Coffee Pods Vs. Sachets: Which Is Right For Me?

The differences between coffee pods vs. sachets lie in quality, sizes, prices, and brewing methods. It’s time to find out which one is better. Read more…

Coffee pods vs. Sachets
Coffee pods vs. Sachets

The age-old debate between coffee pods and sachets has been around for a while. Pod and sachet coffee are some of the best choices for those in a rush without sacrificing the energy-awakening benefits. Read on to learn about the differences between coffee pods vs. sachets before adding the best option to your cart.

What Are Coffee Pods And Sachets?

A coffee pod is a single-serve coffee container tightly sealed and designed to be plugged into a pod machine to produce a single-serving cup of Joe. Coffee pods also go by the name coffee capsule, although there are differences between the two. 

Not all coffee pods are the same. Some brands are getting ahead of others by using premium coffee beans, freshly roasted and ground, before sealing them in the pods.

Instead of coming out of a small cup or capsule, a coffee sachet contains instant coffee inside a square or rectangular bag. You can find a variety of coffee sachets out there with plenty of flavors, such as plain, added sugars, or milk powder. The coffee sachet can be listed as one type of instant coffee, except that it comes in bags instead of bottles or jars.

What Do Coffee Pods And Sachets Have In Common?

Both coffee pods and sachets use ready-made, ground coffee to save you time from brewing a perfect cup of coffee in the morning. The processing methods in both of these types are also similar. The coffee beans are collected and roasted before being ground and packaged. 

Both are for those in a rush since you only need a few minutes to get a cup ready. Plus, no grinding nor measuring step gets in the way.

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Coffee Pods Vs. Sachets: The Differences

Coffee PodsCoffee Sachets
Must be brewed with a pod machine.Only need hot water.
Have hermetically sealed aluminum pods that lock in freshness.Made from a foil and plastic laminate that preserves the freshness.
Thanks to a unique brewing, washing, and drying process, the flavor is better maintained.Usually contain regular quality Robusta coffee.
Simple to use and clean.No machine is available, and therefore, you have to boil water beforehand and need the right measuring tools.
You don’t need any expertise to brew a perfect cup out of a coffee pod.Need to go with a certain amount of water and measurement.
Some varieties of pods can be recycled.The bags are usually thrown away after use.
More expensive.More affordable.
There are many kinds of pod coffees and brands that make it hard to shop for the right one.Comprised of primary flavors such as black coffee, milk, sugared coffee, or 3-in-1.

What’s Better About Coffee Pods?

Coffee Pods and coffee beans on white table
Since a pod coffee is tucked inside a particular air-tight container, the flavor and freshness stay longer

Coffee pods are some of the best kinds of “fast coffee.” Let’s take Nespresso pods, for instance. This type of pod coffee makes you feel like you have your barista stationed in the kitchen any time you need.

Since a pod coffee is tucked inside a particular air-tight container, the flavor and freshness stay longer. There is a heap of high-quality pod coffee with a medium body and a rich flavor while the acidity appears at a minimum. If you have a pod machine that can accommodate different types of pods, every day would be a fun day playing around with other brands, beans, aromas, and flavors.

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What’s Better About Coffee Sachets?

Coffee Pods Vs. Sachets
It’s easy on the tongue and travel-friendly, which doesn’t require a pod coffee when you’re on vacation

First, sachets are affordable even if you drink coffee multiple times daily. Since most coffee sachets use Robusta coffee, they are widely available worldwide and favored by any kind of coffee lover. While some types of pod coffee are limited to using an exclusive type of coffee bean, sachets are easier to drink.

Nescafe Coffee introduced a 3-in-1 line. It’s easy on the tongue and travel-friendly, which doesn’t require a pod coffee when you’re on vacation.

Who Should Go for Coffee Pods (And Why)?

Pod coffee is a time-saver for people who always happen to be on the road without missing out on the premium, barista-inspired tasting profile.

I only recommend this if you have a pod machine at home. Enjoying pod coffee can be seen as a fancy hobby in exchange for a high-quality, exclusive flavor. As long as you have a pod machine at home, your cup of Joe will be ready in minutes.

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Who Should Go for Coffee Sachets (And Why)?

Owning a couple of sachets makes your life easier when you go out camping or on vacation. Coffee sachets are perfect if you want something fast and ready to go without owning a pod coffee machine at home. 

While pod coffee may not be widely available, and chances are you have to order them online, sachets are reasonable, and you can get them at any store or supermarket. You don’t need to be a coffee lover to drink coffee sachets. It’s easy to make and drink. 

Overall, the coffee pod is a quick fix for those with fancy taste buds, while the coffee sachet is a quick fix for everyone.


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