5 Best Coffee For Vegans

Coffee is naturally vegan, but some brands are more in line with vegan ethos. Let’s dive into these considerations to determine the best coffee for vegans.

Best coffee for vegans
Became vegan for its purported health benefits

Veganism is pretty trendy these days, and one of my friends recently became vegan for its purported health benefits. He said a big reason he decided to commit to the lifestyle is that he didn’t have to give up his favorite vice – coffee. While he has to be more conscious about anything he puts into his coffee, such as milk and creamer, he’s not very limited in his choices. 

That got me thinking, though, is all coffee vegan? And if so, are some varieties better for vegans than others? Pretty much all coffee is vegan, but since many vegans are environmentally conscious, the best coffee for vegans is from brands that are committed to sustainability, Fair Trade practices, and organic. Check out our round-up of the best coffee creamer alternatives for vegans.

1. Lifeboost Coffee 

Lifeboost Coffee has multiple roast options, but we like its dark roast the best. Not only is Lifeboost Coffee delicious, but the company is sustainable and offers non-GMO coffee. The coffee is high-quality because it is shade grown at high altitudes, so the beans are not exposed to harsh sunlight or other elements that could damage their structure.

Plus, it’s third-party tested for toxins, making it ideal for health-conscious vegans.

Lifeboost is so confident you’ll love its coffee that it offers a money-back guarantee. Given the amount of trouble the brand goes through to get the highest quality beans, it’s hard to believe that anyone would balk at the flavor. 

Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee
From $24.95

This dark roast coffee has a heavier body with deep, darker flavors, creating the perfect balance of slight dryness and sweetness.

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2. Volcanica Coffee

Like Lifeboost, Volcanica is another company committed to sustainability and sourcing high-quality beans from small farmers. Also, as the name suggests, the brand focuses on beans grown in volcanic soil, which gives them better nutrients and flavor. 

Coffee beans in sack bag on coffee beans background
Medium roasts coffee they’re smoother and a bit sweeter

As a medium roast, Sumatra Mandheling Coffee has less acidity than a light roast but more than a dark roast. I prefer medium roasts because they’re smoother and a bit sweeter without getting into bitter territory. This Sumatran coffee has chocolate notes, which is why it’s so desirable. 

This particular option is pre-ground, so it’s easier to brew but loses some of its taste during the grinding process. So, if you prefer to grind your own beans, I recommend buying the whole-bean version instead. 

Sumatran Coffee, Mandheling, Ground, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
$20.99 ($1.31 / Ounce)
  • Sumatra Coffee is known for its smooth chocolate flavor with earthy undertones.
  • Among the world's finest coffees displaying rich flavor, extraordinary full body and distinctively vibrant, low-key acidity.
  • Naturally low-acid coffee.
  • Medium-roasted ground coffee allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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3. CoffeeBean Direct 

As a rule, if you want the best of anything, you need to be willing to pay for it. This Hawaiian Kona Blend from CoffeeBean Direct is a bit pricey, but the beans are better than most other options you could find anywhere else. Plus, it’s nice to know that you’re supporting a Hawaiian coffee grower instead of some massive conglomerate. 

Because this is a Kona blend, it only contains about 10% Kona beans. These beans are light with tasting notes of macadamia nuts, coriander, and mocha. The remaining mix uses Arabica beans for a full-bodied and smooth cup of coffee.

For more choices, check out our What is Kona coffee.

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4. Café Bustelo

I’m not a huge fan of instant coffee, but I’ll still drink it from time to time when I’m running late or need more time to grind and brew my own beans. Typically, instant coffee is a shadow of whole bean roasts because so many of the flavor notes are lost in the process. However, Café Bustelo is one of the best-tasting options I’ve had, so it’s great for vegans on the go. 

Because this is an espresso coffee, it’s more intense than what you’d get with other instant coffees like Folgers or Yuban. However, it’s sure to wake you up and give you a kick in the pants to help you start your day. I don’t recommend drinking this blend later in the day unless you have a pretty high caffeine tolerance.

I’ve also found that mixing this coffee with a vegan creamer or plant-based milk can help cut down the bitterness and make it much more enjoyable. 

Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso Coffee Single Serve Packets 6 Count (Pack of 4)
$9.46 ($4.30 / Ounce)
  • Contains 4 boxes of 6 single-serve packets of Café Bustelo Espresso-Style Dark Roast Instant Coffee (24 count total)
  • Keep your day moving with this dark roast instant coffee blend that prepares instantly with hot water or milk and a stir
  • Dark roast espresso-style coffee features a full-bodied, bold yet nuanced flavor
  • Crafted with passion to deliver consistent flavor in an easy-to-use single serve packets
  • Bold sabor latino that stands out, with or without cream or sugar

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5. CaféDirect

I’ve been focusing on brands that work with local coffee growers to provide fair pricing and sustainable cultivation practices. However, CaféDirect, not to be confused with Coffee Bean Direct, is probably the most proactive and hands-on company that’s dedicated to making life better for farmers and harvesters. Over half of all the coffee beans harvested and roasted by CaféDirect are organic, so you can feel good about drinking this coffee. 

Coffee processing. Roastery, roasting machine and fresh bean
The beans are processed at the roasting facility in London

Remember that sustainability and high quality come at a price, so this isn’t exactly cheap coffee. However, Café Direct offers multiple roast levels and blends to ensure you get the best drinking experience possible. The coffee comes from single sources like Peru, Colombia, Tanzania, and Mexico; then, the beans are processed at the roasting facility in London. 

Cafedirect Fairtrade Organic Machu Picchu Coffee - 227g
$14.99 ($1.87 / Ounce)
  • CaféDirect
  • Keeping Your Quality Coffee Fresh Store in an airtight container, either in a cool dry place or in your freezer. Use within two weeks of opening.
  • *Please not Best Before/Expiration UK is DD/MM/YYYY

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FAQs About The Best Coffee For Vegans

Is All Coffee Vegan?

Yes, all coffee beans are vegan because they don’t use animal products or byproducts. The only potential exception would be Kopi Luwak coffee, which harvests its beans from the poop of a small, arboreal creature called the Asian Palm Civet. Unfortunately, because this coffee is so desirable, some harvesters trap the civet to force-feed its coffee beans, meaning that vegans should stay away. 
Otherwise, all types of coffees and roasts are available for vegans. That said, because vegans are often champions of sustainability and fair harvesting practices, they may want to buy coffee from companies that are committed to these causes.


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