30 Best Coffee Shops In London For A Pick-Me-Up

Looking for a place to enjoy nice java while sightseeing in The Big Smoke? With our list of the best coffee shops in London, you’ll find the perfect place to recharge.

best coffee shops in London
Coffee is everywhere in London

With all the hustle and bustle of London, you’ll quickly find yourself needing a caffeine boost. Rest assured, you can get coffee at every corner of the English capital. But life is too short for bad java, so what are the best coffee shops in London?

In the UK, 98 million cups of coffee are consumed every day, so the standards should be high. To save you the trouble of finding the best place through trial and error, we’ve gathered a list of the best coffee shops London has to offer.

If you find yourself in NYC, here’s a list of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn you should check out. Let’s dive in.

1. Monmouth Coffee

Founded in 1978, Monmouth Coffee is a well-established name in the UK’s coffee scene. What started as a small shop with a roastery in the basement is now a mini-franchise consisting of three London locations with vintage and sophisticated interior designs.

Keep in mind that Monmouth Coffee stopped using single-use disposable cups for coffee to-go. This means you can either have your coffee to-stay served in a ceramic cup or takeaway in your own reusable mug. Alternatively, you can rent a cup from the shop that can be returned.

Also, it’s worth noting that the coffee shop only accepts card payments, so make sure to bring yours!

2. Bar Italia

If you find yourself craving espresso in Soho, Bar Italia is the way to go. Founded in 1949 by Lou and Caterina Polledri, Bar Italia is not just a cafè, but a place for the Italian community to socialize. Logically, that means you can get an amazing cup of espresso here.

The interior gives you a glimpse of what time traveling to 1949 would be like. From Formica countertops to the old Gaggia espresso machine, this place practically looks the same as it did when it was first opened.

3. Algerian Coffee Stores

Founded in 1887, Algerian Coffee Stores is the oldest coffee shop in London. This third-generation family business is situated in the heart of Soho, and it’s hard to miss. The store has a red exterior and large windows cluttered with cafetières and teapots.

Inside, the coffee shop still retains some original features, such as the wooden counter and bespoke shelving, as well as old photos, signs, and price lists hanging on the wall.

The cafè offers a wide range of single-origin coffee, as well as exclusive blends and limited editions, such as turmeric or chocolate rum truffle coffee. If you’re craving a snack, there’s also a seasonal selection of confectionery for you to try. Check out our reasons why single-origin coffee is worth a try.

4. %Arabica

% Arabica is a specialty coffee chain from Kyoto, Japan. The company operates in over 130 locations all over the world, four of which are situated in London: Spitalfields Market, London Covert Garden, Broadway Market, and South Molton Street.

Each of these coffee shops features a stylish and clean design with white counters, exposed brick walls, and wooden details. They also use custom espresso machines, which are made in Seattle and offer baristas exceptional control over their coffee.

The brand’s motto is “See the World Through Coffee.” With such a wide selection of Java available, it’s a fairly achievable goal. 

5. Campbell & Syme Coffee Roasters Café

This company was founded in 2012 in East Finchley, a north London neighborhood, with the idea that specialty coffee shouldn’t be exclusive. That’s why this coffee shop is a perfect place for everyone who wants to order an enjoyable cup of Joe.

Campbell & Syme offers a wide range of filter and espresso-based drinks. There are two bean options for espresso and three for filter, so you can really fine-tune your beverage. The beans used are changed seasonally to showcase what the brand currently offers.

While you’re there, you can also buy beans and coffee equipment for brewing at home. The coffee beans are categorized into four flavor profile categories, to ease the decision-making process.

6. Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee was founded in 2004 and today has three locations around London: in Shoreditch, Southwark, and King’s Cross. Each coffee shop features a design that combines rustic wooden and industrial elements to create a bright and modern space for sipping coffee.

The brand offers a lovely selection of single-origin coffee, with beans coming from regions like Ethiopia, Brazil, Rwanda, and Colombia. Every Monday, a new single-origin release is dropped, so there’s always something to try. Origin also offers two blends, one more traditional and the other more balanced to appeal to everyone’s palate.

