee bean roaster for the beginner. This air roaster can hold up to 50 grams.

You get to choose between a light roast, medium, French, or Italian coffee roast. You have choices when it comes to your bean preference.

There’s an LCD panel that shows you both the working mode and timer. You always know what’s going on when it’s going on.

There’s an awesome cooling function on this roasting machine. This will cool your coffee beans once the roasting is done. And the skins will fall right off. 

Kaldi Wide Home Coffee Roaster

KALDI Home Coffee Roaster
  • 300g
  • Home Coffee Roaster
  • Motorize Type Full Package Including Thermometer, Hopper, Probe Rod, Chaff Holder
  • Gas Burner Required
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03/08/2024 10:55 am GMT

Type of Coffee Roaster: Drum Coffee Roaster 

The Kaldi Wide Home Coffee Roaster is a machine for the more advanced coffee roaster. This is a wide model, and it can hold up to 300 grams.

Despite being a more advanced roaster, it’s pretty easy to use. If you’re stepping up your game, you won’t feel like you’re flailing in the deep end when trying it out.

You can change the temperature, roasting time, and even drum speed. You can set up the roaster for what works for you.

There’s an easy-to-read thermometer that measures the temperature inside the coffee roasting machine.

It comes with a wide hopper so you can fill the coffee roaster faster. It also comes with a probe rod. You can check the coffee beans at any time to ensure there’s a uniform roast. We can’t forget the chaff tray. It’s removable so you can dispose of the bean skins with no hassle.

You’ll need a gas burner for this Kaldi home coffee roaster machine.

Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

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Type of Coffee Roaster: Drum Coffee Roaster

The Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster can roast more coffee beans than almost any other roaster out there. You can roast up to an entire pound at one time.

You can set up to five profiles. So, with the push of a button, you can have the beans roasting to your liking. There are also programmed settings already for you.

The one major downside is that this coffee roaster doesn’t roast very dark. It’s for people who like a lighter coffee bean roast.

It includes a removable chaff tray to catch the coffee bean skins. It catches even the smallest flecks of skin.

Behmor uses its air suppression technology. You won’t see smoke coming from this coffee roaster. As long as it’s in a ventilated area, it’s safe to use inside your home.

One downside is that you do have to be there for the entire roasting process. It has a safety feature which means when the process gets to a certain point; it expects you to press the “Start” button. Otherwise, it’ll shut off to prevent any safety concerns.

BOCABOCA Home Coffee Roasting Machine

Bocaboca Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee Bean Roaster 500 Home Roasting Machine with Cooler Nuts Barista Home Kitchen Cafe 220V & JISAM TRADE Simple English User's Guide.

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Type of Coffee Roaster: Drum Coffee Roaster 

The BOCABOCA Home Roasting Coffee Bean Roaster can hold between 150 grams to 250 grams. That’s an impressive amount of roasted beans.

One of the best features of this coffee roaster is that it makes no noise while in use. If you’ve ever had an older roaster, you know the nuisance of the noise it can make.

With this roasting machine, you can watch the entire process as it happens. The roasting barrel glass uses Pyrex heat-resistant glass.

It uses infrared technology, which is an innovative way to create the coffee roaster’s heat.

Once your coffee beans are roasted, you don’t have to worry about it taking forever for the beans to cool, thanks to its built-in rapid-cooling fan.

This home coffee roaster machine uses smoke suppression technology. This means no smoke escaping into your kitchen.

It gives you control over the power, temperature, and timer. There’s a built-in thermometer so you can keep track of the roaster’s temperature.

You can even fiddle around with the coffee bean aroma. There’s an air control hole that’s easy to adjust.

The Final Word on Your Home Coffee Roaster Machine

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting at. Whether you’re new to coffee roasting or looking for a new machine, we’ve got something for you. These are some of the coolest home coffee roaster machines you can find.


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