Can You Use Milk Frother To Make Hot Chocolate?

If you’ve been wondering “Can you use milk frother to make hot chocolate?” The answer is a resounding yes!

Can you use milk frother to make hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate can be made delicious using a milk frother

That milk frother that you’ve got sitting on the counter can definitely make hot chocolate. We’re going to go over how you can make hot chocolate with the most common types of milk frothers out there. You’re not going to believe how delicious your chocolate milk can be when you use a milk frother.

So, can you use a milk frother to make hot chocolate? Yes, and it turns out that this just might be some of the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had! Let’s see just how good this hot chocolate can be.

Can You Use Milk Frother To Make Hot Chocolate?

Yes. A milk frother is one of the best devices for making hot chocolate. Not only can a milk frother help you make some of the fancier coffee beverages out there, but a milk frother is also a great tool for making a delicious hot chocolate much faster than conventional methods.

Get ready as we go over a few of the different ways you can make hot chocolate with milk frothers.

How To Make Hot Chocolate With Different Types Of Milk Frothers

Any type of milk frother can make hot chocolate

You can make hot chocolate with almost any type of milk frother. Everything from the old school manual pump milk frother is all the way up to the modern electric milk frothers can all make hot chocolate.

Here’s how it’s done.

Hot Chocolate With An Electric Milk Frother

An electric milk frother is the best choice when it comes to making hot chocolate. Not only can they add some delicious milk foam, but they also get your milk nice and hot all in one convenient device.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can make hot chocolate with an electric milk frother.

  1. Add your milk of choice to your electric milk frother.
  2. If your frother has a heat only setting, you should preheat your milk so it makes a creamier hot chocolate.
  3. Add your hot chocolate mix into the milk frother.
  4. Froth and heat your hot chocolate all at once.
  5. Once it’s good and frothed up you’ll have delicious hot chocolate that’s ready to go.

One of the biggest advantages here is that the electric milk frother doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. It’s got a bunch of jobs that it can do in your kitchen beyond just coffee and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate you can make with an electric milk frother is also smoother and better tasting than hot chocolate that you can make in the microwave.

What if you only had a milk frothing wand?

Milk Frother Wand Hot Chocolate

The biggest disadvantage to a milk frothing wand is that it can’t heat the milk up while it froths. This means we’re going to need to heat our milk ahead of time.

  1. Heat up your milk in the microwave or on your stove top.
  2. Add your hot chocolate mix into your warm milk.
  3. Use your wand frother to both mix the hot chocolate into the milk and to froth it up.
  4. Once you’ve hit your desired level of mixture and froth, enjoy your hard work and take your first sip.

Making Hot Chocolate With A Hand-Pump Milk Frother

Now we’re getting old school. Hand-pump milk frothers are one of the oldest technologies when it comes to frothing milk. If you’ve got one of these pre-electrical gadgets handy, you can still make good use out of it by making some great chocolate milk.

  1. Heat up your milk ahead of time just like we did for the milk frothing wand.
  2. Add your warm milk to your hand-pump milk frother.
  3. Add your hot chocolate mix of choice to the hand-pump milk frother as well.
  4. Give it several good pumps until you start to see a good head of foam forming.
  5. You’re now ready to enjoy some old fashioned hot chocolate with a good froth.

Is Milk Chocolate Good With A Milk Frother?

A person holding a cup of hot chocolate
Milk frothers make a smoother hot chocolate

You probably guessed the answer to this one by now, but a milk frother is possibly the best way to make hot chocolate.

You’ll get a smoother hot chocolate than you could on the stovetop or with your microwave. You also add a delicious frog that neither of those two devices can accomplish. No matter how you look at it, a milk frother is a hot chocolate all-star.

Can You Use Non-Dairy Milk With A Milk Frother?

A glass of coconut milk on a wooden table
Non-dairy milk can be used in your milk frother

Yes, you can use non-dairy milk in your milk frother.

Your results may vary and you should check with both your milk frother manufacturer as well as the type of non-dairy milk you plan on using. Oat milk has become one of the most popular dairy alternatives and it has a reputation for frothing fairly similar to dairy milk.


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