Bulletproof Coffee vs. Keto Coffee: Explained

What’s the difference of Bulletproof coffee vs. Keto coffee? Learn how to make and enjoy both!

Bulletproof Coffee Vs. Keto Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee Vs. Keto Coffee

Do you know the difference between Bulletproof coffee vs. Keto coffee? Let’s talk about the shared benefits and subtle differences between these very popular beverages. You’ll walk away knowing how to make keto coffee and bulletproof coffee at home!

Are Bulletproof Coffee And Keto Coffee The Same Thing?

Some people use the terms “bulletproof coffee” and “keto coffee” interchangeably. However, they aren’t the same! Subtle differences exist between the two.

Let’s start by clearing up the reasons behind why bulletproof coffee and keto coffee aren’t necessarily the same. Bulletproof coffee is a type of keto coffee. However, not every recipe for keto coffee is technically bulletproof coffee.

There’s also some confusion about branded Bulletproof coffee and “generic” bulletproof coffee. You can actually make official or unofficial “bulletproof” coffee at home! We’ll share the simple recipe in just a minute!

It’s a misconception that keto coffee and bulletproof coffee taste like black, bitter coffee. Coffee drinkers actually enjoy a very frothy, satisfying taste when substituting healthy fats for cream. Most people describe this style of coffee as being like a latte without any sugar.

What Is Keto Coffee?

keto coffee
Keto Coffee is very much compatible with your ketogenic diet

Keto coffee is coffee that contains a combination of coffee and pure, healthy fats. People typically put butter or coconut oil in their coffee to make the transformation to “keto” coffee. The concept is that simple!

What Are The Benefits Of Keto Coffee?

What would make people want to give up coffee creamer in favor of butter or coconut oil? Keto coffee is compatible with the ketogenic diet. This is a very strict diet that requires high-fat foods and very few carbohydrates.

Ketogenic-friendly coffee is great for getting started in the morning. Many also find that they enjoy long-term health benefits. Here’s a look at some of the benefits people report:

  • Mental clarity.
  • Weight loss.
  • Improved energy levels.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Balanced blood sugar.

The thought behind the keto diet is that it puts your body in a state of ketosis. As you may know, ketosis is the state where your body becomes effective at breaking down fatty acids into ketone bodies. It is only by ramping up fat consumption while essentially eliminating all refined flours and sugars that the body can reach ketosis.

Many people report weight loss, increased energy, and better health when adhering to the keto diet. This is mostly credited to the fact that the body’s ketones provide better fuel than glucose. A diet rich in carbohydrates and sugars means that the body is being fueled by glucose.

Keto coffee has been shown to produce long-lasting, steady energy without an accompanying blood-sugar crash. It’s also believed that adding fats to coffee allows the caffeine to trickle through the system. However, the fact that we know fat slows digestion means that you might not want to enjoy your keto coffee with a large meal.

It’s common to use fasting as a fat-burning technique when following the keto diet. However, keto coffee is typically permitted and encouraged during keto fasting. In fact, many people find that a cup of keto coffee provides them with sustained energy and fullness during fasting periods.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

bulletproof coffee
Official bulletproof coffee uses a special type of coffee beans that differs from any ordinary coffee

You may be confused about how bulletproof coffee differs from keto coffee. Bulletproof coffee and keto coffee can mean the same things if you use the bulletproof recipe to make keto coffee. However, all keto coffee isn’t bulletproof coffee by default.

Bulletproof coffee is actually a name brand that was invented by Dave Asprey. However, the popularity of his coffee product has caused many people to use the name as a generic term for keto coffee. Many people recreate the “unofficial” bulletproof recipe at home.

Simply purchasing bulletproof coffee is the easiest option for some people! Just keep in mind that only Bulletproof coffee using capitalization in its name comes from the Bulletproof brand (see Amazon). All other bulletproof coffee you come across is technically just bulletproof-style coffee.

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Official Bulletproof coffee uses a special type of coffee bean that differs from “ordinary” coffee. You can purchase these beans directly from the Bulletproof company. All official Bulletproof beans come from Columbia and Guatemala. In addition, they are treated via a “clean” bulletproof process that checks for toxins.

The Bulletproof formula also includes a patented medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Bulletproof’s Octane oil provides four times more ketone energy than the standard coconut oil you can purchase at the store. You can probably see why some people only consider coffee made with official Bulletproof ingredients to be true “bulletproof” coffee.

What’s In Bulletproof Coffee?

Let’s talk about the specific ingredients in a “generic” bulletproof coffee recipe. The recipe for bulletproof coffee calls for brewed coffee, butter, and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. Here’s a breakdown of the ratios:

It is recommended that you use high-quality products when making bulletproof coffee. Grass-fed butter like this without any salt added creates the healthiest results.

