How To Make Delicious Espresso With Butter Coffee In 4 Simple Steps

Espresso with butter can be your best friend if you are on a certain diet or just want to try something new. Read on to learn how to make this easy cup of Joe!

Espresso with butter
Adding butter to coffee has been done since ancient times

The ketogenic diet has curiously seen a resurgence in the past few years. One of the beverages that are always popular with those on a keto diet is espresso with coffee or butter coffee due to its high-calorie, high-fat, and low-carbohydrate content. This cup of Joe is also commonly referred to as “bulletproof coffee,” but this beverage usually also contains MCR oil or coconut oil.

Though the concept of espresso with butter is somewhat new to some, adding butter to coffee has been done since ancient times. In fact, it is a traditional beverage in the Himalayas, Ethiopia, and parts of Southeast Asia. Here are four simple steps you can follow to brew one for yourself, whether as part of your balanced diet or experience a unique take on java.

Materials Needed


  • One espresso shot
  • One tablespoon of unsalted butter (preferably grass-fed)
  • Two ounces of water (optional)
  • One ounce of milk (optional)
  • Sweeteners of choice (optional)


  • Espresso machine
  • Coffee cup 
  • Blender or food processor (optional)


Step One: Prepare Your Butter

This is important if you store your butter in the fridge. I let it sit at room temperature to help soften it up and make it melt easier once added to a cup of Joe. If you want to add water, now is the time to warm it up, but don’t boil it. 

Grass-fed butter is preferable as it is richer in healthy fats than regular butter and is packed with other essential vitamins and nutrients. You can also opt for salted or flavored butter if that is your preference. If you are leaning toward the latter, go for citrus or berry-flavored butter products, as the flavor will pair well with your coffee. 

Blocks of salted butter
Salted butter will pair well with your coffee

I wouldn’t recommend using margarine as a substitute for butter coffee. Although it looks and tastes like butter, it has much more oil, so it will not have the same effect. Drop by your nearest convenience store and get yourself butter or you can check out our list of healthy bulletproof coffee alternatives and switch to a new drink for now.

Step Two: Pull Your Espresso Shot

I suggest using medium roast coffee beans with chocolate or citrus fruit notes for your espresso, as this will give more complexity to your butter coffee. Check out our guide on how to pull an espresso shot to assist you in this step.

Alternatively, a strong, regular coffee is also a suitable substitute if you don’t have an espresso machine or aren’t a fan of this brew. You might be interested in learning why MCT oil is a healthy addition to coffee.

Step Three: Pour Your Espresso

Gently pour your espresso shot into your coffee cup. This is also where you should pour your water if you want to lighten the drink up, as it will become heavy once you add the butter. This will also dilute your espresso, so add water little by little and take a sip each time until you reach a level you’re happy with. 

You can opt to add the milk in this step for extra creaminess and the sweeteners such as honey, syrup, or even chocolate to taste. Some people will have other add-ons like MCT oil for additional fat.

Step Four: Add The Butter

Finally, top the coffee off with one tablespoon of butter, and your butter coffee is ready to be enjoyed! You can choose to let it float on top or mix it up with your coffee. I prefer to let it float as it will give somewhat different layers to the flavor every time you sip it. 

Other add-ins include a pinch of cinnamon powder which will give it a unique sweet zing. Surprisingly, a pinch of salt works well, too, as it brings a sort of umami flavor to the cup of Joe.

Woman pouring coffee in blender
Use a blender to mix espresso and butter

If you want to mix the espresso and butter up, I recommend using a blender or food processor; otherwise, the butter will most likely separate due to its fat content. Doing so will also give your butter coffee a microfoam on top for extra texture. An electric milk frother is also an effective way to mix your butter coffee.

Check out our guide on how to do this!

FAQs On Espresso With Butter

Are There Any Variations Of Espresso With Butter?

Bulletproof coffee is a variation of butter coffee as it lists MCT oil as one of its main ingredients. 
The Gurage people in Ethiopia add honey and salt to their butter coffee. Another is the traditional Singaporean coffee called kopi gu you, which is made from strong Robusta coffee. 
Interestingly, some stores roast the coffee beans in butter first before the grinding process to achieve a similar effect. This is also done in a number of Vietnamese coffee shops, as well.

What Butter Is Best For Espresso?

Looking for quality butter can cost you a bit, but there are affordable ones like Anchor’s Grass-Fed Pure New Zealand Butter. The flavor is not exquisite, but it has that familiar taste you will be comfortable with. The only glaring downside is that it is salted, so you might want to reduce the portion size once you add it to your coffee.

However, if you have the money to spend, then I would recommend Beurre D’Isigny French Normandy Unsalted Butter. It is churned the old-fashioned way, which makes it creamier and has an interesting nutty taste. The drawback is that it is pricey and challenging to find.
Beurre D’Isigny AOP Unsalted French Butter - 8.8 oz / 250 g - GUARANTEED OVERNIGHT
  • Beurre D’Isigny AOP is a butter made of unsalted cow's milk in Isigny, France. This butter has been produced since the 16th century, and it is made by churning some of Isigny's best creams.
  • These are creams which acquire all their flavor notes and organoleptic qualities during a vital stage in the production process: the traditional slow maturation period.
  • This Normandy butter has hints of hazelnut flavors, a flexible, fine and elastic texture, and is full of vitamin A. This smooth butter's origin is protected by the AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée).

What Food Goes Well With Butter Coffee?

If you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, you can pair your butter coffee with your sunny-side-up eggs and grilled chicken. If you are snacking, go with tuna lettuce wraps and berries to satisfy your sweet tooth, or have some nuts and fresh veggies to cleanse your palate.
If your diet is more forgiving or if you just want to try butter coffee, it goes well with any type of pastry, especially a bagel with cream cheese, a croissant, or the usual toast with peanut butter and jelly.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Butter Coffee?

There are a number of advantages that butter coffee can offer, as claimed by long-term drinkers. Studies published in the National Library of Medicine note that fats can slow digestion and increase satiety. As a result, butter coffee drinkers tend to eat less and consequently lose weight.
This effect can be amplified by adding MCT oil to the beverage. 
Additionally, because fat slows digestion, there may be a delay in the body’s caffeine absorption process, meaning its effects are prolonged, giving you more stable energy throughout the day. Take note that because of the fat content, you also have to take it in moderation, as it can induce gastrointestinal issues if taken excessively. You can find healthy alternative sources of fat such as avocado and eggs if you have reached your butter coffee daily quota.




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