7. Kaffeine

Kaffeine coffee shop in Fitzrovia, diverse area of Central London dotted with restaurants, hotels, galleries and old-school pubs, people outside, taxi drives past.
At Kaffeine, you can get your coffee and a meal too

Currently, Kaffeine holds two cafè locations in London. The one in the heart of Fitzrovia has been open since 2009 and is considered one of the benchmark coffee shops in the city’s specialty coffee industry. The other location, opened in 2015, is on Eastcastle Street, just one street back from Oxford Street, and is a larger version of the original place.

No matter what time of the day might be, you can grab a meal while you’re getting your coffee. Kaffeine offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch, with a weekly changing menu that reflects seasonal availability, as well as the kitchen team’s preferences.

8. Rosslyn Coffee

Rosslyn Coffee was established in 2018. In such a short amount of time, the brand has won many accolades, including Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe in 2022. Today, Rosslyn Coffee has three coffee shops in the city of London; Queen Victoria Street, London Wall, and Old Broad Street.

The cafès offer a selection of seasonal coffees from all over the world, which can change from week to week. Three different roasts are available, one used for black coffee, one for filter, and the last for coffee with milk.

The brand is focused on sustainability, so it’s no surprise that cups and lids for coffee-to-go are made from are plant-based and fully compostable. As for the straws, they’re made from recycled paper.

9. Formative

Formative was established in 2019 as a multi-roaster cafè. Hidden in the corner between Westminster and Victoria in central London, the store is hard to miss with a black exterior and huge windows.

Once you get inside, you’ll be welcomed by a minimalist and modern interior. I’m talking about black terrazzo floors, white wall bricks, and stone worktops. To add a pop of color, black tables are matched with teal chairs.

There’s a small but stellar range of coffees to choose from. After all, there’s no need to complicate perfection.

10. Kiss the Hippo

Founded in 2018, Kiss the Hippo already has several wins at the UK Barista Championships, which speaks volumes about the brand’s coffee quality. Today, there are seven locations around London, from Chelsea to King’s Cross.

Kiss the Hippo always rotates the roster of current coffees to suit the current seasonal availability. The brand’s coffee is a carbon-neutral product, and it’s organic, ethically sourced, and Fair-Trade-certified.

You can choose from a wide range of hot and iced coffee and snacks. If you fall in love with the taste of the coffee, you can buy beans to brew at home.

11. Allpress London Roastery & Café

Allpress London Roastery & Café has dozens of locations in London, so no matter where you are, it shouldn’t be hard to find.

The café serves espresso and filter brew, both made with single-origin beans. There’s also a simple selection of sandwiches and breakfast plates, as well as light dishes for lunch. In the evenings and on weekends, some of the locations hold events such as sip sessions, movie screenings, and ticketed supper clubs.

12. Ozone Coffee

Ozone Coffee is an international specialty coffee company founded 25 years ago in New Zealand. The brand made its debut on the London scene 11 years ago, and today, it has two coffee shops, one located in Shoreditch and the other in London Fields.

Ozone offers both single-origin coffee and coffee blends, so you can change up your order whenever you feel like it. As for brewing methods, you can choose from espresso, batch filter, Kalita, Aeropress, cold drip, cold brew, and even siphon coffee! 

13. Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters was founded in 2016. The first stop was opened in Bloomsbury, but now there are ten coffee shops across London, from Piccadilly to Broadgate. So wherever you might be, there’s probably a nearby Redemption coffee shop you can stop by to get your much-needed brew.

The brand’s range of coffee changes with the season. Regardless, you can expect a nice selection of both blends and single-origin coffee. You can also buy beans to brew at home.

14. Gentlemen Baristas

The first Gentlemen Baristas coffee house was opened in Borough in 2014. Only four years later, the company opened its first roastery, located in London’s East End.

Today, there are four locations around London – some are big and some are small. What they all have in common are the traditional wooden store windows and a cozy atmosphere.