Some people like to substitute something called ghee in place of butter when making bulletproof coffee. Ghee is a type of clarified butter that’s popular in Indian cuisine. It has a nutty, rich taste.

Unfortunately, whipping up a cup of bulletproof coffee isn’t as simple as pouring creamer into your cup. Oil and water don’t mix easily. That means that your coffee won’t “absorb” the oil that you pour into it.

Trying to drink bulletproof coffee that is “separated” isn’t very enjoyable. You’ll notice that the surface will take on an oily sheen if you don’t mix your bulletproof coffee. Luckily, you can create smooth, genuine bulletproof coffee very easily.

A small blender typically works best when making bulletproof coffee. Simply combine all of your ingredients to let the blades create a very even blend. You actually have two options when blending your bulletproof coffee.

Some people prefer a standard blend. Others like to keep going until their coffee froths. It’s fine to blend until you get a creamy consistency with a frothy top. Keep in mind that you have to be vigorous enough to get the ingredients to blend regardless of whether you want a smooth or frothy style.

Blending your bulletproof coffee isn’t actually just a flavor consideration. Blending activates the health properties of bulletproof coffee by emulsifying healthy fats. What if you don’t have room for a blender?

It’s fine to use a bullet blender or milk frother if you don’t have space for a blender on your counter. Both will achieve similar results. You can also whisk together the ingredients of your bulletproof coffee if you’re in a pinch.

What About Making Keto Coffee?

Using the recipe and techniques shared above is a simple way to make bulletproof-style keto coffee. However, you can also make keto coffee using just two ingredients. Coffee and fat are technically all you need for keto coffee.

There are two ways to make two-ingredient keto coffee. The first is to simply blend 1 cup of coffee and 1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter. The second is to blend 1 cup of coffee with 1 tablespoon of MCT oil.

Adding Extra Things To Your Keto Or Bulletproof Coffee Recipes

Some people do variations of keto coffee and bulletproof coffee recipes. You can generally preserve the “keto” characteristics of your coffee as long as you don’t add any sugars, carbs, or artificial elements. Some people like to add supplements like collagen to increase the health qualities of their morning coffee.

Blend, Sip, And Be Merry

You now know the secrets to make amazing keto or bulletproof coffee at home! Ditching creamer in favor of healthy fats could be the perfect way to start your day without worrying about a caffeine crash before lunch!

Yes, trying to figure out the difference between keto coffee and bulletproof coffee can seem confusing. As you’ve learned here, bulletproof coffee is a type of keto coffee. Any coffee that contains just brewed coffee, MCT oil, and butter should pass the keto test!

Make sure to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before making any big diet or lifestyle changes. In addition, it’s important to only use keto-friendly techniques like fasting with the approval of a medical professional. While keto recipes are intended to help you enjoy a healthy coffee beverage, they shouldn’t be mistaken for medical advice!

Related Questions On Bulletproof Coffee Vs. Keto Coffee

Is Keto Coffee Allowed When Fasting?

Yes, keto and bulletproof coffees are “approved” cheat foods when doing intermittent fasting.

Can Bulletproof Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Keto coffee isn’t intended for weight gain. Most people who are following a keto diet find that it actually contributes to weight loss. Your specific diet will determine how the fat and caloric totals in keto coffee impact your weight.

Does Bulletproof Coffee Have to Be Hot?

No, you can serve bulletproof coffee cold. Simply wait for your coffee to be chilled before finishing the recipe. Substituting ghee for butter will help to keep the fats from separating after your coffee is chilled.

Can You User Sweeteners in Bulletproof Coffee?

A sweetener is not a standard ingredient in bulletproof coffee. However, you may personalize your recipe if you prefer. Adding sugar or a product that contains sugar will prevent your coffee from being considered keto.

A sweetener with a low glycemic index is okay for keto-friendly coffee. One option is stevia. Stevia is not believed to interrupt ketosis.

Can You Make a Bulletproof Coffee Milkshake?

Some people add coconut milk to keto coffee for an ultra-frothy drink.

Can You Use Any Type of Coffee Bean to Make Bulletproof Coffee?

Only beans purchased from the Bulletproof brand can be used to make an official cup of Bulletproof coffee. However, you can use any type of bean you prefer when making generic bulletproof or keto coffee at home.

Do Keto and Bulletproof Coffees Contain Dairy?

Yes, the grass-fed butter used in keto and bulletproof recipes adds dairy.

Do You Have to Be on a Keto Diet to Drink Bulletproof Coffee?

No, bulletproof coffee can be enjoyed by anyone looking to cut the bitterness from black coffee without using milk.

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