SLONG Coffee Machine

A compact and pleasing addition to any kitchen, SLONG Coffee Machine takes pods and powdered coffee & turns them into an amazing brew. Fits 5-cups, and it even makes tea!

SLONG Coffee Machine
SLONG coffee is a machine created with both compact and power

Do you love coffee, but you don’t need massive amounts of it at all times? You might be on the market for something smaller than most coffee makers. Fortunately, SLONG managed to create a machine that is both powerful and compact.

Top Features

  • Multi-purpose: makes coffee from powder or pods, but it can also make tea
  • Pleasing design
  • Automatic insulation
  • Extremely quiet
  • Simple to use

We can bet that the first thing you will notice about this SLONG model is its design. While not the most important feature, it’s always nice to have something good-looking in the kitchen, and this machine fits the quota.

A lot of coffee makers use the very popular color scheme of black and chrome/silver. SLONG went in a completely different direction with this light pink matte brewer, but it works out well. The color is unassuming enough to suit any kitchen while being pleasant to look at.

With the added hints of grey and metallic silver, this one can truly catch your eye. However, we all know that looks aren’t everything – especially not in coffee machines. You may be asking yourself, does this product deliver in terms of performance?

The short answer is a resounding yes, but we want to give you more detail than that. After all, you’re not just buying a coffee maker that will suit your kitchen decor – you’re buying something that will give you delicious coffee on a daily. 

This SLONG coffee maker is more than capable of that. Review our pros and cons below to find out why.



  • Detachable tank
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • Capacity

To give you a good idea of what you can expect from this SLONG coffee machine, we will go in-depth on the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.


  • Detachable tank

As mentioned above, this is a fairly compact coffee maker that has a capacity of 5 cups, or 0.7 liters. It’s the perfect choice for smaller kitchens – whether at home or in the office. Fortunately, it doesn’t compromise on coffee quality or ease of use.

One of the reasons this machine is easy to both use and maintain is its detachable water tank. It’s simple to remove and put back in, which makes refilling easy. Even if you drink more coffee than this brewer can hold, you can easily just make more.

The detachable tank also makes cleaning it a breeze. You won’t have to deal with the annoyance of angling the machine just right to be cleaned – simply wash it by hand under a stream of water.

  • Multi-Purpose

This is perhaps the best thing about this particular coffee machine – how multi-purpose it is. For something so small and affordable, you wouldn’t expect this type of high-end option.

What can it do? First of all, it takes two types of coffee. Whether you prefer powdered coffee or K-cups (pods), you can use both in this coffee maker.

As you surely know, the difference in taste between pods and powdered coffee is huge. Pods give you the option to drink flavored coffee, while powder allows for more customization. Whichever you like more, you can brew both.

An entirely unexpected feature is that this product can also make tea. Who doesn’t love a hot cup of tea on a rainy day? Coffee is best drank in the mornings and during the day, but with this machine, you can also treat yourself in the evening.

  • Easy to use

Most users, when purchasing a coffee maker, look for extra features and capacity – but in fact, ease of use should be a big factor too. You don’t want a machine that you have to program over and over. Luckily, this SLONG coffee maker is very simple to use.

It comes with 65-75 degrees Celsius automatic insulation for ease of use. Preparing coffee is truly a breeze – if you’re using pods, all you have to do is insert the pod, adjust the cup size, and press a button. 

Another fun setting is a strong brewing option. If you like the kind of coffee that truly wakes you up, you’re going to love this setting.

  • Quiet

Last but not least, this coffee maker is quiet. It may not seem like a big deal, but the reviewers remark on how nice it is, and we agree. 

Especially first thing in the morning, loud noise is the last thing you want. SLONG operates quietly while preparing your coffee, allowing you to wake up gently and start your day right.

coffee maker with different kinds of coffee
SLONG operates quietly in making the coffee which is recommendable for every coffee lovers


The thing we like about this coffee maker can also be considered its downside.

  • Capacity

At 5-cups, this is considered a small coffee maker. If you have a large family or want this for a bigger office, you may find yourself refilling the tank a lot. 

There are upsides to that, too – no coffee goes to waste, and you’re always drinking fresh. However, if you know you need more than 5 cups at a time, think twice before making up your mind.

Buying Advice

In order to be satisfied with your purchase, before you pick this model, consider the following:

  • The size – as said above, you should consider whether this coffee maker is big enough for your needs.
  • The number of options – this is a surprisingly multi-purpose model for something so small, and it is sure to satisfy most users. Review the features and decide whether you need something more.


SLONG Coffee Machine: Final Words

Aside from looking great, this SLONG coffee machine truly packs a punch. Thanks to the variety of options, it delivers several ways for you to brew your favorite drink.

If you are looking for the best coffee maker with a grinder, we highly recommend you take a look at this model too. With its compact size and surprising capabilities, it’s sure to be of interest to many.

Do you love coffee, but you don’t need massive amounts of it at all times? You might be on the market for something smaller than most coffee makers. Fortunately, SLONG managed to create a machine that is both powerful and compact.