All of the brand’s blends and single-origin coffees are named after a hat. There’s a wide range of options to cater to everyone’s tastes. You can also enjoy a bite to eat with your coffee.

15. Old Spike Roastery

In 2014, Old Spike Roastery launched its first roastery and coffee shop in Peckham Rye. A decade later, the brand has five coffee shops around London, as well as a roastery situated in East Brixton.

What makes Old Spike special is that it is a social enterprise with a mission to help reduce homelessness in the UK. The brand does that by offering training and employment to people affected by homelessness.

Old Spike mainly focuses on all-rounder blends which work well with different brewing methods. Still, there’s always something for single-origin lovers, with beans changing seasonally.

16. Coffee Plant

If you find yourself in Notting Hill, Coffee Plant is definitely a place to visit. The coffee shop gets most of its beans directly from its roastery, where they’re roasted twice a week.

The range is really something, as it offers plenty of different roasts and beans from all around the world! Make sure to grab a bag to brew at home while you’re there. There’s also a decent selection of teas available.

The brand makes chocolate and sweets, both of which are worth a try. You can also get freshly baked pastries every morning.

17. Catalyst Coffee Roasters + Café

Located in Holborn, Catalyst is one of the best places to get your coffee in London. While you can get an amazing espresso here, pour-over lovers are also in for a treat. Catalyst offers a huge range of single-origin coffee, all specially curated for specific brewing methods.

You can also choose beans from a wide variety of origins, whether you love Colombian or Ethiopian java, to brew at home. The snacks and brunch options available at Catalyst are worth a mention, too, from sandwiches to grilled persimmons, you’re guaranteed to find something to hit the spot.

18. 15grams

Today, 15grams has two coffee shops in London, one in Greenwich Church Street, and the other in Blackheath Village. You can expect limited seating in both, but you can always get your coffee to-go if the place is crowded. The brand offers a nice selection of single-origin and coffee blends, all roasted in its small-batch London roastery.

Coffee shop by day, 15 grams is also the place to go out on Friday and Saturday nights. Every weekend, the café serves cocktails, light snacks, and the best Old World wines.

19. Climpson & Sons

Founded in 2002, Climpson & Sons is considered to be one of the pioneers in the UK specialty coffee scene. Today, it’s a busy community-led coffee shop and roastery with numerous locations around London.

In 2023, the brand became B-corp certified, which speaks volumes about meeting high industry standards in regard to ethics and sustainability. Climpson & Sons offers a range of single-origin coffees and blends from all over the world. From Brazil and El Salvador to Peru and Myanmar, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

20. Hjem 

Hjem is the Danish word for home, and this small community café in Kensington offers just that. The casual Scandinavian interior design gives off a cozy atmosphere, which was the idea. There’s no wi-fi available, which is supposed to make the café feel more like home and less like the office.

The coffee shop uses beans from Climpson & Sons and Kiss the Hippo, both of which are London roasteries. There’s a nice range of coffee drinks to choose from, all of which can be prepared iced or hot. The coffee shop also offers sandwiches for those who like to grab a bite while enjoying their cup of Joe.

21. The Monocle Café

The retro-looking black and white awning grabs everyone’s attention while passing down Chiltern Street. Why not come in to grab a cup while you’re in the area?

The interior is light and modern, with a cozy feel that makes it suitable for groups of different sizes. Whether you’re having a date or a business meeting, you can’t go wrong by choosing Monocle.

The coffee shop offers breakfast and lunch, so you can have a meal while enjoying your cup of java. If you only need a snack, you can get one of the delicious baked treats that are always fresh.

22. Lumberjack 

Lumberjack is not just a coffee shop but also a general store, kitchen, and artisanal deli, all in one!

Lumberjack opened in 2016 in Camberwell, a two-minute walk from Camberwell Green. For espresso, it serves single-origin coffee from Assembly. As for the filter coffees, the beans are rotated and come from British roasters, including Round Hill, Hasbean, Dark Arts, and Caravan Coffee.

23. Door Coffee Bar

Only a three-minute walk from Brixton there’s no excuse to skip Door Coffee Bar when you’re in the neighborhood. The coffee shop was founded in 2015 by two brands, Assembly Coffee and Volcano Coffee Works.

