47 Funny Nicknames For Coffee (or Slogans)

Nothing makes me chuckle like funny coffee nicknames or slogans. Read on to discover some funny nicknames for coffee you can use in your coffee shop.

Funny Nicknames For Coffee
Great wordplay catches our attention and creates a link to the brand. 

We all know coffee as Joe, jitter juice, and rocket fuel. Some coffee nicknames are already forgotten, like mud. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as English speakers introduce about 1,000 new words yearly to the world’s vocabulary.

Despite the language’s blinding speed of evolution, great wordplay, corny or not, still catches our attention and makes us giggle. That is why marketing professionals still utilize this technique to capture audiences. 

Whether you want to make your spouse laugh or intrigue your patrons, here is a list of funny coffee nicknames and slogans. You might also be wondering what your coffee says about you.

Funny Nicknames For Coffee Beverages

Three cookies and a coffee with a bubbles forming a smile
Coffee and cookies are such a great combination (Image from Canva Pro)

1. Tom Brews

A wordplay on the famous Mission Impossible actor.

2. An Ariana Grande 

The singer’s last name doubles as a serving size.

3. Al Cappuccino

A nod to one of the greatest actors of all time.

4. Java The Hutt

A pun that alludes to the famous villain in the Star Wars universe.

5. Buzz Aldrin

A double entendre using the name of the Apollo 11 astronaut.

6. B.T.S. (Brewed To Sip)

The acronym refers to one of the biggest boy bands in the world today.

7. Livin La Vida Mocha

A wordplay on one of Ricky Martin’s biggest hits.

8. The Javawockeez

A pun on one of America’s famous hip-hop dance crews.

9. The Polar Espresso

A word play on Tom Hank’s animated film.

10. Mac(chiato) Miller

A nod to the famous American rapper Mac Miller.

11. Smashing Pumpkin Spice Latte

This pun alludes to the well-known alternative rock band and a famous Starbucks drink.

12. Espresso Patronum

A pun on a famous Harry Potter spell.

13. Meet Joe Black

Inspired by the film starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

14. Sip-Ups & French Press

A word play on two common exercises you can do in the gym or at home.

15. Frapper’s Delight

A pun on a famous hip-hop track by the Sugarhill Gang.

16. Leonardo da Venti

A pun on the prominent Italian Renaissance artist.

17. La Isla Barista

A word play on one of Madonna’s chart-topping tracks.

18. The Affogato-ble Drink

A word play on the word unforgettable.

19. Brewedfellas

A pun referring to Martin Scorcese’s mafia film.

20. Mount Caramel Macchiato

A word play on the notable Mt. Carmel in Northern Israel.

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Funny Slogans For Your Coffee Business

1. Everything I Brew, I Brew It For You

A pun on the famous Bryan Adam’s song.

2. Just Brew It!

A word play on the celebrated Nike slogan.

3. Bean There, Done That

A word play on one of the most commonly used expressions referring to past experiences.

4. Sip, Sip, Hooray!

A pun on a generally used congratulatory cheer.

5. Come At Me, Brew

A modern take on a millennial/Gen-Z slang expression used to call on someone.

6. Wake You Up Before You Go Go

A nod to the famous Wham! song.

7. No Caff

A play on a Gen-Z slang phrase to express authenticity.

8. Sip Me Baby, One More Time

Alludes to the famous Britney Spears song.

9. Cool Story Brew

A word play on a millennial/Gen-Z expression that sarcastically conveys indifference to a storyteller.

10. To The Bitter End

A word play on the generally-used idiom.

11. Stay Woke

A double entendre on a popular Gen-Z expression meaning to be socially and politically aware.

12. Sip Happens

A pun on a slang phrase expressing the unpredictability of life.

Funny Coffee Shop Or Brand Nicknames

cafe, barista, coffee shop
A good barista will explain all of the terms to you.

1. Drip Check

A double entendre on Gen-Z slang about showing off a trendy outfit.

2. Brewed Awakening

A pun on an idiom used to express a surprising and distressing revelation that one’s expectation is wrong.

3. The Holy Grounds

A double entendre on a phrase referring to a sacred site.

4. Brew’s Clues

A nod to one of the most renowned TV shows for kids.

5. Roast To Coast

A play on the idiom that means reaching across different states or nations.

6. Mean Bean Coffee Machine

A play on the idiom referring to something that is working efficiently.

7. Busy Bean

A pun on a word used to describe someone very busy.

8. Band Of Brewers

Alludes to the famous HBO American war drama miniseries.

9. Java Installation

A nod to one of the most notable computer programming languages.

10. The Frappeturnity

A word play on fraternity.

11. Family Brewed

A pun that refers to the well-known American TV game show.

12. Whooping Caff

A word play on a respiratory tract infection.

13. Neutral Ground

A double entendre on a word that means an unowned piece of land.

14. Crema La Crème

A play on an idiom that means the very best.

15. Déjà Brew

A word play on the French loanword regarding the feeling of precognition or prophecy.

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