5 Best UK Coffee Brands For Coffee Lovers

You would be surprised to know that aside from cuppa, the British have an array of quality coffee brands for your cup of Joe. Read on to find out the five best UK coffee brands!

Best UK Coffee brands
Four of five British adults now drink coffee at home

The British have come a long way with their coffee love affair. While tea remains the beverage of choice in the United Kingdom, new statistics have shown that four of five British adults now drink coffee at home. That’s a big leap considering that less than a decade ago, they recorded one of the lowest amounts of coffee consumption in Europe.

There are a lot of UK coffee brands that coffee lovers can try depending on their preference.

What To Look For In The Best UK Coffee Brands

While we love a newcomer and support the underdog, some of the best UK coffee brands have a tried and true reputation. So, opt for brands you’ve already heard of if you want to play it safe. 

Quality brands clearly indicate what beans you’re getting, whether you love Arabica or Robusta, whole bean or French press, or dark or medium roast. The best UK coffee brands let you know what you’re in for regarding taste and caffeine content. 

Coffee is key, but packaging plays a huge role, too, so look for brands with sturdy packaging that shield the beans from the air and sunlight. 

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How To Pick The Best Coffee UK Coffee Brand

It’s one thing to buy great coffee beans and another to let them go to waste because they weren’t fresh, were stored incorrectly, or couldn’t get through them in time. 

Opt for beans with good best-before dates; the best brands will offer only the freshest coffee. Unless you have proper coffee canisters, you’ll probably store your coffee beans in the packaging. So, choose resealable coffee in dark containers to prevent the sun from spoiling them. 

White cup of Americano black coffee without milk with a bunch of roasted coffee beans scattered from packaging
Choose resealable coffee in dark containers to prevent the sun from spoiling them

Take your limitations into account when picking coffee beans. If you prefer a quick brew, your best bet might be instant. If you don’t make coffee often, then look for a brand with smaller packaging to reduce waste.

While having a budget is okay, aiming for dirt-cheap coffee will result in a poor brew. You don’t need to drop a fortune on good coffee, but the price does play a role in the taste. 

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Best UK Coffee Brand If You Are Always On The Go

You can make a case for Kenco when it comes to instant coffee, and I wouldn’t argue. Kenco was established in the United Kingdom in 1923 and was originally called the Kenya Coffee Company. 

Instant coffee has its perks, the main one being convenience. I like to add some excitement to my cup of Joe if I am going for an instant. Kenco makes instant coffee exciting with flavors like nutty hazelnut instant coffee and vanilla iced latte. 


  • Easy to make
  • Wide variety of instant coffee
  • Affordable 


  • Instant coffee doesn’t taste as good as fresh coffee
  • The flavors aren’t for everyone
  • Easy to misjudge measurements
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Best UK Coffee Brand If You Love Espresso

A perfect shot of espresso is a blessing in the morning for coffee lovers, and I can’t recommend H.R. Higgin’s 1942 Blend enough. Visually, it is appealing, from its premium-looking packaging down to its medium roast Arabica beans, but its flavor is what makes it a winner.

The blend boasts notes of chocolate, cherry, and hazelnut, resulting in an exceptionally fruity and caramel-like flavor that offsets any hints of bitterness.

Because of its rich profile, the blend is ideal for espresso-based drinks, especially lattes and cappuccinos. Ristretto is what you should opt for if you want to capture its robust taste.


  • Delicious 
  • Can choose different ground sizes
  • Can be used as a base for other drinks


  • Not everyone likes espresso
  • Time-consuming to brew 
  • Some customers find it strong 

Best UK Coffee Brand For A Pick-Me-Up

Dark Arts Coffee has some of the most awesome-sounding coffee menus in the market, and they are also as creative with their blends! If you need an effective late-afternoon energizer, their Road Rash blend will do the trick.

This full-bodied cup of Joe is a wonderful blend of bitterness and fruitiness due to its unique banana, mango, brown sugar, and strawberry notes. The flavors are pronounced as the coffee cherries that come from the Caturra varietal and have undergone carbonic maceration – which means the coffee is fermented in an environment rich in carbon dioxide. 


  • Interesting sweet notes 
  • Different grind choices 
  • Affordable 


  • Too acidic for some 
  • Easy to confuse with brands like Death Wish and Cafe Kreyol’s Defense Against Dark Arts brew
  • Can be tricky to track down

Best UK Coffee Brand For Those Who Love Decaf

While some coffee lovers look down on decaf, it has its time and place. The CRU Kafe Organic Decaf is a must if you’re reducing your caffeine intake. This is a light roast with wonderfully fruity, floral flavors and a hint of acidity.

blonde woman sipping her coffee
Organi Columbia is for you if you want sweet coffee

It’s a single-origin brew from Peru, which is known for producing sweet java. You can choose from coffee bags or coffee pods for Nespresso machines.


  • Affordable
  • Caffeine-free option


  • Some customers say the pods don’t work in their brewer
  • Light roast isn’t for everyone
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Best UK Coffee Brand For Those Who Like It Strong

Of course, we can’t forget those who love a cup that packs a punch. Spiller & Tait’s Classic Italian Blend is what I recommend if you yearn for a bold and robust beverage, as its high caffeine content alone will entice you. 

Despite its reputation as a strong espresso, it is strikingly smooth, and its rich notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut counteract the bitterness. If you are not in the mood for an espresso shot, you can mellow the flavor by making a latte. 


  • Rich espresso taste
  • The beans can be used as a base for other drinks 
  • Roasted in small batches, so the coffee is always fresh 


  • Pricier than other options
  • Bigger packaging can make it difficult to keep fresh
  • The flavor can be too bitter for some customers
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Testing Criteria

When determining the best UK coffee brands, we considered several factors, like price, customer reviews, packaging quality, and versatility.

Most importantly, the coffee has to taste good – even if a professional barista is not brewing it. 

Why You Can Trust Me

We’re very picky about our coffee here. While we don’t look down on instant coffee, we know what makes good coffee when we see it.

If you need a good instant coffee, Kenco is your best bet. You’ll love Spiller & Tait for a strong pick-me-up, while those on the calmer side should enjoy CRU Kafe.

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