Obviously, you can try coffee from both companies at the café. For espresso, you can choose between single-origin Assembly House Espresso and the Volcano Mount Blend. As for filter coffees, the daily menu rotates to showcase the collection of both brands.

24. Red Lion Coffee Co.

Red Lion has three locations in London. All three spots feature a minimalistic interior design with wooden furniture and floors and plenty of lights coming through the windows. There is some seating outside as well, so you can enjoy the fresh air during warmer months.

The café serves coffee roasted by Climpson & Sons, renowned for quality and flavor. If you want to grab a bite, Red Lion offers a delicious range of fresh, homemade food daily.

25. Kapihan

Kapihan means coffee shop in Tagalog, and this is the name of a Filipino family-run business situated on Battersea Park Road in London. Through the window, you will see the beautiful bright space with wooden tables and Filipino artwork hanging on the walls.

This place makes all the usual espresso drinks, like a latte or macchiato, but why not try something more authentic? The coffee shop serves Barako coffee, which is a coffee varietal grown in the Philippines. You can also try signature drinks like the Palawan honey latte. If you want to grab a snack, you will find mouth-watering pastries, such as bibingka and ube buko pie.

26. Hermanos Coffee Roasters

Hermanos Coffee Roasters is sort of a mini-chain, as the brand has nine locations around London. The first one was founded as a pop-up location in Walthamstow in 2018, but it wasn’t long before the brand successfully expanded throughout the city.

Hermanos is mainly focused on bringing Colombian coffee to your cup. All of its coffee is single-origin and comes from one of the six main growing regions of Colombia. While visiting the coffee shop, you can purchase beans so you can enjoy the taste of Hermanos at home.

27. Attendant Coffee Roasters

View through the window of people inside Attendant cafe and bar in Shoreditch, a trendy area of Londons East End that is home to an array of markets, bars and restaurants.
Try the brand’s seasonal espresso blend for a unique coffee experience

Attendant is a specialty coffee roaster with six coffee shops scattered across central London. Each location has a unique design, both interior and exterior. The most bizarre one has probably got to be the coffee shop in Fitzrovia, which is a former Victorian men’s loo!

If you’re ordering an espresso, you can expect the brand’s own seasonal espresso blend. You can also order filter coffee made with single-origin beans and brewed with either V60 or AeroPress. Seasonal breakfast, brunch, and lunch are also served daily until 4 PM.

28. The Wren Coffee

Situated inside St Nicholas Cole Abbey, the Wren Coffee definitely has a unique interior design. It’s bright and spacious, which makes it an excellent option for business meetings, but it’s nevertheless a nice place to have coffee with friends, too.

If you drop by during lunchtime, don’t forget to try soups, salads, quiches, or home-baked cakes the place offers. As for coffee, the beans come from Caravan Roasters, a specialty UK coffee roaster.

Remember that the coffee shop only serves hot drinks in compostable cups. If you bring your reusable cup, you can get a 20-pence discount!

29. The Watch House

The Watch House is a true London coffee chain with sixteen locations across the city. Each coffee shop sports a contemporary design while preserving the community’s unique history, allowing it to blend into the surroundings.

So for instance, the coffee shop in Fenchurch Street features a cool color palette with a combination of steel, wood, and stone, which aligns well with both historic and modern buildings of the city of London.

When it comes to the coffee itself, you’re in for a treat. The Watch House offers a nice selection of single-origin coffee, such as Guatemala Huehuetenango to Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. If you drop by early, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast or brunch.

30. Coffee Island

Coffee Island is an international coffee chain with origins in Greece. Today, the franchise features a network of over 400 shops all over the world, two of which are in London.

While there’s espresso on the menu, Coffee Island is the go-to place for those who love sophisticated brewing methods like Chemex or Siphon.

Coffee Island has a nice food selection as well, including breakfast staples like brownies, muffins, and croissants. You can get anything from a fresh sandwich to cured meat and fish dishes during lunch.


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