Can You Put Disaronno In Coffee? Answered 

You might be wondering, can you put disaronno in coffee? Read more to find out why it might be one of the best drinks to try. 

Can you put disaronno in coffee?
It was one of the best coffee-related decisions that I made

I remember the first time I put liqueur in my coffee. It was not even a recommendation from someone else; I was genuinely curious if it pairs well with coffee. I have to say; it was one of the best coffee-related decisions that I made.

I thought I had created my drink back then, but it turned out to be a version of a “liqueur coffee.” 

What Is Disaronno?

Disaronno is an amaretto. Amaretto is a kind of liqueur that’s amber in color and is made from various raw ingredients, frequently from the base of an apricot pit, a peach pit, or a combination of both. Its distinct nutty taste is achieved by infusing the apricot kernel oil (from the pit), burnt sugar, and 17 selected fruits and herbs essences

The kernels contain benzaldehyde, an organic compound, which gives the drink its almond-like flavor. Before it became a staple in coffee, Disaronno enhanced Italian desserts such as Tiramisu and Zabaglione.

How Does It Affect My Coffee?

The Disaronno contains around 21% to 28% abv (alcohol by volume). Still, it’s considerably smoother than other alcohols in coffee like whiskey and rum.

Its light syrupy texture is similar to honey, giving your beverage that slightly thick consistency. Flavor-wise, it’s contradicting as you’ll find it both sweet and bitter. You’d be surprised that it blends well because of the Disaronno’s almond flavor, which complements the coffee.

While it’s not that much of an intoxicating drink, I wouldn’t recommend making this a daily beverage. You might also be interested in our guide on what liquors are best for your coffee.

Legend Of The Disaronno Amaretto

We can thank one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s students for this one. Bernardino Luino was commissioned by the Basilica of Santa Maria Delle Grazie in 1525 to paint a fresco that features the Virgin Mary. In search of the perfect model for the Madonna, he chanced upon an innkeeper who fit the characteristic. 

The innkeeper soaked apricot kernels to create a unique drink that she thought would express her deep emotions toward the artist. The rest is history. 

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How To Make Disaronno Amaretto Coffee


  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of Disaronno Amaretto
  • Whipped Cream (to top)
  • Cocoa or cinnamon powder for dusting

Step 1: Brew Your Coffee

Step 1: Brew Your Coffee
The flavor quality is more pronounced if it’s manually brewed

Your coffee can be from a pour-over or Aeropress. I won’t judge you if instant coffee is your preferred method, but the flavor quality is more pronounced if it’s manually brewed. You can learn more about which manual brewer suits you best to help you make your cup of Joe!

Step 2: In Goes The Disaronno

Add your two tablespoons of Disaronno into your coffee. It should take a while before it dissolves due to its thick consistency, so mix thoroughly. The hotter the coffee, the quicker.

Step 3: Add The Embellishments

Step 3: Add The Embellishments
Don’t forget to dust with either cocoa powder for added sweetness

Make your Disaronno coffee more delicious by adding whipped cream to the top. It can be instant whipped cream or homemade. Don’t forget to dust with either cocoa powder for added sweetness or cinnamon powder to give it a spicy kick.

I prefer to brew this when I’m sure I’m not catching a deadline the next day.

It’s a drink best served hot if you’re looking for a nightcap or best served cold on a lazy afternoon if you want to relax and read a book. You can add ice cubes before putting the garnishes if you’re going for the latter.

Choosing A Disaronno Variant For Your Coffee

Choosing a disaronno variant for your coffee
The Disaronno Originale infuses effortlessly with the taste of coffee

I prefer the Disaronno Originale as its classic almond flavor infuses effortlessly with the taste of coffee. It works well when you’re planning to spend some time pondering after work or over the weekend. 

If I want something sweeter and has lower alcohol content, I tend to go with the Disaronno Velvet, although it might not suit everyone’s taste palate. Stick to one tablespoon if you’re planning to use this alternative.


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